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  1. Mark Batten

    DPP 4 problem

    Been using Canon's DPP 4 software for sometime without issue. When processing large RAW files to JPEG's DPP4 is compressing to very small files. Previously the JPEGs on conversion have been large JPEG files. Anybody know what is going on and how can go back to converting RAW files to decent size...
  2. Mark Batten

    Monopod advice please

    Looking to mount a Canon 500 f4 Mark 2 on a Gitzo monopod. The lens will have a P40 Wimberley plate attached as usually mounted on a gimbal head. Can anybody suggest a decent tilt head which would take the P40 plate and provide a stable base for the lens. Ta
  3. Mark Batten

    Getting Rare Bird News in Isolated Locations

    Last Sunday myself and two other birders were dipping the Royal Tern on the Pembrokeshire coast. We left the site around lunchtime having wasted yet another day missing a bird which was certainly going to resurface days later - in this case on the Isles of Scilly. In our crew, various means of...
  4. Mark Batten

    F Stop Camera Bags.

    Anybody have experiences of F stop camera bags. Transport a 500 f4, two pro bodies, 1.4 extender and a 100 macro advice. There appears to be no UK dealers so it is difficult to try the product out first. Any advice would be welcome:-)
  5. Mark Batten

    Canon & Mark 2 problem

    Anybody have any ideas on this. 7d 2 with Grip. One battery Canon - the other third party. Using on a 500 f4 (Mark 1) with 1.4 Tele (Mark 3). intermittent fault of power failing and auto focus not working. Appears to work fine on other canon lens ie 17-40 and 100 Macro. No problems when using...
  6. Mark Batten

    Canon 7d Mark 2 advice please

    Have just purchased a 7D Mark 2 as a second body. Familiar with Menu's of 1d Mark 4. Have managed to sort out settings for ISO, A1 Serco but the 7d Mark 2 menu is a more complicated than first thought. Any advice on settings for bird photography. Main lens is a 500 f4 version . Ta
  7. Mark Batten

    Should IS be switched on when mounted on a tripod

    Appears to be differing advice on this? What is custom and practice?
  8. Mark Batten

    New 200 - 500 5.6 lens

    Although a Canon user, this new lens from the opposition could be interesting http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/nikon-set-to-unleash-af-s-nikkor-200-500mm-f5-6e-ed-vr-lens-58037 Anybody know much about it.
  9. Mark Batten

    Chris Packham resigns from Hawk trust.

    https://twitter.com/chrisgpackham/status/564002203346939904 Could not see this elsewhere, so apologises if a duplicate. Would suggest this is the birding story of the week and linked to Hen Harrier policy. Well done Chris.
  10. Mark Batten

    Safety Plates. Gitzo tripods.

    Anybody have any experience of safety plates for Gitzo Tripods? Currently using a large systematic with a Wimberley Mark 2.
  11. Mark Batten

    Sensor cleaning.

    What are people's thoughts on the above? My canon 7d has provided good service but is 3 years old. Sensor never been cleaned. Results still ok. Advice off net is that sensor should be cleaned every 6 months. If the camera is still giving decent results does the sensor need cleaning?
  12. Mark Batten

    oriel stringer books

    Anybody know about this company. Just picked up a title "the merlin" by wm trobe from a charity shop for three pounds. I did think oriel stringer was a norfolk based seawatcher..although maybe i am wrong;)
  13. Mark Batten

    Uk Wildlife Trust find new species of Rabbit

    Found this one really interesting if not rather sad..http://ofpiesandbirds.blogspot.co.uk/ I am sure that the badger photo could be a springwatch favourite;) Is this possibly the worst ever miss id of a well known wildlife species?