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    Crested Serpent-Eagle, Hainan, China

    I was thinking this is Crested Serpent-Eagle but don't have the skill to rule out Crested Honey-buzzard or Oriental Honey-buzzard. I realize the single white band near the outer edge of the wing is a helpful identifier but saw some pictures of CHB and OHB that looked pretty similar in terms of...
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    Hainan, China. Unknown large bird

    So at first I thought this was a raptor but then I got a look at its neck. It is really difficult to see in these photos but if you look at the change in its head position from the first to second photo you can make out its neck. (It changes the position of its head and looks upward in the...
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    Hainan, China, Unknown Owl

    Thinking Asian Barred Owl but I'm not sure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Brian
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    Shorebird, Hainan, China

    I'm thinking this looks good for Sanderling although I don't have much experience with shore birds. As always, any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Brian
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    Prinia, Hainan, China

    This looks like Plain Prinia to me but some pictures I was looking at of Yellow-bellied had a similar pale color in the belly. Maybe the longer eyebrow makes it Plain over Yellow-bellied? Any comments to help me differentiate would be much appreciated. Thanks, Brian
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    Hainan, China. Cinnamon Bittern ?

    I've kicked up a similar looking bird 3 times while living in Hainan without being able to get a clear look at it. Each time I immediately thought Cinnamon Bittern but wasn't able to get a picture until the last sighting. Unfortunately this is the best I could do :confused: . I was thinking...
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    Warbler ID, Hainan, China

    This looks like Hartert's Leaf Warbler to me. Combination of double yellow wingbar, wide and long supercilium, pale legs and long orangish beak seem to separate it from other local species. As always, please let me know if I should be looking a different species or if I've missed something...
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    Robin confirmation, Hainan, China

    I think this looks good for Rufous-tailed Robin. Anything else I should be looking at? Thanks, Brian
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    Ashy Drongo subspecies Hainan, China

    Wondering if anyone can help me narrow this down... I think my options include leucogenis, salangensis and innexus. Looks a little dark for leucogenis? Thanks, Brian
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    Egret ID help please, Hainan, China

    The second picture was taken in late October. The others last week. The last three pictures are of the same individual. I'm thinking the second picture is Cattle Egret. The short and stocky bill along with a round head seem to point there. The first must be Little Egret, I think. The picture...
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    Swallow Hainan, China

    Anything other than Barn Swallow have a tail this long in range on Hainan?
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    Warbler, Hainan, China

    I'm thinking this is Asian Stubtail. I also looked at Dusky Warbler but the tail is way to short and the bill too long, right? Thanks, Brian
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    Immature Coucal ID help, Hainan, China

    I apologize for the quality of these pictures but I was hoping I could place this as an immature Lesser Coucal over an immature Greater Coucal. I think the brown head makes this pretty clear cut, correct? As long as we are on the topic of these two species, I'm also wondering if anyone has...
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    Tit confirmation, Guangxi, China

    I'm finally getting around to taking a closer look at this bird from my Guangxi trip in August. Can the olive back firmly place his as Japanese Tit (parus minor)? I'm used to seeing cinereous tit (Parus cinereus) in Hainan. With how similar these two species look, it made me wonder if there...
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    ID help please, Hainan, China

    I'm thinking the first is wood sandpiper and the second common snipe. Don't have much experience with these birds though. Thanks, Brian
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    Unknown Warblers Hainan, China

    I'm thinking the first picture is Yellow-browed Warbler. Second and third I'm not sure. Thanks for any help, Brian
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    Unknown Raptor ID help please, Hainan, China

    Not sure about this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Thanks, Brian
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    Unknown Tern, Hainan, China

    I'm assuming this is a tern but don't have any experience with these birds. Not sure that the pictures are good enough for an ID but any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian
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    Flycatcher ID help please, Hainan, China

    I'm thinking this is a Dark-sided Flycatcher. Asian Brown Flycatcher is also present so I wanted to make sure I'm not confusing the two species. Thanks, Brian
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    Accipter ID help please, Hainan China

    I'm slowly getting better at these Accipter identifications. The quality of both my memory and my camera make it much more difficult :smoke:. I'm thinking this is Crested Goshawk. It's a bulky bird with powerful feet which seems to support this identification. I kind of feel like I'm just...
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    ID help please, Hainan, China

    I'm at a loss on this one. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks, Brian
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    ID help please, Sichuan, China

    Any ideas on this one? Thanks, Brian
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    Accipiter ID help Hainan, China

    I'm not sure that the photo quality and angles are good enough to get to species level on this one but I was hoping to narrow it down a little. This was a really small bird so I'm thinking that it could be either Chinese Sparrowhawk or Japanese Sparrowhawk. Seemed small for Shikra but think...
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    Few more birds from Guangxi in August

    Hello All! Getting close to finishing up my observations from Guangxi this August. Looking for a little id help, please. Here are my guesses. 1. Juvenile Black Drongo Kind of unusual behavior to be out in the open and the pictures I'm seeing of juveniles have more black speckled in their...
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    Blue and black bird Guangxi, China

    I'm thinking this is a dollar bird but was wondering if any Asian bird experts can confirm the ID by eliminating other possibilities. Are there any other possibilities? On the binoculars I was able to see that it had an orange beak, blue wings and a black head. Thanks in advance to anyone...