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    Is this just a Common Hawker?

    It appears to have a yellow costa (the leading vein of the wing) which I think is diagnostic of Common Hawker. Whixall Moss is a bog so the habitat is right too. Tim
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    The Wildfowl of Britain and Europe by M. A. Ogilvie (OUP 1983)

    I'm pretty sure there was a Birds of Prey one, but I don't think there were any others Tim
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    Book recommendation needed: best additional book to Collins bird guide for more in-depth information

    How about this: https://www.nhbs.com/publisher/aula?q=&dFR[publisher.name][0]=Aula%20Verlag&fR[doc_s][0]=false&fR[hide][0]=false&fR[live][0]=true&qtview=20565 This appears to be a condensed, updated version of the massive 23 volume Hanbuch Der Vogel Mittleuropas, which is still available...
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    Mammals of Madagascar, Lynx

    Be interesting to see how it compares with Nick Garbutt's Mammals of Madagascar: A complete guide, which is excellent, though probably a bit out of date. Tim
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    6 Species / SW Spain

    Here is a link to The Butterflies of the Iberian Peninsular (free download) which should prove useful: http://www.european-butterflies.org.uk/downloads/Butterflies%20of%20the%20Iberian%20Peninsula.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1HEwKc2c4pyryJe0ZaRJOYhrRSjkD3dkNwFsMxFVdmbSj8TcYtJlxw0zQ
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    Book for European insects?

    Thanks Paul for reminding me of this. I knew there was a photographic guide that was highly recommended, but don't have it myself. In the field in Europe I use the Mitchell Beazley pocket guide. It's out of print and probably very dated but has the advantage of genuinely fitting in a pocket. The...
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    Book for European insects?

    I'd second Andy's suggestion of Pemberley Books, and they are an excellent company to deal with.
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    Book for European insects?

    As Ficedula suggested may be better to start with those groups like Butterflies and Dragonflies that have excellent European field-guides that cover Eastern Europe, including Poland. Plus they have the advantage of being a reasonable size and easy to see. Tolman and Lewington: Collins Butterfly...
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    Paul, Your second paragraph is correct. The camera only reads what is going on internally. The TC is a bolted on extra with no electronics so the camera software doesn't read it. It's the same if you add a macro-lens. All the TC setting does is change where the zoom range starts, so you don't...
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    What's the best field guide for Ecuador?

    Actually Andy the European/American Ridgley books were in two parts: A Field Guide, and Status and Distribution guide, but the field guide was still a monster of a book. (And most people didn't buy the other volume) In Ecuador the Field Guide part was split into a plates volume and text volume...
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    What's the best field guide for Ecuador?

    I don't understand why Helm didn't do the same as the Ecuadorian publishers for the Ridgley & Greenfield Guide: Sell the field guide as a unit but with the plates and text bound separately. This can't cost a lot extra to do and makes the guide far more useful, as the bulky text can be left in...
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    Microscope advice

    I'm not Steve but this is the link: https://www.apexmicroscopes.co.uk/apexexaminer.html I bought one for my grandson and was so impressed I bought another for myself. Not sure how much it would cost to send to Portugal though. Tim
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    Butterfly species Noar Hill, Hampshire, UK

    It's a female Common Blue. Brown Argus doesn't have a blue body. Tim
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    Rodent ID please

    They look like young Brown Rats to me, just like my cat brings in. Tim
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    RFI Arnside Knott and Gait Barrows

    If you get the chance it is worth visiting Smardale Gill. Scotch Argus is thriving there. When I went a couple of years ago I saw 200+ Scotch Argus at Smardale but only half a dozen at Arnside Knot. This was the second week in August. There might be the odd really worn HB Frit but I'm not sure...
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    ID if possible mouse NEast London.

    If that's the tail in the photo it is missing the end: that's why it looks short. One way to tell is to catch it: If it bites and you bleed profusely it's Yellow-necked, if you only bleed a bit or not at all it's a Wood Mouse. Of course if you've caught it you could just look at it's chest and...
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    Mystery insect

    Thanks Andy. Because it was with dragonfly pictures I assumed it was a large insect, but it may well have been tiny: The guy who took it may well have been showing off the macro capabilities of his camera. Tim
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    Mystery insect

    I was sent this photo among some dragonfly pics to identify but it isn't a dragonfly. I've no idea what sort of insect it is. Can anyone identify it please. The photo was taken recently in central Scotland.
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    UK dragonfly & damselfly sightings 2020

    Willow Emerald is already on the wing in Beds. I photographed one on the 11th at Duck End N.R (Dave knows where that is). This is nearly a month earlier than the first one I saw last year. It's been cloudy and cool since then so I haven't had a chance to check other local sites where I know it...
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    Three...not so blind mice NE.London

    I'd go with adult Wood Mouse plus two youngsters. The vole is a Bank Vole: It's too russet in colour and its ears are too prominent for Field Vole. Tim
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    Corona virus threat to birding

    Another book worth reading while you're self-isolating is "Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic" by David Quammen
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    2019 Dragonfly Season

    Warren Heath-update On Saturday I visited this area. I parked on the A30 at SU783583 as the industrial area mentioned by Paul was a refuse/recycling site right next to a travellers site and I didn't fancy my car being recycled! From here a short path led through to the B3016 from where it was...
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    2019 Dragonfly Season

    Thanks Paul, Very helpful. Hoping to try over the bank holiday if the weather is ok. Just back from photographing Willow Emerald in Beds. (A county tick for me) Tim
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    2019 Dragonfly Season

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the suggestion. Looks near enough to be doable, but it's a vast area. Any tips on best areas? Cheers Tim
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    2019 Dragonfly Season

    Hi John, Just realised I misread your post. Supposed to be babysitting when I'm at Farnham. Can leave my wife with grandkids for a short while but can't push my luck too far. And no, they are NOT coming with me. Tried it once, never again! Tim