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    Galium Carpet - North Wales?

    Is that right? The central band looks almost purple. (I'm a complete beginner with moths!).
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    VietNam Dec2019-Feb2020

    Here's my first Trip Report after 35 annual visits to VietNam! Let me know if you find anything useful. And thanks for all the ID help in the past.
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    Welsh Red Kite

    Is this recent (poor) photo good enough to identify a juvenile bird (i.e. born this year)?
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    butterflies from VietNam

    I've been struggling with these for weeks and have now given up trying to ID them myself using the internet. These first three are all from the DaLat area and the last from Mang Den (further north near Kon Tum). Can anyone give me a clue?
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    Flycatcher in DaLat, VietNam

    Is it possible to ID this Flycatcher from the rather poor photo? I think I can see a whitish throat above the orange upper-chest?
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    Yet another VietNam Warbler (Xuan Thuy NP)

    I guess this is just a Dusky Warbler, is it? It was behaving oddly - flitting at 2-3m in a casuarina plantation and calling with a higher "teck" rather than usual low "tuck". The last 2 frames are just to show the amount of cinnamon on the undertail.
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    Another Warbler in VietNam

    This was on Mount Lang Bian (1800m) this morning. The common spp here are YBW, Kloss's and Blyth's, but this one has a very white, broad supercilium, especially at the front of the eye (too white for Kloss's which was singing nearby). I thought of Ashy-throated since the wing-bar is quite broad...
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    Warbler in VietNam

    Can anyone identify this bird? It was making a chirping call, different from Yellow-browed or Raddes. Location was Mang Den in Central Vietnam highlands, yesterday.
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    Nam Cat Tien, VietNam

    I found this terrible old photo from December 1999 (Box Brownie technology in those days). The nearest I can get is Brahminy Kite, but it doesn't look quite right.
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    Grebe near Black Sea, Bulgaria

    What kind of Grebe is this?
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    Raptors in Bulgaria (last week)

    1,2 is this a Greater Spotted (dark at front, light at back)? 2 photos, same bird 3. Booted Eagle?? 4. Accipiter? (scared to suggest which one) 5. No idea - what are the big white wing spots below?
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    Butterflies in VietNam

    Can anyone help me with the following IDs? They were all taken in Da Lat, VietNam in Jan-Feb. I am wondering if any are Lampides boeticus (Longtailed Pea Blue) and if No. 5 is a Monodontides spp?
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    VietNam Flycatchers

    These are from Nam Cat Tien a few days ago. The first 2 are probably the same bird; I thought Tickell's but now I'm wondering about Hainan. Is the third one just another very dull-looking Verditer; or something completely different? I seem to be hopeless with flycatchers!
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    White-eyes in VietNam (Oriental or Japanese?)

    Is it possible to say (without using "known" distribution) what these two photos A and B are? Possibilities are both Japanese, both Oriental, one of each (A or B), or impossible to say from photos. They were taken in 2 different places in Vietnam. The 3 parts of each photo may be different...
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    South Annam, VietNam

    Can anyone ID this bird, seen near Srepok river last week?
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    Minivet in VietNam

    Is this Longtailed, as I thought initially, or could it be Grey-chinned? If Longtailed, can the subspecies be identified (ethologus/annamensis)? Any other comment on the head pattern (which doesn't match Bird Guide pictures very well). [e.g. Does Longtailed sometimes lack yellow supercilium...
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    Egret in Mekong Delta

    Not sure about this one. Basal lower mandible is pale (but not yellow like a Chinese that I photographed further south); feet are greenish in flight (but not yellow for typical Little). Legs look too strong for Little(?); head and bill shape look wrong for Great White (?). Habitat was pools in...
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    Starling/Myna in Vietnam

    Can anyone ID this bird in the Mekong delta? Dec 15th this year. The nearest I can get is Brahminy Starling, which doesn't appear to occur in Vietnam.
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    Eagle silhouettes - Bulgaria Black Sea

    Are these all Lesser Spotted Eagles? (rubbish photos - sorry)
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    Ficedula Flycatcher, Bulgaria, September 2018

    Is it possible to ID this Ficedula flycatcher on migration along the Black Sea coast last week? It looks closest to Semi-collared to me, but I'm not sure the photo is good enough for certain ID. I'm assuming there's too much white on the upper wing for Pied.
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    yet another willow/marsh tit (UK)

    Is it possible to be 100% sure about the ID for this photo?
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    Clwydian Hills AONB

    I am starting this record of my “local patch” which lies within the Clwydians Hill AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; national designation) and includes part of the Alyn and Chwiler Living Landscape (North Wales Wildlife Trust Designation). See attached Map below. I will start with my...
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    Coastal South VietNam in January

    I have this down as an Oriental Reed Warbler, but it doesn't look quite right. Any suggestions?
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    three more from Nam Cat Tien

    The first bird was quite large - taken from a distance. It has paler patches on the wings - I thought at first there was a big red bill on the first frame but I'm sure it's just a leaf. The other two were small birds in small trees/bushes: some kind of Babbler? I'm really expecting miracles...
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    Nam Cat Tien, VietNam

    The first looks like a Plaintive Cuckoo with a male head and a juvenile body - also it seems to have a short tail. The 2nd is a Phylloscopus - Two-barred? Or another Yellow-browed! The 3rd and 4th seem to be two examples of the same species - I am puzzled by the odd shape of head (oddly...