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    EL 8.5X42 Non HD

    that does look like a SV
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    bino digiscoping adaptor

    Thank you. I checked that one too. A little bit on the fence after reading the mixed review. still cannot get over why it is more expensive for Samsung version. I pulled the trigger tonight and bought the Zen-Ray adaptor so my wife and I can share.
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    digiscoping adapter

    I have asked in the main forum about this. Has anyone used this adaptor? I am hoping to make it work with my iPhone and my wife's Galaxy S5 http://www.zen-ray.com/shop/accessories/smartphone-adapter-s.html
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    New Product To Be Launched 4-Mar-2016

    less than a month to go
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    bino digiscoping adaptor

    In the market for a new adaptor for my iPhone to work with the binoculars. Now I narrowed it to down to these options. The universal adaptor from Zen-Ray $25 or Iscope for $75 My wife also has a Samsung phone. wondering which one will be a better option for us.
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    Which monocular?

    I found that having both eyes open makes it easier to use monocular than keeping one eye shut.
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    The $500 question....

    If you keep on checking ebay, you may be lucky enough to score a pair of Zeiss Conquest HD for that price. I agree that the special Birdforum price for PRIME HD is hard to beat for such an awesome glass.
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    Victory SF: Condensation on ocular lens

    Shouldn't SF have some sort of coating on the lens to prevent condensation?
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    Which monocular?

    You may want to take a look of the zen-Ray ZRS monocular. I got a set for my uncle who absolutely cannot use binoculars due to his medical condition. It is probably one of the best monoculars I have used. Mind you, it is not compact, pocket monocular. It is essentially a half ZRS binoculars. The...
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    Future of "Bricks-and-Mortar" Optics Stores?

    All my binoculars were purchased online over the last few years. The price at B&M is just way too high
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    New M Series ?

    do they simply rebadge excursion and sell them as Legend E? I am curious whether it is an upgrade or downgrade? o:)
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    newbie - which ones??

    1000GBP is a heck of budget for binoculars if you don't plan to spend on Swarovski or Leica. There are many options out there. My favorite birding binoculars are still the ZEN ED2 7x36 and Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42.
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    17 new binocular models for 2015

    RICOH does not resonate to me either for binoculars. Hopefully they keep the Pentax name :-O
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    The Ethereal Bino Book

    any chance publishing it as ebook?
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    Vortex viper HD or Zen ED3

    I had ZEN ED binoculars for several years. I have compared it to Viper HD last year. Both are fine binoculars. The resolution is quite similar. But ZEN ED really shines on the color aberration control. It is so good that I would even place it at the same league as some of the Alpha binos...
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    New McKinley first impressions

    Has anyone seen a 10x42 McKinley? May get myself a new pair to replace the my Monarch.
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    Which binoculars?

    those demo 7x36 ZEN ED2 seem to be a good deal. http://www.zen-ray.com/shop/demo/zened2-7x36.html
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    Zen-Ray Photo Contest

    Hm, you should teach the squirrel how to properly use its Zen-Ray binoculars.3:-)
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    Binoculars for extensive marine use

    I realized I didn't mention it is 7x36 ED2
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    Alpha Binoculars - Are they worth it ?

    Just noticed 80" SHARP LED TV is on sale for $2200. For the price of "alpha", I can buy an 80" TV and an almost alpha binoculars, still with some changes left in the pocket.