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    Norfolk birding

    Maybe not the best site to ask on but any gem on the possible sardinian warbler at Snettisham, thanks
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    Dartford warbler in North Yorkshire

    There was one reported at Ely the other week but when I asked for more details nothing was was sent, still need for cambs tick
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    Norfolk birding

    Seeing as nobody looks at these pages anymore, is there any point in asking if there's any information about the red flanked bluetail today. Sorry
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    Harpalus rufipes?

    Looks very much like a vine weaval
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    Norfolk birding

    Hi fellow birders, got a bit confused as to how many golden orioles were actually in Norfolk today. Think I made it 4 but not certain. Also how many grey headed wagtails have been reported in the last couple of weeks
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    NWT Holme Dunes - Car Park Trial

    So if a mega turns up, say midday, how are you going to book a parking space days before it turns up to make sure that you see it. If that makes sense
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    W.T.Eagle ( N W Norfolk ) reintroduction proposal

    How many in Norfolk today in total?
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    Tideline Woodcock corpses

    150 reported yesterday at cley (rba)
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    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    Night heron fly over, female pheasant and grey wagtail. Not bad seeing as I live in a town
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    Can add waxwing and Eastern black redstart for UK, unless they are already in the list
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    Norfolk birding

    Anyone know more info on the Wolverton white tailed Eagle today, because in a tree doesn't help alot
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Greater yellowlegs
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    Norfolk birding

    Was you in the little hut yesterday
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    Norfolk birding

    Any comments on the prob saker at East Hills today
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    Cambridgeshire Birding

    What's the biggest count on a single day at Grafham of God,please
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    Norfolk birding

    Can someone enlighten me to were the car park is in holme?thanks
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    Norfolk birding

    Mini influx of palla's leaf warblers
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    Norfolk birding

    Large numbers of gannets moving east past cley coastguard this morning, also guillemots, red throated divers and a possible shearwater tho distant
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    Norfolk birding

    Thanks James
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    Norfolk birding

    Anybody have any gen on the 'white' grey heron on birding world's web site, thanks
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    Cambridgeshire Birding

    Hi Mark I didn't count them myself but there many in the field, 62 came from rba, I posted a quick video on fb. All the ones that I looked at were definitely whites and not pied, they all looked 'fresh' if you know what I mean. Went back the following day and counted at least 91 yellow...
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    Cambridgeshire Birding

    62 white wagtails, 50+ yellow wagtails including a blue headed one in a ploughed field to the north of March near the sewage farm
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    Big Scoter Movement

    Do you know which direction these scoters are moving, ie north south,thanks
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2020 edition)

    Egyptian goose,red throated diver in Norfolk. Has great white egret been reported as also seen yester