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    Books on the world's dragonflies & damselflies

    Scouring the web I don't seem to be able to find books providing overview of dragonflies in larger regions, let alone the whole world (as we do have for birds f.i). I see books specifically for a few countries like Costa Rica, South Africa, Sri Lanka...some for larger regions like Australia...
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    Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe, 11 March '21

    Just a heads up on this, now Ragg's book and cd's seem harder to come by: Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe Eric Sardet, Christian Roesti & Yoan Braud Available from 11 March 2021. This is the first guide to the 261 species of orthopterans - the grasshoppers, crickets and katydids...
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    First bird 2020

    They say it says something symbolically for the rest of your year 8-P I just saw 3 carrion crows from my window. I associate them with strong intention, intelligently coping with life's mysteries. A purposeful year.
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    clips/holders for recorders?

    I'm awaiting an Olympus LS-11 but was wondering if anyone has found ways to attach this, or other small recorders, to things like backpack straps/bino straps/jacket pockets etc? Some gopro clips that work or something?
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    Which Macaronesia guide book?

    I'm up to the choice between the Helm (2006, 368p, 450sp) and more recent Lynx (2011, 341p, 573sp). I guess the latter is the more uptodate on species and distribution? Is it best on bird plates and descriptions too? Which offers the most details on birding spots and other practicalities...
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    Kite KSP80HD

    I found some threads here on the earlier SP82ED while this KSP seems to have been around since 2010 at least. Manufacturer's page with specs: https://kiteoptics.com/en/nature/product/40/ksp-80-hd/ package with the 25-50w I stumbled upon these due to a scope comparison (pdf) by BF member Gijs...
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    Birders region Stevenage&Telford to help check on scopes?

    I noticed CeX offering 2 Nikon ed82's with zoom for sale on their website, in Stevenage and Telford, without any info. Sending them their filled form (multiple times) over the last weeks with just the basic questions (angled or straight f.i.) didn't result in any reply from them. Great service...
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    Meopta HA 75 thoughts?

    Hi there, My eye caught on a secondhand Meopta HA 75 with 20-60 eyepiece for €300. But I can't find much about this oldie but http://www.birdforum.net/reviews/showproduct.php/product/101 and some review that didn't find the Leica APO televid worth the much extra money. Any experience or...
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    Bins...B&S series 5/Endeavor II/Monarch 7

    Hi there, On my bins quest I keep stumbling upon the experts on this forum. So I've registered here to ask help with my bins dilemma, and will quite certainly continue to contribute and read. My birding hobby is 6 months young now, and finally got a financial extra so I can afford a better...