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  1. ThomasW

    Where have all the Sparrows gone? - UK

    I'm used to having lots of sparrows (& others) at my feeders but over the last few days they seem to have disappeared. They would come in droves several times each day but now I'm lucky to see 1 or 2 each day. Food is plentiful, as usual. The strange thing is they just don't seem to be...
  2. ThomasW

    Sparrowhawk - UK

    Am I correct in thinking this is a sparrowhawk? It appeared a few months back but nothing since, until yesterday, when it sat briefly on a neighbouring fence. Sorry the images aren't that good, but as soon as I tried to get closer off it went.
  3. ThomasW

    Feeder Visitor - UK

    This bird has visited a couple of times recently but this is the first chance I could get photos. It enjoys fat-ball suet & dried fruit pieces, & isn't skittish as it let me get to within about 5-6 ft before moving away. “Google Lens” did come up with a name but I’d be interested to know what...
  4. ThomasW

    Blue Tits Fledged

    Well, 20 days after all 9 successfully hatched the 2 survivors left the nest! Both parents worked immensely hard. It's not until the nest-box cam that I realised just how much work they put in. Of the 2 left there was clearly a dominant chick, it left first, followed 2½hrs later by the sibling...
  5. ThomasW

    Protective instinct

    Our Blue Tit has just hatched several chicks & is busy feeding them, as is the male. Sometimes both adults will pass food to the chicks but more often than not he passes it to the female who then does the feeding. As can be seen here, she's very protective and when he enters the nest box she...
  6. ThomasW

    Hatch success

    Just wondering, out of 9 how many would this Blue Tit usually hatch successfully. I'm not expecting a prediction, just a general percentage. Ta.
  7. ThomasW

    Blue Tit Nest

    It's now day 7 of her egg laying. Each day, around 6 am, activity begins and as soon as an egg is laid she covers it with material in the nest. Then a short time later she returns with more material to further bury the eggs. At first I wondered why she dug such a deep pit in the centre of the...
  8. ThomasW

    Bee or not to Bee

    I guess it's not surprising that insects find their way into nest boxes, but a bee is probably unwelcome. Certainly this blue tit thought so, when she returned yesterday evening. After sizing up the opposition she dealt with it in swift fashion.
  9. ThomasW

    It must be Easter

    Exactly 21 days after starting to build her nest this Blue Tit today presented us with her 1st (Easter) egg.
  10. ThomasW

    Would-be woodpecker

    Hi. Only 3 days ago a Blue Tit began nest building in our box & things are filling up nicely. One thing that is a little puzzling (to me at least) is that this female seems to think shes a woodpecker 3:-) As well bringing in nesting material she spends some time pecking away at the entrance...
  11. ThomasW


    For the past 5 weeks or so I've had a Blue Tit roosting quite happily in my nest box. I clean out the [email protected] (of which there's plenty) daily after he leaves but otherwise it's just empty. That doesn't appear to cause him any issues. I read that you can put dry leaves / wood shavings in as bedding...
  12. ThomasW

    Blue Tit

    Please excuse me if I've got this wrong but I could use an ID. For about 3 weeks I've had a Blue Tit in my nest box, comes just before in gets dark & leaves as it's getting light again. Up to now I've only been able to get black & white images but today it arrived back around 11 am so colour is...
  13. ThomasW

    Hi from South Ribble

    Joined only today & looking forward to learning :t: