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    Northern Iraq - Warbler?

    I got a fairly decent look at this bird - but getting a picture was beyond us amateur bird photographers! This bird was seen today, in northern Iraq (Kurdistan), in the foothills of low mountains, in a scrub and garden area on the edge of the city (Duhok). The bird was first seen on the...
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    Odd House Wren Singing Behavior?

    The other day I was out and spotted a house wren briefly before it ducked into a cavity in a snag, which I assume had a nest. We waited a few minutes to see if the bird would emerge, but it didn't. Then another wren appeared from somewhere else and sat on top of the snag and sang for several...
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    Northern Minnesota - 2 mysteries

    Hi, I know these are poor shots, just what my husband managed to capture on smartphone while walking - I didn't see them. Pictures taken just recently near Grand Marais MN (quite north and east). The first two pics show a walking bird, though the bird is not easy to see, my husband watched...
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    E-bird in China

    Hi all, I keep meaning to post here and ask for help. Is there anyone that has had success using the e-bird phone app in the field in China? I would like to use it as I see birds, but always have lots of problems with the location. I always have so many problems in trying to start the record...
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    Birds from north US

    Hi all, These are two birds I saw up in northern Minnesota, where many warblers breed. Could you help me identify them? There are three pictures of what I believe were the same type of bird - we saw several of them, and especially noticed their hover gleaning. They were in a mixed flock with...
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    San Francisco (US) area bird

    This picture (phone snap) just sent to me from a friend visiting in San Fran. I'm not particularly good at western birds and don't have any books for them at hand, so was a bit puzzled with this one... the tail seems really long for a jay of some sort, but I wasn't sure what else it could be...
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    SE China mysteries

    Hi, I'm working from clearer to less clear ids! Here are two flying birds, which I think may be herons. These were seen by my husband, so there isn't much more to say about them, except they were seen near water, in rural Nanchang. I'm not very good at identifying flying birds :-C Thanks...
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    SE China drongos

    Hi all, I've just started to notice drongos in our area (Nanchang, Jiangxi), and am trying to figure out what they are. Yesterday, I'm fairly sure I saw (but have no picture of) a grey morph Ashy Drongo. I'm having troubles identifying the others, though I thought that I had gotten more...
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    SE China birds

    Hi, these are pictures from rural areas around Nanchang, Jiangxi - south China - in the last month. The first three are 2 different herons, which I wonder if they are black-crowned night herons, or something else. The next very blurry picture is a tern, perhaps whiskered tern? The last might...
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    Doi Inthanon, Thailand

    Hi, these are a few pics taken last week at Doi Inthanon (mostly at fairly high altitude, though not necessarily top). They are not particularly good shots, but I guess might all be identifiable. Appreciate your help!
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    Krabi Thailand - sunbird and tailorbird

    Hi all, Only saw this first bird (2 pics) from the back - not the angle of most id pictures! I first thought maybe it was a Copper-throated Sunbird (obviously no throat to be seen!). Then I considered the yellow feet! What do you think? The second is also at a not so helpful angle - a...
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    Thai Flycatchers

    Hi all, these are a few pictures I managed of flycatchers the other day at Op Khan National Park, close to Chiang Mai, in the hills, but not much more than 400 meters. The real mystery is the blue flycatcher, which I can't tell about, after looking at a number of pictures. It interestingly...
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    LBJ from S.E. China

    Hi, this bird (not seen by me, but my husband) looks so familiar.... The pic is from the last two weeks, here in Nanchang area. I was thinking Prinia (Plain?), but wasn't sure if the tail was too extensive for that. Is the third picture a different bird? I didn't think so initially but now...
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    S.E. China Cranes

    Thanks for everyone's help on previous requests. This might be the last for a bit.... This is a tough picture of cranes - not much detail available, but thought I would check if they seemed identifiable.
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    S.E. China Swans

    These were seen today outside Nanchang city. My husband continues to see good birds without me! I'm puzzled about these - I guess they are swans - can the species be identified? I wonder if they are Trumpeters since the bills appear dark...
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    S.E. China Pipits and Plovers

    Hi, A few more photos of birds around Nanchang - these were taken last week. I still struggle with pipits - we saw two, and I'm not sure they are the same or which species they are (labeled pipit 1 and 2). It seemed like at least the wing bars and leg color were different between the two...
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    2 birds in SE China

    My husband was out for a walk and brought back these two pictures which I wasn't sure about the identification. (He goes on long walks and sees a lot!) I think the poor picture of flying birds may be marsh sandpipers, though there were also several types of starlings in the area. The second...
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    Are Great Tits as charming?

    I saw an article in our "local" paper about the unique charm of chickadees. (If you like, see here.) I think the writer's main thought is correct: in the States a lot of people find chickadees to be special, and people who pay any attention to birds often have an interest story about...
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    Revision of Great Tit (in China)

    I've gotten request from eBird regarding clarifiying my sightings of Great Tits, Japanese Tits and Cinereous Tits. I've not paid a lot of attention to this discussion before, but now hope I can get a basic understanding of the situation which probably is seen differently by various authorities...
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    feather id - south China

    Being known as a person who is interested in birds gives a chance for others to bring their birding questions to you ;) And I am passing the questions on to those with more knowledge! Here is a feather which a young friend recently found in a garden in town in Nanchang (Jiangxi). The color on...
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    Minnesota, USA

    Hi, this is a photo from a friend, and I haven't discussed it yet, but I believe is was taken recently, probably in Minneapolis area. Obviously a very poor photo, probably from a phone. I guess it might be a common bird, but I can't think what it would be.
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    Interesting (Asian) warbler (phyllos) feeding behavior

    I saw this for the first time the other day in warblers which I tentatively identified as Arctic warblers, though I'm not sure of the species. The warblers were hunting prey among tree leaves, moving along quickly from place to place in a tree. Then 2-3 times I saw an individual steeply swoop...
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    In the media

    I don't read the China Daily regularly, but saw this article in last weekend's paper. A nice article which tells about a Beijing man (some of you may know?) who went from keeping caged birds to having a strong concern for wild birds. The focus of the article isn't quite clear as it begins...
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    last unknowns from Yunnan, China

    Hi all, here are the last of the mystery bird pics taken in Lijiang last week. 1- as I looked at this flight shot more, I wonder if its a finch... any firmer ideas? 2 - unfortunately most shots look like this one - a warbler... enough to tell if its a Pallas's or another species, or too hard to...
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    Confirming Ducks - Yunnan China

    Hi, also pictures from last week in Lijiang. These should be easy confirmations- I'm still a beginner in ducks. duck 1 - Ferruginous Pochard I guess (quite a few of these) duck 2 - female Mallard - or mallard mix? duck 3 - male Mallard? I didn't remember they could look so purple duck 4 -...