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  1. scottishdude

    ID Australia

    I originally dismissed this as an Osprey but now looking at it again I have no idea. Anyone know? thanks in advance - Jamie
  2. scottishdude

    ID Uganda

    [A Can anyone identify these pair for me Thanks in advance Jamie
  3. scottishdude

    NW Costa Rica

    Hi I am off to Secret Papagayo in NW Costa Rica on the 17th of September. What’s the likelihood of me seeing Hummingbirds there or will I need to travel . If so how far ? Thanks in Advance Jamie
  4. scottishdude

    Bird ID Bow London

    A friend of mine was walking along Old Ford Road, Bow, London round about no's5-8 on the canal side and saw 3 bright yellow birds flying around about the size of a dove and dropping down to a feeder in the garden . Anyone have any ideas what they are ? Escaped may be ? Thanks Jamie
  5. scottishdude

    Levos 2013 Birdwatching and or Photography

    The beautiful isle of Lesvos is one of the best migratory routes for the spring, and host some beautiful breeding birds. I have included an extensive list below I will be there for 3 weeks form the 20/4 -11/5 and I am offering myself as a photographic and bird guide Bird watching 20/4/13 for a...
  6. scottishdude

    Great spotted woodpecker variant- China

    Looking through some shots I took in China a few years ago I found this shot which I first dismissed as a Great spotted woodpecker. However after close examination I noticed that it has only one black spot on its outer tail feathers and the black strip going from its moustache to the back of the...
  7. scottishdude

    Bird of prey

    This was Taken in Wales a few days ago, I think it might just be a leaucistic buzzard - any thoughts? thanks in advance
  8. scottishdude

    Bird ID south of France

    Friend saw this in the south of France - any ideas ?
  9. scottishdude

    Lesvos 2012 - place available

    I am going to Lesvos this year from 28th of April for two weeks and have room for up to 3 other people for a guided trip. Currently one other place has been taken, and another pending. so there is one possibly two spaces available but at least one. If you are interested in joining me I will...
  10. scottishdude

    Durian or Turkistan Shrike

    As these guys have been split now I am still not sure which are the definitive making especially on juveniles Anny ideas thanks in advance Jamie
  11. scottishdude

    Scintillant Hummingbird

    One I took earlier this year in Costa Rica
  12. scottishdude

    Whit-ringed flycatcher --Costa Rica

    Is this a white Ringed flycatcher Thanks in advance Jamie
  13. scottishdude

    Another Costa Rican flycatcher ID

    OK this is another which was flying near some Great Kiskadees at the coast of La Ensenada NW CR, but it had no rufous markings and the beak looked different. I originally thought it was a boat-billed but the bill looks too short then I thought about a social flycatcher but the bird looked too...
  14. scottishdude

    Costa Rican Flycatcher

    Can anyone ID this please ? I was thinking either Panama or Nutting's - I didn't see any rufous tinge on it, but the beak colour is throwing me too Thanks in advance Jamie
  15. scottishdude

    Possible Sooty Falcon Lesvos

    A friend of mine took this in Lesvos last week whilst we were there. Can anyone confirm its ID Thanks in advance
  16. scottishdude

    hummingbird from Cost Rica

    I initially thought this was a Green-breasted Mango Anthracothorax prevostii, but looking sat its median strip looks bluish to me which might make it Veraguan Mango Anthracothorax veraguensis what's your thought? thanks in advance ;-)
  17. scottishdude

    Herring or Vega- Panjin China

    Hey guys and gals This was taken at Red beach, Panjin China. I initially thought it was a herring gull, but has been pointed out to me that they are rarer there and is more likely to be a vega gull What's your thought Thanks in advance Jamie
  18. scottishdude

    Bird ID from Guilin China

    Hey guys/gals I think this might be a white-browed bush robin - female - Tarsiger indicus what's your thoughts??? thanks in advance Jamie
  19. scottishdude

    Panjin China - ID Please

    Hi There I got this near 'Red Beach' at Panjin in North China which is about 200km south of ShenYang yesterday - there were quite a number of migrants there I thought it might be a feamale Grey bushchat - Saxicola ferrea Any other thoughts welcome thanks in advance Jamie
  20. scottishdude

    Birding in ShenYang today

    Hi there everyone I am in ShenYang right now and will be for the next 12 days except from the 24th -29th where I am heaqding for Quilin for a scenic trip. Anyone know any good sites in Shenyang I could go to as myresearch hasn't been that good. I did go down to Red-Beach which turned up a few...
  21. scottishdude

    Tawny/Wahlberg's Eagle

    I took both these images in Gambia at the end of March and I posted one of them in the Forum Last night as a Tawny Eagle. However someone has PM'd me suggesting it might be a Wahlberg's Eagle! What's your thoughts? Thanks in advance;) Jamie
  22. scottishdude

    PiPit from Portugal

    This was taken in Portugal last May 08, is it an out of season meadow? or possibly a water pipit? Thanks in advance Jamie
  23. scottishdude

    The Northen long billed blue crested adobe grebe with chick!

    Couln't quite find this in my Collins bird guide so just thought I would check your advice! ok I know this is a serious forum, but just thought I give you a laugh cheers Jamie keep up the good work!
  24. scottishdude

    Female Ruepells warbler confirmation

    I took this in Lesvos 2007 and forgot I had it. Just to confirm it is a female Ruepells Warbler thanks in advance oops ok, I've attatched it this time ;-)
  25. scottishdude

    Motacilla flava superciliaris

    Am I right to asume this is Motacilla flava superciliaris thanks in advance Jamie