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    Panamania! May 23-June 3 2021: My first visit to the Neotropics

    Might I suggest that your "bully" ant is actually Paraponera clavata aka Bullet Ant?
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    Little Egret or hybrid

    And beyond the species overlap, the Little Egret population in Barbados, though documented to breed, still has a population bottleneck as it's non-contiguous with the global breeding population of the species. I have no idea if accurate or not, but a quick web search suggested 46 or so Little...
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    US House Sparrow collapse?

    RareBirdAlert UK story on US House Sparrows cites a new study by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology based on FeederWatch data that suggests a collapse in the population of the invasive House Sparrow. The full study is reportedly published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology. I haven't gone digging...
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    Noting the passing of John L Zimmerman

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess as KOS folks are grieving it might as well be here. John L Zimmerman passes at 87 Also a conservationist and author including Cheyenne Bottoms, Wetland in Jeopardy. Cheyenne Bottoms WA is now a Ramsar wetland and reportedly a stopover point for...
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    Webinars and Webcams during Lockdown

    Wings and Wetlands Conference announced for March 24-26 as virtual. Cost is US$20 with proceeds to support conservation work at Kansas' 2 Ramsar wetlands, Cheyenne Bottoms WA and Quivira NWR. Wings and Wetlands schedule
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    And I have no idea if you Facebook or not, but if you do and don't mind a bit of noise, I'd recommend the Kansas Birding Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KSbirds It runs from new backyard birders to Christmas Bird Count summaries to decades old KOS meeting photos. But it's a great...
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    The identification issue with the former Great Tits of Hong Kong are based on which list you use. IOC/Clements/etc lump the local sub-species with Japanese Tit, while the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society lumps them with Cinereous Tit. (Had noticed that MKinHK had used Cinereous in his list from...
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully 2021 will prove better than 2020. so my morning list cleaning up the Hong Kong standards. 33 species in all. first bird of 2021 heard: spotted dove seen: oriental magpie robin common sandpiper little ringed plover kentish plover little egret great egret grey...
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    Chinese Wild Bird Federation statement on removal from BirdLife International

    So is the demand from BLI on CWBF coming directly from HKBWS? It's a political document. Why should a birding conservation association ever have to swear political allegiances? Could you imagine Bird Life Malta being sworn to supporting a govt that supports shooting of passerines? Isn't that...
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    Chinese Wild Bird Federation statement on removal from BirdLife International

    And this is the core of the question I was trying to get to in my post yesterday. If your goal is to conserve birds, do you choose to maintain the partnership with an association backed by a government that are actually conserving their birds or seeking a partnership with an association to be...
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    Chinese Wild Bird Federation statement on removal from BirdLife International

    Almost no one in Taiwan claims to be the legitimate rulers of China. In fact most would be happy to see The Republic of China name, the flag, and the anthem go away. See the new design of the Taiwan/Republic of China passport as an example of this. Of course the PRC has threatened to military...
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    Chinese Wild Bird Federation statement on removal from BirdLife International

    Unhappiness This makes it seems as though the folks unhappy with this decision by BLI want wildlife to go extinct in the PRC *People's Republic of China*. i) 3 years on and BLI has no viable mainland partner. All of this work was done with CWBF as a partner. CWBF may have changed their name...
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    Chinese Wild Bird Federation statement on removal from BirdLife International

    https://www.bird.org.tw/news/585 This is the start of a lengthy statement from the Taiwanese CWBF Secretariat on being booted out of BirdLife International. Statement issued 9/15/2020. Under a previous name Wild Bird Federation Taiwan, they were a founding partner of BirdLife International in...
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    Acorn Woodpecker Gangfights: A new paper

    Link to the full paper at Cell Biology
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    Acorn Woodpecker Gangfights: A new paper

    AFP has a nice write up on a new paper in Current Biology by a group led by Sahas Barve, a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The paper deals with the social networks of Acorn Woodpeckers reassigning territorial rights through gang fights after a bird...
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    NZ govt launches new "greenprint"

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    Gull ID from ad in HK Tube/Subway

    Thanks, Nutcracker / Joern.
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    Gull ID from ad in HK Tube/Subway

    I've blurred the advertising pitch, but still curious about the PR company's choice of birds. I'm no larophile. Symbolically the last gull on my patch was Feb 29th and I'll freely admit my IDs are less than reliable. My guess is a New Zealand endemic Black-billed Gull.
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    White-throated Sparrow Singing A New Tune

    Here's another article from National Geographic that talks to the paper's author and provides sound samples to play of old and new tune and the full paper in the latest edition of Current Biology
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    White-throated Sparrow Singing A New Tune

    Nice article on white-throated sparrows from AFP. Rest of the article talks about how the new song went viral and spread east across Canada to Quebec with some discussion on how the new song spread.
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    Geo location data

    The British Geological Survey has this article on the use of magnetic and accelerometer sensors in smartphones What's more interesting is the image at the bottom of this article from the BGS on their WMM showing a Mercator projection of the globe with lines showing the rate of change of...