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    Morocco birding trip

    Mietek - A friend and I used Mohamed Bargache. He is based near Agadir, knows the city well so can pick you up from your hotel. His prices were reasonable, it obviously helped splitting the costs in our case. The email address I have is [email protected] I am sure he would welcome your...
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    Morocco birding trip

    Hi Mietek. We used a guide a couple of years ago for 3 days in the Agadir region. I day looking for the bald ibis and 2 days in the desert to the south. He was pretty good. I will dig out the details and send them to you in a day or two.
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    East Hills, Norfolk

    Thanks for your quick reply Daniel. It certainly was very helpful. As I came ill prepared this week with no chest waders or even wellies;) and without the budget to charter a boat, I will give it a miss. Maybe one of these days...
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    East Hills, Norfolk

    In the countless times I have been to Norfolk over the years I have never made it here. Is it easy to get to? Presumably I have to be very mindful of the tides?
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    Bucket List Suggestions

    Also the top 100 birding sites of the world by Dominic Couzens is a great read. I take a lot of inspiration for future trips from that. That said, it is nice to make your own top 100 maybe.
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    Bucket List Suggestions

    Hi Meg. I'm also sorry to hear your news. My time in the US has been limited so I will focus on worldwide suggestions. My best global wildlife experiences have been where I have seen birds up close or combined with mammals. For the former, the Galapagos is a must really and can be easily...
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Ben - Hope your trip goes ahead, feel for you with Italy and Asia being banjaxed at the moment. Hopefully you will get to go at some point in the future if not soon. He got us all 4 of your targets that you listed. Probably more of a photographer than a birder, but not to say he isn't a good...
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Thank you Swiffly, very useful information. You didn't hijack the thread, it was my fault for going off on a tangent.
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Hi Andy, yes back in just under a week. It has been a good trip. 72 new birds so far. 3 Antpittas, a few hummers and tanagers, rufous breasted antthrush, toucan and red headed barbets, plate billed mountain toucan, tanager finch and a foam party for the carnival. I maintain there is a lot to be...
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Ben-Uthai's email address is [email protected] Worth contacting him.
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Andy-Lol it is not just around the ankles where they have got me
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    Hi Andy. I thought his name was Yothin. Was it not you who told me he died recently? I used him at KNC and yes he was expensive. We used a different guy, Uthai for Northern Thailand based in Chang Mai. He was very good and very reasonable. The chiggers have got me this time in Ecuador😭😂🤣
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    Northern Thailand 28th March - 04th April 2020

    We went a couple of years ago. We used a chap by the name of Uthai based in Chang Mai. I would be surprised if he was that expensive. Maybe worth enquiring. He was very good, a keen photographer and a good birder. Ian away at the moment but I can dig out more details when I get home.
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    Queensland(?) June/July

    Hi Rylirk. I spent a month in Australia as a solo traveller in June 2004. I flew between cities Cairns-Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne. I would give another vote to Cairns and wish I spent longer there. A tourist spot so lots of day trips available to Atherton, Daintree etc. Cairns is a small town...
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    Volunteer or paid guide work overseas

    I have had a taste of this and I'm keen to do more. I would welcome suggestions of places to go for short term work, up to a month or so. Does anyone have any experiences? I am open to suggestions for other types of bird work. The world is my oyster but I have a particular interest in Latin...
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    Goa, Capetown, Vietnam

    I have a couple of weeks holiday left to use by the end of the year. I was looking at maybe going away in November somewhere for some independent birding. I would welcome advice on how easy it is to get around the above places. I'm not sure that I would want to do much travelling out there...
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    3rd Week of August

    Birdfair ;-)
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    Brazil - Atlantic Rainforest October 2020

    Paul, Just a shout out for for Regua really, a great little reserve as are Caledonia and Macae de Cima. I also spend a bit of time with Andy Foster when I worked there last year. A very pleasant, friendly young man, knows the reserve inside out and very good birder. You will be in good hands...
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    Hi I am hoping someone on here could help. My old laptop finally died on me (I had it for over a decade so no surprises). I replaced it with an Asus Chromebook (32gb hard drive, 4gb ram). I just want to use it essentially for temporary storage of my photos (I took about 2000 on a recent trip...
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    Guides in Morocco

    A friend and I are off to Agadir for a week in March. I have been given Mohamed Bargache's name as a guide. We are looking at a basic 2 day excursion into the desert and 1 day guiding on the coast. Does anybody have any experience of using him or alternatives local to the area should the plan...
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    Finland/Arctic Norway c.16-25 Mar 2019

    Too early Ben I would say. We went about 3 years ago in May and got all of your targets. There were 6 of us and it cost about £1k each then for about 8 days. That did include a night in a bear hide.
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    Short term voluntary work overseas

    I would be interested in hearing about people's experiences of volunteer bird work overseas, good, bad or indifferent, especially any work regarding guiding, research or ringing and any recommendations. By short term I mean anything up to a month or so.
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    Visiting 3 East African Countries in spring / summer 2019

    Will send her a fb request and can then share some photos with you.
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    Visiting 3 East African Countries in spring / summer 2019

    Ha ha Jos. That crossed my mind for the briefest of moments. Emphasis on the briefest. 5
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    Visiting 3 East African Countries in spring / summer 2019

    Yes I am in Brazil, having a fab time. Are you on WhatsApp of FB. Will share some photos when I am back.