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    Three birds from Seward, Alaska

    These photos were taken in June while on a trip to Alaska. I am unsure about ID and hope you can help. Thanks much. Gull - I thought it was Mew Gull, but the bill looks too big. Bird - no idea - ? Yellowlegs - greater or lesser? Both breed in the area I believe. Thanks for your help.
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    Alaska sandpiper and guillemot ?

    These two photos were taken in Nome Alaska in June. The tour guides did identify them, but unfortunately I did managed to lose my notes. I believe the sandpiper is Semi-palmated in its breeding colors. The guillemot (at least that is what I think) is a black guillemot in non-breeding colors...
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    Three birds in Ohio

    These photos were taken yesterday at Magee Marsh in Ohio. I suspect Bird-3 is a Hermit Thrush but not uncertain about BIrd-2. I have no idea at all about Bird-1. Very much appreciate help with ID.
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    Gull in Seattle, WA

    Took this photo about a month ago in the Seattle. Not sure what it is - thinking it is either a Western or Glaucous-winged. Very much appreciate help with ID. Thanks.
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    Shorebirds at Gray's Harbor, Washington

    These photos were taken a couple of days ago. There was a small group mucking around in small in a somewhat muddy water channel. I am thinking they are Least Sandpipers (yellow legs in both - one a bit muddy). Appreciate your help with ID. Thank you.
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    Shore birds in Oakland, CA

    Took all photos yesterday. I am hoping you can help ID. Bird-A I believe is a Dunlin beginning to molt. Bird-B looks like a Least Sandpiper (at least that is what I am hoping). Birds C & D I have no idea although they look like the same species. Thank you for your help.
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    Two gulls near Oakland

    Took these two photos a couple of days ago in San Rafael. They were in a sanitation plant pond. I am thinking that Gull-A is a Mew Gull, byt uncertain about Gull-B. Both birds had yellow legs. Appreciate help with ID. Thank you.
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    Dowitcher & Yellowlegs

    Took these photos a couple of days ago near Oakland, CA. I am assuming the birds in Photo-A are dowitchers and Photo-B is an yellowlegs, I am guessing the dowitchers are short-billed and the yellowlegs the greater version. Very much appreciate help. Thanks much.
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    Northern California Duck

    This Duck (?) appeared to dwarf the teals and other ducks around - wondering what it is? Thanks for your help
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    California gull & wader

    Took these two photos in northern California a couple of days ago at a sanitation department site. Hoping you can help with ID. Thanks much.
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    Humming bird in Northern California

    Wondering whether this is a Anna's or Black-chinned or something else. Thanks for your help.
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    Cackling or Canada Goose?

    I took this photo near Oakland CA yesterday. There was a large flock of geese, some of whom were clearly Canada and some more like the bird in this photo - my impression was that this bird was smaller, had a short neck, larger white patch on face and a smaller beak. I believe it is a Cackling...
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    Great Egret or Great Blue (white phase)

    I took this photo at the in Oakland. I have seen numerous Great Egrets but this particular bird impressed me with its sheer bulk and size. The egrets I have seen before in comparison, appeared to be far more thinner and smaller in size. Hence the question. Is this a a white morph of the...
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    Hawk and sparrow in Sacramento, CA

    Took these photos at the Sacramento NWR last week. I am wondering whether the hawk is a juvenile Red-tail and the sparrow a juvenile golden-crowned. Thank you for your help.
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    Washington State Hawk

    I took this photo of a hawk a few days ago bear Seattle at an NWR. The bird would not turn around, so this is the only view I had. Wondering whether it is possible to ID. Thanks.
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    Oakland California birds

    Took these photos at location near Oakland. I am thinking Bird-A is a Whimbrel and Bird-C juvenile Red Tailed Hawk. Not sure about Bird-B. Really appreciate help with ID. Thanks.
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    Five Gulls In Seattle

    Sorry about this.... but Gulls have a way of confusing me completely! Here are five Gulls, all photos taken at the same location, at Carkeek Park two weeks ago. I have a notion that Gull A is ring-billed, but after that I am at a loss. Would very much appreciate help with ID. Thank you.
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    Shore bird near Seattle

    Photo taken a couple of days ago at Nisqually NWR in Washington. It was sitting alone on this tree trunk. Is it a Dunlin? Thanks for your help.
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    Seattle Duck

    Took this photo near Seattle Washington a couple of days ago. I am thinking its a female Common Goldeneye but unsure. Hope you can help with ID. Thanks.
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    Seattle, Washington Hawk

    Took these two photos of this Hawk at a NWR near Seattle. Would appreciate help with ID. Thanks.
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    Seattle Washington Gulls

    These gulls were photographed yesterday at a park in Seattle. Appreciate help with ID. Thank you.
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    Fall Warbler in Michigan

    Took this photo in our backyard today. Assume its some sort of Fall Warbler - Bay Breasted? Thanks for your help.
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    Hawk in Michigan

    A friend sent me this photo taken yesterday in Michigan. Wondering whether it is possible to ID. Thank you.
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    Bird in Oregon

    I photographed his bird in Ashland Oregon sometime last May. Not sure what it is. Thanks for helping with ID.