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    Chinese water deer in U.K.

    Got a free day in east anglia tomorrow with no real plans beyond snettisham for western sand. Has anyone got any fairly reliable (with usual provisos about mammal watching) sites or reserves for Chinese water deer. I’ll have all day and am staying in thetford area so not just north Norfolk.
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    Wykeham forest honey buzzards

    I’m hopefully heading up to bempton at the weekend. (From East Midlands) If I have spare time in the day I was thinking about trying the wykeham forest honey buzzard watchpoint as they would be a lifer for me anyone got any suggestions of best times/weather or hints for good results.
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    Sea ducks

    Covid restrictions allowing I will be in Scotland in late august. I’ve never seen velvet scoter (or any rarer scoters) is that too early for them? And if not is there anywhere aside from Musselburgh where they are easily seen. also I noticed today that Elvis is back at ythan Generally...
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    Scotland in late august

    I’m doing a week in Scotland for birding/general wildlife in the second half of august. Possibly not the ideal time but between being a teacher and the pandemic choice has been limited. my first stay is in Helensburgh Argyll after driving up from England. Does anyone know of any good sites for...
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    Tripod/head recommendations

    I'm looking to upgrade my tripod, budget is about £200 but I'm happy to look for second hand and wait a while for the right thing so it might stretch a bit further. I use either an Opticron MM3 or ES80. More often the MM3 but i would like it to be stable with the ES80 as well and i'm looking...
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    Visiting for the first time.

    Quarantines allowing I should be visiting the islands for the first time for a week in late August. I’m booked on a couple of Pelagics which hopefully will be birding highlight of the year and I’ll keep an eye on BirdGuides for rarities. I wondered if there were any good blogs or websites for...
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    Scotland in October

    Having had an April trip cancelled during Covid I’m contemplating an October replacement. Is that a decent time of year for seeing the following Ptarmigan, capercaillie, golden eagle, created tit. Pine Marten For my April Trip I had booked a night in Musselburgh, 4 in nethy bridge and one at...
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    Florida birds

    Looking through an old (mid 80s) family holiday album from Florida Everglades I came across a few bird photos. I’ve never birded in North America so had no clue about identification
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    Binoculars for around £500

    I am hopefully coming into a PPI payment in the next few weeks and was looking to upgrade my bins. I'm currently using some Nikon Prostaff 7 10x42 s I like the picture quality (although obviously things could be even better) and I'm ok with the weight and size but find that I'm having to...
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    Zurich in May

    Hoping to visit a friend in Zurich for a few days in May. She doesn't drive and it's by no means a birding trip so I'm not expecting to rack up the ticks. But it's my first visit to central europe since I started birding and wondered what I might be able to see in Parks, lakesides or in an easy...
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    Mm3-60 and hdf t 40809

    Edit. Solved the problem. Sorry about the wasted thread
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    Sea watching sites.

    I’m coming down on Friday to do the Penzance pelagic on Saturday morning but dependent on traffic might have some birding time on Friday afternoon. Hopefully someone can help me with some info I’ve been to Porthgwarra before but never to pendeen or the lizard. What is the situation for parking...
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    Lincolnshire info

    Am planning on visiting Frampton Marsh on Saturday. My first birding visit to Lincolnshire. I’m obviously really looking forward to what looks like a great reserve but would possibly have the opportunity to visit a few other sites. Is there anywhere good for Grey partridge nearby?
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    Britains Common Birds

    I decided a little while ago to make a concerted effort to see all of Britains regular native species be they breeding, wintering or predictable established passage migrants by the time I'm 50 (I'm 45 now). Nothing against Vagrants, I'll go off and chase them at a moments notice with the best...
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    Planning a scotland trip for 2020

    Hi, I'm looking to make a concerted effort to see in Britain all of the resident species I'm missing (Defining resident being a whole other can of worms) Anyway I think I have the option of a 5 or 6 day trip to the highlands next year. either in mid april or the last week of may. With travel...
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    Best scope upto about £300

    I’m looking to upgrade my Acuter st80a 20-60 scope which I bought second hand to see how I’d get on with carrying a scope around. I’m happy with it at 20 in a hide but it loses focus as you zoom to the point of the zoom being useless for the birds you’d need it for and it’s possibly a bit heavy...
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    Norfolk in december

    Hi, I'm hoping to stay for a few (probably 2) nights in Norfolk between xmas and new year. It'll be my first time birding in that area and probably my last chance to get there for a while so I'm hoping to pack as much as I can in to the quite short days. Cley and Titchwell both seem like...
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    Seabirds around Devon

    Got a couple of days sailing from Plymouth in a few weeks (late June). Obviously the weather can lead to all sorts of variables for both how far out to sea I get and what’s around but does anyone have a general idea of what sea birds would be most likely.
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    Cirl Buntings in august

    Hi, have a few days in Dawlish in early august. Anyone got any advice on Cirl Buntings at that time of year, I know there are a few local reserves/spots but was unsure if they were any good in the summer. I don't mind doing a couple of hours of searching if there isn't a nailed on place but...
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    South Cornwall in August

    Hi, hope this is the best venue for this, we're having a week just south of Falmouth in mid august, possibly not the best month for birds but I'd like to get some birding in. Any good reserves or spots nearby (an hour or so's drive) particularly ones that might have species that don't turn up...
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    Gull Cardiff

    juvenile Herring Gull or something more interesting?
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    Pipits Warwickshire

    Apologies for possibly mangling the photo down from 5mb to 500k, hope it leaves something recognisable. I'm guessing these are Meadow Pipits in water rather than anything else :) What should I be looking for?