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  1. Carpathian Ed

    Dawn Chorus in the Carpathian Mountains

    Following on from the suggestion to record Willow/Marsh Tits in order to discern the species via their call, I thought I'd record just how stunning the dawn chorus is in my garden. It goes on for hours and is almost deafening. The sheer number of species is incredible. As I often listen to...
  2. Carpathian Ed

    Bird Life In My Area (and the odd animal)

    Slovakia is a stunning place. I'm surprised you made it as far as Liptovsky Mikulas - major bear country! I live about another 3 hours drive East from there. This country has such a diverse range of environments, and a crazy biodiversity - bustards to the south and chamois to the north. One of...
  3. Carpathian Ed

    Bird Life In My Area (and the odd animal)

    Thanks for the reply. I wish they'd have shown more of the Willow Tit for comparison in that video rather than just talking about it and mostly showing the Marsh Tit. I'll try to film it as Spring is coming so they'll be doing mating rituals soon. Here's another photo of the bird showing its...
  4. Carpathian Ed

    Bird Life In My Area (and the odd animal)

    I identified the Willow Tit as such following these guidelines - https://www.birdguides.com/articles/identification/marsh-and-willow-tits/ (specifically, obvious pale panel on wing, more extensive white on cheek). You wouldn't imagine just how many birds we currently have hanging around the...
  5. Carpathian Ed

    Bird Life In My Area (and the odd animal)

    Last time I was in Bulgaria we were surrounded by insects bigger than birds - having stag beetles flying all about the place was a shock.
  6. Carpathian Ed

    Bird Life In My Area (and the odd animal)

    I hope you guys don't mind but I'd like to start a thread where I can document the various species I manage to photograph in my area (Carpathian Mountains, East Slovakia). If anybody ever travels this way to do a bit of birding, then maybe it will help them somewhat. Winter The birds/animals...
  7. Carpathian Ed

    Bird-feeding tips for a beginner + how to attract more birds?

    Hi Lee. If you're going for tits then put out crumbs rather than seeds. We're currently plagued by Great Tits and Blue Tits. Poor Robin has to fight his way to the food.
  8. Carpathian Ed

    FZ300 focus problems

    Thanks John. I've also learned that you have to be careful which 'expert' on youtube to listen to or not. I followed the instructions of one bloke and i should really have been paying attention to the quality of his own video... It's funny you mention something stationary. My wife always laughs...
  9. Carpathian Ed

    Just for Fun - Great Tit and Blue Tit in the snow in slow motion (video)

    Hi everyone I created this one today to show what some of our garden birds are doing in the harsh winter conditions (currently minus ten and deep snow). I'm keeping some of them fed on crumbs and it is interesting to see the pecking order between species. I can't believe how many Great Tits we...
  10. Carpathian Ed

    What are birds eating in the snow?

    It depends on the bird species. The tits like their thrown out crumbs while siskins, linnets and other finches seem to prefer seeds from standing dried plants (like siesel). Jays like our compost heap and dishwater throw out.
  11. Carpathian Ed

    FZ300 focus problems

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'm trying to learn to use it more manually, but I'm still confused about changing the F buttons... One thing I did pick up on the internet, which has resolved my issue a little bit, was that the FZ300 doesn't react well to certain types of UV filter. I...
  12. Carpathian Ed

    FZ300 focus problems

    Hi Henning. It's doing the same even with stationary objects. I'm using full automatic. And distance doesn't seem to matter - any use of zoom seems to mess up focus
  13. Carpathian Ed

    FZ300 focus problems

    Hi guys I finally splurged on a new camera as my old Canon SX412 was terrible at focusing. So I bought an FX300. Which is even worse at focusing. Using it for video I'm amazed at the quality, but when I use it for wildlife photography, every single photo turns out blurred. I've attached a...
  14. Carpathian Ed

    Birding in E Poland

    Hi Oliwier a couple of months ago I was up near Gdansk on Sobieszewo Island and got the chance to visit Mewia Lacha. Apart from millions of jellyfish and a few sandpipers and ducks there was nothing there. I wanted to visit the main reserve at Ptasi Raj but there were constant storms. I'm most...
  15. Carpathian Ed

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Crane migration'

    Thanks everyone. It was just another random event in my garden - I heard them long before I saw them. Shame my FZ300 couldn't zoom in closer but they were pretty high up.
  16. Carpathian Ed

    Cranes and Storks in flight

    Today I had a flock of cranes (Grus grus) pass over the house migrating south from Poland. All summer we've had storks (which left just before the stag rut began) and I discovered that there is little info online to help birders discern between the two species in flight, so I'm posting a few...
  17. Carpathian Ed

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'kingfisher'

    I'm extremely jealous of that photo! I saw one for the first time in years by the river the other day but he flew away too quickly for me to even begin to get a shot. Well done!
  18. Crane migration

    Crane migration

    Just had a load of cranes fly over head, heading south from the Polish border through NE Slovakia. The noise was incredible
  19. Carpathian Ed

    Fire Salamander

    We used to get these guys (along with slow worms) all the time in the garden but I hadn't seen one for several years until yesterday (I sometimes see them in the forest but not in the garden anymore). We've had two months now of daily hardcore rain, which is when they usually appear. This...
  20. Wet Raven

    Wet Raven

    Following a particularly heavy thunderstorm, this raven decided to sit and dry itself out. They're seriously loud birds.
  21. Carpathian Ed

    unknown owls, Slovakia

    really? thanks
  22. Carpathian Ed

    unknown owls, Slovakia

    Hi all My friend discovered these two owls perched in the tree in his garden in North Eastern Slovakia. Can anyone identify them? I don't recognise the species
  23. Carpathian Ed


    I might as well be using a potato... it's a Canon SX 412is. Only after buying it did i read all the comments online about how the autofocus is almost unusable. For my style of wildlife photography (basically quickly recording what I see whilst walking around rather than being stationary), I...
  24. Carpathian Ed


    Gerald, you win with that one! That's a one in a million shot. Plus they're in focus... Last time I saw bee eaters was in Israel almost 30 years ago
  25. Carpathian Ed

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Hoopoe'

    thanks everyone. the main reason I came to this forum was for others who could understand my excitement at birds like this. The average person would just think it's just another bird and wouldn't get why I was so happy to capture it