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    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Hello! I will be in Brazil October-December 2021 focusing on birding the Atlantic Rainforest and am trying to organize a SE Brazil trip starting in either Rio or Sao Paulo (though that is flexible). I'm in contact with a couple different birding companies with good reputations, but nothing is...
  2. K

    NE India End of Feb 2020

    Looking for companions interested in tour by Asian Adventures (Iqbad Ahmed), Delhi to Delhi into NE India. 15 day itinerary here: https://travefy.com/trip/6yw9rqywcbhsqz2akz6c2vxxh4uagva It will be my first trip to Asia, though will have been in India for 6 weeks at time of departure. I do...
  3. K

    NE India in January

    I am planning a trip to India in January/February 2020 and am interested in birding northeast India. Does anyone have any input on birding this area at that time of year (for example, weather, nesting, migrations, etc.)? Apologies for the open question, this trip is rather last minute and I'm...
  4. K

    BRL repairs done?

    A friend was at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley in January and mentioned there was a lot of truck activity to repair some river bank erosion. He said is was rather a lot of disturbance and looked like it could go on for some time. Does anyone know if this is still going on?
  5. K

    Looking for copy of Birds of New Guinea

    Does anyone have a copy of the 1986 edition of Birds of New Guinea by Bruce M. Beehler, Thane K. Pratt and Dale A. Zimmerman they would be willing to sell, or know a source in UK?
  6. K

    Going to Mole NP?

    I'm planning to be at Mole NP (Mole Motel) April 28-May2 and am looking for other birders who may want to share costs/logistics, or just compare notes. Also looking for information regarding Mole, like where to go birding, which are the most knowledgeable rangers, how to get from Tamale to...
  7. K

    Pelagic photo, help?

    This landed on our dive boat about 50 km east and 100km north of Cairns. It rode out the night on the stern, flying off (I didn't see) after dawn about 35 km NE of Cairns. Feet are pinkish-red. Help?
  8. K

    Tower at Pantiacolla?

    Does anyone know if there is a tower at pantiacolla lodge? Can't tell from the web page... Thanks in advance.
  9. K

    Titicaca or not 2 Titicaca

    My sisters and I (tres hermanas) are planning a Peru birding trip Fall 2009 and are debating a side trip to Lake Titicaca. Our primary mission is birding for which we will have 3-4 weeks. So, the question is, given the time, would it be worth flying to Puna from Cuzco? Other than the Titicaca...
  10. K

    White-crowned Sparrows increasing?

    Up in the NE corner of Washington, we are experiencing an unprecedented White-crowned Sparrow migration this year. For the first time many feeders are inundated with them! In the past there have always been a few moving through, and a few staying, but never at these levels. The second odd...
  11. K

    What to include in a bird checklist?

    Yes, I appear to be a tad obsessed with checklists... :gh: I have abandoned finding an annotated checklist for Ecuador, but want to try creating one. So far I have common and scientific names (the easy part) but am wondering what else to include. After some field testing (Nov-Dec 2007) I...
  12. K

    Know of an annotated checklist Ecuador?

    Does anyone know of an annotated checklist for Ecuador that follows Ridgely and Greenfield? There appears to be an older one out there, but nothing with more recent taxonomy, ranges or abundance. Help?
  13. K

    Ecuador annotated checklist

    I am looking for an annotated checklist to use with Ridgley and Greenfield for a trip to Ecuador. Have seen older lists and straight bird lists, but nothing has information about abundance, ranges etc. Help?
  14. K

    Cheers all!

    Here goes, my first post... Hello all, and thanks to all the good folks at the Birdforum for making this space available. I live in Washington State (a Yank :-), but typically travel 3 months/yr in Central America or SEAsia birding and scuba diving. Like many of you, my primary interest is in...