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  1. Fandango739

    SW Florida - long shot warbler

    These long distance photos were taken in February, 2014, at the Six Mile Slough. At the time I had thought it was a yellow-rumped, but now I've noticed an eye line. Possible worm-eating? Other? Many thanks!
  2. Fandango739

    Barred Owl Eating Leaves?

    I saw this Barred Owl today casually ripping fresh leaves off a sprig and for the world it looked like the owl was actually eating them! Has anyone else seen this behavior in owls? Is it common? Or maybe self-medicating? I've never heard of this before! There may have been insects on the...
  3. Fandango739

    Research Fundraiser for Raptors

    I apologize to the moderators if this is deemed inappropriate. These researchers propose to design an affordable GPS data logger that costs less than US$500 to increase effectiveness in measuring the success of CHE release and to foster more raptor ecology research in Indonesia. They have only...
  4. Fandango739

    SW Florida - young gulls

    Seen yesterday at Fort Myers Beach. There were about fifteen large(r) gulls, first or second year. Many seemed a tad (or more) bigger than the adult ring-bills, yet there were zero adult Herring gulls. The only large(r) adult gull was one Lesser Black-backed, who seemed to have no companions...
  5. Fandango739

    SW Florida - Duck...long shot

    Seen today at Lakes Park (brackish water) in Fort Myers. I know it's a long shot, but many thanks for any help!
  6. Fandango739

    SW Florida - warbler

    Seen today at Six Mile Cypress Slough. All the same bird. I would think Pine, but the light brow has me questioning, along with the yellow extending all the way down the belly. Thank you for helping!
  7. Fandango739

    Flycatcher: Ash-throated or Great-crested?

    The bird was seen today in North Cape Coral, Florida. An Ash-throated has been reported as seen in the area multiple times by a number of people lately, however Great-crested would be our norm. I don't want to report the wrong bird. Thanks!
  8. Fandango739

    SW Florida - mixed bag

    All birds seen within the last two weeks. 1) Red-tailed Hawk? Seen N. Cape Coral. 2) Spotted Sandpiper? Unfortunately this little bird was being very secretive. Seen in mangroves on Estero Bay. 3 & 4) I know this should be obvious, but I'm drawing a blank. The bird was all puffed up due to a...
  9. Fandango739

    SW Florida - long shots

    It was extremely overcast and the birds were at a distance. I seriously boosted the light level of the images, just to show any detail at all. The first three images are of members of a flock of six. The last photo was of a bird nearby that may or may not have been a flock member. Any help...
  10. Fandango739

    SW Florida - 2 small birds

    See today at Harns Marsh 1st bird - photos 1 & 2 2nd bird - photos 3, 4, & 5 Many thanks!
  11. Fandango739

    SW Florida - Merlin?

    Seen yesterday at the Estero Bay Preserve. Thank you!
  12. Fandango739

    SW Florida - thrasher?

    Seen today in the Estero Bay Preserve, very near a mangrove pond. I would say it might be a Brown Thrasher, but most of those hide when seen. This bird sat a number of minutes studying me. Also the black jaw line and speckles throw me off. If it is a thrasher, is maybe immature? I don't...
  13. Fandango739

    SW Florida - small piper-like inland flock

    Seen today at the edge of a cow pond, away from the coast. Many thanks!
  14. Fandango739

    SW Florida - Sparrow

    Seen today at Harns Marsh in the grass on the bank. This little bird caught my eye when it tried to run and hide (rather than short distance flight). Normally I would have thought it was a Savannah Sparrow, but the eye ring and buffy yellow has me hoping for a Grasshopper Sparrow. If it is a...
  15. Fandango739

    SW Florida - warbler

    Photos 1 & 2, same bird Photos 3, 4, & 5 I think are the same bird. All seen this morning in Cape Coral. Thank you!
  16. Fandango739

    SW Florida beach birds

    All seen on Fort Myers Beach today. Western Sandpiper & Dunlin? Thanks!
  17. Fandango739


    Seen today at Ding Darling, Sanibel Island, Florida. Bird #1 photos 1- 3. Bird #2 photos 4 & 5. Greater or Lesser? Thank you for your kind help!
  18. Fandango739

    SW Florida - imm. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    Seen today in Cape Coral. I just want to be sure, as the young ones can be confusing to me. Thanks!
  19. Fandango739

    Cape Coral, Florida - possible thrush type #2

    Seen yesterday near the fig tree, where many different birds were feeding. I have altered the photos by increasing the light level. Thanks for the help!
  20. Fandango739

    Cape Coral, Florida - percher #2

    Not a small bird. Seen in mangroves and mixed undergrowth. I first thought that this was a Cuckoo, but then noticed the short tail and pink legs. Thanks!
  21. Fandango739

    Cape Coral, Florida - percher

    Seen today with a gathering of mixed species feeding on or near the fruit of a fig tree. Near water, mangroves and other undergrowth. Thanks!
  22. Fandango739

    Cape Coral, Florida - warbler

    Seen today with a gathering of mixed species feeding on or near the fruit of a fig tree. Near water, mangroves and other undergrowth. Swainson's? Tennessee? Other? Many thanks!
  23. Fandango739

    SW Florida - warbler

    Seen today at Six Mile Slough. Remarkably uncolorful redstart? Possible dark black-throated blue? (The lighting was very high contrast.) Other? Thanks!
  24. Fandango739

    SW Florida - small shore birds (mud flat)

    Seen in Ding Darling on Sanibel Island. Sorry about the image quality. Same two birds in all photos. Thanks for giving them a look!
  25. Fandango739

    SW Florida - Gray Kingbird?

    Seen this morning. Thanks for the help!