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    STOP! Take off your GLASSES if you own ED Binoculars!!!

    Greetings, I just discovered a series of articles around a super important fact if you are an eyeglass wearer AND a Binocular user: Polycarbonate lenses are the WORST optical material when it comes to Chromatic Aberration: Here's one comment from the optics article I am posting: "Abbe values...
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    Crossfire HD - Diamondback HD

    I found a few more distinctions between the Crossfire HD line and the Diamondback HD line: (1) D-Backs use dielectric coatings on their prisms, Crossfires do not; (2) D-Backs have slight ribbing on the sides of the binocular for grip, Crossfires are smooth;
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    Crossfire HD - Diamondback HD

    Greetings- so in reading up on the new HD designation - for the Crossfire line, what it means is that they have formulated a new lens coating (think FMC), which is supposed to be a bit better, so they now use that on all surfaces, and gave it the marketing tag "HD". Crossfire HDs are terrific...
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    Crossfire HD

    *** PSA *** Today on Amazon, all Vortex Crossfire HD binoculars are on sale for $139! Question: Does anyone have experience with the 10x50's? Are they worth an impulse buy???
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    Great Binocs Under $100 (or 60 pounds Sterling)

    Strong recommendation for $100 birding/astronomy quality binoculars (with ONE caveat): The Atlas Eagle Owl 10x50 Porro prism binoculars. They are $99 on Amazon, and a few points: (1) they REEK of quality - they feel great in the hand, the waterproof rubber coatings are super nice to the touch...
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    Crossfire HD

    Greetings, So, which Crossfire did you wind up purchasing (there are many)? I have been looking longingly at the 10x50 version (a 10x50 with 7ft close [email protected][email protected]? Wow!) And we can get 'em in the states for under$150 these days (I've paid more for dinner!) Let me know what you got (remember we...
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    nikon vintage owl 7x50 info ?

    Greetings! Turns out I responded to this thread on another Birdforum thread! Check it out... (pictures included) comment #55 https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=220714&page=3
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    What’s up with Pentax binocular deals today?

    Greetings, I checked Amazon today and there are crazy deals with Pentax binoculars- at this moment you can get a Pentax UCF R 8x21 compact (sister to the Papilio) for $39 and a Pentax PCF WC 10x30 small Porro (think Kowa YF or Leupold Yosemite) for same! The 8x30 is $5 more. Does anyone have...
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    Review: Orion Otter 10x42 ED roof prism binoculars

    As a longtime birder, I come from the land of “8x means better hand hold-ability.” In reading some recent reviews on this site, I realized that, despite my research, I had never actually owned or even tested for more than a few minutes, 10x binoculars. Since many birders swear by 10x for...
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    Mid-price binoculars recommendation

    As an El Cheapo Yank (translation: frugal American ;-) ) I come at this from the other end - I look only at super value in seriously cheap binoculars; for me the only categories are <$100, <$150 and <$200, new and used. In today's Golden Age of binocular trickle down technology, you can get a...
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    Celestron Nature DX ED

    Greetings, I just discovered the same binoculars while researching 8x42 roof prisms - this seems like an incredible deal for ED glass, the lowest I think I've ever seen. And they are listed as ED glass, fully-multi coated, and phase corrected. Plus they look pretty good, and from the specs...
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    Historical Review of Swift 804 Audubon Binoculars

    Greetings @Elkub! Oh man, I go away for 10 measly years, and you get another pair of binoculars?!?!?! ;-) I'd be interested to know what makes the Swaro's more eye friendly than the Audubons (I've never tried the Swaro's, but do know that the Audobons have short eye relief; it hasn't been a...
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    And Now For Something Completely Different - Tasco J-B208

    Thanks! A few more interesting observations on the Tasco's (I know the Orions are terribly interesting, but I want the Tasco's (and Larks and their sisters) to have their "moment in the sun" here (bad pun): While sitting in my yard with the Tasco's: (1) I measured 8ft close focus with a tape...
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    And Now For Something Completely Different - Tasco J-B208

    Thanks guys! And, of course, you know what comes next... All this cool cheap stuff - then you get bit, and buy more binoculars! Having fallen in love with the simplicity and elegance of this Galilean design, I went out and bought the new Orion 2x54 Ultra Wide Field Binos! They are brand new...
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    Historical Review of Swift 804 Audubon Binoculars

    Greetings! After 10 years, I figured I'd pick up on this thread where I left off... ;-) I never posted pictures of my 804 HR/5 type 4b(2) - it's in pretty much the same pristine condition today as it was 10 years ago! For the record, here are a few. BTW my only "mods" are Eagle tethered...
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    And Now For Something Completely Different - Tasco J-B208

    Greetings! So, I have been expanding my hobby by rebuilding vintage binoculars, and have come across a pearl for backyard/kitchen birding - it's the Tasco J-B208. What's that you say? Why, it's a high quality, Japanese knockoff (OEM to Tasco) of the Swift Lark 4x30! (1) it's a Galilean...
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    Revisiting a Classic Nikon Porro

    Greetings! I am rediscovering many of these older threads, and this one piqued my interest, as I have a perfect condition pair of Nikon Owl II's. I purchased these in 1988 from REI in Berkeley, CA as my very first ever pair of "quality optics", which ultimately led me down the joyful path of...
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    Optolyth Binoculars.

    I am about to introduce you to "my Optoplyth mirage"... This binocular is NOT an Optolyth, but it is a dead-ringer knockoff of the 9x63 Royal... made in Japan for Orion Telescopes in the early 1990's! I am the original owner and purchased these as the last copy from Orion in San Francisco CA in...
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    **BROWNING 8x32 ROOF - Review**

    Greetings, I've actually been looking at these very binos with interest. A question for you - where are the Brownings made? In Japan, Korea, or China?
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    Reputable online dealers

    Greetings, I have had excellent experiences with Optics Planet (www.opticsplanet.com) - great prices, great selection, easily navigatable website, and good return policy - I've bought three pairs of birding binoculars from them, with very high satisfaction - I'd recommend you check 'em out...
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    Need help picking binocular!

    Dear Swiego, If I may, I'd like to try something a little different for you than the above train of thought - perhaps something more holistic ,steeped in the experience and love of birding and binocular use, especially considering your statement that you are a "newbie": Do not buy a thousand...
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    Another Swift ED glass - Ultralite 8x44 ED

    Swifters, I have been intrigued by the ongoing discussion of ED glass and air-spaced objectives for the Audubon 804c which, unfortunately, are effectively unavailable today - I then recalled that Swift actually offered another ED glass, alongside the 804c - the Ultralite ZCF 8x44 ED...
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    New Leupold Yosemite 6x30

    As per quality, these are "Green Ring" Leupolds, which I believe means BaK-4 prisms, and multi-coating, with a limited lifetime warranty - the website also says waterproof/fogproof/nitrogen purged, but I don't know whether that actually applies to their porro prisms...
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    New Leupold Yosemite 6x30

    Greetings, I just saw that Leupold introduced a new small, lower powered (by birding standards) 6x30 porro prism binocular, ostensibly for use with beginning birders, children, folks with small hands, etc. They appear to have high quality components, and they list for around a hundred bucks...
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    Historical Review of Swift 804 Audubon Binoculars

    Elk, I realized after my last comment that (1) YOU were the author, so I was already speaking to The Source (!), and (2) In re-re-reading, I see how I could have misread the quote - "with" could refer to the 804ED itself, instead of an air-spaced objective reference to the 804R 4b(2)...