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    Cowal Pennisula early July

    Many years ago I was driving through Inverary when a whale jumped out of the water. It turned out that there were two whales and a basking shark in Inverary bay. So there"s hope.
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    Insects? - Spain

    Thanks, Rafael. Presumably these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icerya_purchasi
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    Insects? - Spain

    Anyone know what these are ?
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    Dragonfly Id Spain

    Thanks. I suspect Lesser Emperor is incorrect as there was nothing blue generally apparent, but Vagrant Emperor (with greenish eyes from below) seems to fit.
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    Dragonfly Id Spain

    Anyone able to name this. Flying today over wooded country near the sea on south coast of Spain.
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    Want to learn birds migration in general, information needed

    You can look up things that attract your interest with Google Scholar. Lots of interesting papers out there.
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    Trip into the Uncertainties, Arctic Scandinavia, July 2020.

    No mention of mosquitoes so far. Are they relevant to this sort of adventure ?
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    uploading photos here

    Could birdforum not be set up to do the resizing automatically ?
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    Predation on swifts/hirundines?

    I have seen a kestrel carrying a struggling swift, which I presume that it had caught in flight.
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    Northern Royal Albatross anxiety?

    If the birds have been ringed they may remember the eperience.
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    House Martins returned

    And swallows ?
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    El Pelayo, Spain

    Never stayed in the cabins, but otherwise it is pleasant and well situated - varied walks straight from the door and 2 or 3 restaurants in walking distance. If you are specifically interested in spring migration this would be an alternative https://www.puntacarnerorestaurante.com/
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    Maps of Kruger camps

    Thanks, Jos. That is what I was looking for.
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    Places to stay between Joburg and Kruger

    Bump! as I am hoping to go again next year. I am particularly interested in specific places rather than general areas.
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    Maps of Kruger camps

    Is there any online source for maps of the individual camps in the Kruger NP ? There certainly used to be but it seems to have disappeared.
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    Manfrotto tripod for Vortex 85

    I am trying to buy a tripod to go with a Vortex 85 telescope, but in the absence of anywhere to see tripods I am finding it difficult to get practical information. The possibilities seem to have been reduced to an Element Traveller Big or a Befree Advanced but cannot discover the differences...
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    Birdwatching in Straits of Gibraltar & La Janda

    Olive-backed pipit(s) in the NE corner of the NW sector of the Princess Sofia park in La Linea.
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    Help - Slow ferry to Morocco?

    Some of these ferries have interesting histories. Here is one I have just noticed crossing. https://www.vesselfinder.com/news/6937-Ferry-Med-Star-engulfed-in-flames-in-Tripoli-Lebanon
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    Help - Slow ferry to Morocco?

    FWIW the slow ferries across the Strait appear to be FRS from Algeciras to Tanger-med (which I remember as being satisfactory), and AML (https://www.aml.ma/en/) on the same route.
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    Help - Slow ferry to Morocco?

    When I last asked it was not possible to buy a ticket there and back without disembarking - if that is your intention. The slowest ferries seem to be the Moroccan owned companies but they seem surprisingly difficult to find on a simple internet search. FWIW the one day integrated tours are good...
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    Where is Elvis ?

    And I can answer my own question - when I was at Whiteness on 25 August there was only one eider visible.
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    What eats giant rhubarb ?

    The plants of giant rhubarb (Gunnera manicata) in this area often present a very caterpillar-eaten appearance. Anybody know what eats them ?
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    Where is Elvis ?

    Thanks, Spoonbill. I was there today and could not find more than one possible eider. Anyone know if they go to Whiteness to moult ?
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    Where is Elvis ?

    Could someone tell me where Elvis (the king eider) is to be found currently.