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  1. CharleyBird

    Rainton Meadows

    Thought this might be of interest to locals. My sister & I made a trip to Rainton on a lovely day for a walk. Took about two hours to cover the whole reserve. Highlights: Joe's pond has pot feeders on the path fence posts near the sluice gate, and we found bullfinches and reed bunting...
  2. CharleyBird

    Manfrotto 161Mk2 B on offer

    Thought this might be of interest to a few living in the UK. The Manfrotto 161Mk2B superpro is on offer at Wex Photo, with 25% discount using the code MANFROTTO25. Cost £351.75. Made for a studio/fixed location/astronomy it should work well with heavy binoculars or scope, having a geared...
  3. CharleyBird

    Swarovski 12x42 NL Pure and Leica 12x50 Ultravid+ comparisons

    Readers will have seen Roger Vine’s review here http://www.scopeviews.co.uk/Swaro12x42NLPure.htm and Holgar Mertlitz's comments here https://www.juelich-bonn.com/jForum/read.php?9,448229,448410 In January temptation won out. I found all three NL models stocked at Cambrian Photography Ltd...
  4. CharleyBird

    6x32 MG Black

    I just bought one, and noticed the website says now discontinued as of January 2021. Wondering, is there simply no market for 6x?
  5. CharleyBird

    8x32 roof with least glare

    What 8x32 has the most resistance to glare? Don't have to be the latest or premium, happy to consider anything from SF to FL, EDG, Kowa Cheers Andy
  6. CharleyBird

    Victory 8x56 T FL; different eyepiece armour?

    Curious as to these https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Used/Zeiss-8x56-T*-VICTORY-FL_290342.html which have three rings where the eyepieces adjust. They appear different to other images, e.g. https://binocular.ch/zeiss-victory-8x56-t-fl/ Were the 8x56 T FL produced in two types of armour, or upgraded...
  7. CharleyBird

    Very Rare Minox Leica

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-Rare-Minox-Leica-68-x-25-D-N-Brand-New-with-original-box-and-case/174489665855?hash=item28a065013f:g:S24AAOSw4hZfkYYn 68x25 Not the easiest of views from this hybrid-alpha 3:-)
  8. CharleyBird

    Duck ID help

    Highams Park lake, north London, this evening, 19 September 2020, we observed two identical ducks amongst the mallard, pochard, coots and moorhen: Dark brown bodies extending up the back of the neck and head; a white chest and front of the neck that extended a very small amount around the bill...
  9. CharleyBird

    Anyone used this dealer/website

    I'm interested in some of the products offered on this website: www.sale-telescopes.com/ which gives addresss in Singapore & Indonesia. Warning bells already sounding from reading the website, a search on google maps for the two addresses showed no signs of the business; and when something...
  10. CharleyBird


    Seemed the best place to post this interesting read: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/29/magazine/vesper-flights.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB
  11. CharleyBird

    Changes to 7x42 Traditional / Habicht Porro

    I've been reading through a few threads on these venerable porros, still in production after 71 years... https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=70007 https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=368746&highlight=habicht+7x42 https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=286547 ...and wondering...
  12. CharleyBird

    10x50/54 format

    There are ten people in the poll who prefer 10x50 format (let's assume that may include 10x54). I'm interested to know what brand of binocular and why you prefer them? And answers to this follow up question would be greatly appreciated: Has anyone compared Leica UV+ 10x50 / Swaro EL 10x50...
  13. CharleyBird

    Nocturnal waders

    So I'm looking at the stars tonight at 23.00, out the open window over the harbour near Alnwick in Northumberland and I hear birds calling close by. Bring my binoculars to bear on the waves lapping and am surprised to see maybe 10 birds feeding. Pretty sure they are turnstone. Is this usual...
  14. CharleyBird

    Bauble bins

  15. CharleyBird

    Fujinon 7-21x40

    Seen these for sale, appear to be in very good condition. Impressed by the views at both 7 and 21 for what must be 30-40 year old binoculars. Quite tunnel-like but clear and bright. Any information on or review of them would be very gratefully received What are they worth £150? £250? £350?
  16. CharleyBird

    8x56: BL v BV/BR v HG

    So Minox have three versions of 8x56 binoculars. Interesting and a tad confusing. It appears two versions are current, possibly not as good as the HG discontinued version which was far more expensive and presumably the best in some way? How do the three versions compare optically, and in use...
  17. CharleyBird

    Bird feeders at work

    Placed a few months ago, fat balls, peanuts, niger seed and a general mix. Yesterday we got a smallish woodpecker, excitement! There are trees and fishing lakes nearby but I've never heard the hammering. I thought for a short while it might be a Lesser spotted, but moving closer with my 10x44...
  18. CharleyBird

    Yellow wagtail...Canvey?

    So I spent a couple hours round the (obviously very popular dog walking) RSPB reserve at Canvey Wick. Plenty to see, Peregrine, curlew, oystercatcher, little egret, green woodpecker, whitethroat, swallows, long tailed/great/blue tit etc I went to see Yellow wagtail, and went to Saltholme the...
  19. CharleyBird

    Waskerley, County Durham, England

    So we visited the three reservoirs on the low fells driving the road Castleside to Stanhope. Saw young cormorant, oystercatcher, red grouse family, lapwing, skylark, sand martins I think, and could have been a common sandpiper on Waskerley And a complete mystery near Smiddy Shaw at a couple...
  20. CharleyBird

    Ultravid/Uvplus 10x32

    Could you tell me how you feel about yours please? Regards Andy
  21. CharleyBird

    Hoopoe at Fobbing

    Is it still around?
  22. CharleyBird

    Seal Sands and area to west of road

    First time for me, sister driving. Parked up and walked along road north to metal ‘hide’ and we were thrilled to see a male marsh harrier, hunting for maybe 5 minutes about 200yds to the west, slowly flying south, eventually mobbed by lapwings. At least 14 avocets on the lake east of the road...
  23. CharleyBird

    Long distance, static

    Anyone got big bins rather than a scope for static, long distance viewing? For example if you have a balcony window overlooking an estuary, the sea, or mountains, what binoculars with considerable power, let's say a minimum of 20x magnification on a tripod, do you use, or recommend? Thanks Andy
  24. CharleyBird

    UV 7x42 HD+ ; Winged eyecups, Case

    Anyone sourced winged eyecups that fit this model ? Or a sturdy leather case? Regards Andy
  25. CharleyBird

    Stanford Warren/Wharf

    Had a very pleasant early morning walk around the Mucking area so thought I'd share about this relatively quiet spot. Saw three dog walkers, one bird watcher, and one other walker. Parked up in Wharf Road and walked S to the Mucking Flats. Then W to the sluice bridge, N around the extensive...