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  1. Nikon Kid

    Opticron Verano BGA HD & Nikon Monarch 7 where to tryout

    I live near Peterborough and want to tryout these two Bins Opticron Verano BGA HD & Nikon Monarch 7 I have found Infocus for the Opticron in Titchwell can anyone help for the Nikon I am updating my 7 year old Nikon Monarch BTW 8x42 would be the size
  2. Nikon Kid

    Nikon Monarch 8x42 6.3% upgrading

    Nikon Monarch 8x42 6.3% they are about 6 years old..... What would be a good upgrade at a reasonable price any make
  3. Nikon Kid

    Bittern Woodwalton Fen

    Anyone seen the Bittern's in Woodwalton Fen if yes when and where Thanks
  4. Nikon Kid

    Gibraltar in October

    Going with the wife for a short break in Gib, only taking Bins with me, what and where can I do any reasonable bird watching.
  5. Nikon Kid

    1st Fieldfare in the Garden this year

    The Fieldfare came to-day, always in the Snow, to eat the neighbors hedge Berry's, 1st this year
  6. Nikon Kid

    My Nikon Monarch 8x42 rubber eye cap

    My Nikon Monarch 8x42 rubber eye cap twist and pull out, have worn badly and one of the rubber caps keeps falling off, can anyone give me the UK address for repair plus telephone number, hope they will repair FOC under their guarantee ?
  7. Nikon Kid

    Red Admirals by the Dozen

    We have a rather large Ivy climber and to-day there was over 30 Red Admirals feeding off the small Ivy flowers, they come every year.
  8. Nikon Kid

    ID Which Chaser

    Sold all my books ID Please. maybe a old scarce chaser
  9. Nikon Kid

    Something Sinister is eating my Starling

    Over the last few weeks I have had Starlings setting up a nest in my loft, they have been working hard building the nest, but early this morning I heard a big disturbance in the loft, so this afternoon I went up to investigate, to my surprise I found a Starling in the middle of the loft dead...
  10. Nikon Kid

    Panasonic DMC TZ20EB-K best price

    I am looking to buy the Panasonic DMC TZ20EB-K for my coming holidays, I like everything this camera has GPS touchscreen zoom in movie mode panorama assist 16 times zoom 21 in digital zoom I looked at it in J Lewis nice compact camera for the pocket, but their price £330, best price I have found...
  11. Nikon Kid

    BBC 2 Natural World 8pm to-night Butterflies

    BBC 2 Natural World 8pm to-night Butterflies, don't miss it Amazing.
  12. Nikon Kid

    Starlings and Goldfinch

    Around my area I always seem to see Starlings and nearly always late afternoon Goldfinch are flying with them, cant say I have seen other birds that fly with them, is this the norm.....
  13. Nikon Kid

    New Bird to the Garden

    I had a lovely surprise to-day and so did the Sparrows, I had a nice Male Sparrowhawk seat on the top of a Trellis wall in all his splendour, looking for lunch, but the sparrows moved very quickly to avoid him. I hope he comes back, so I can use the camera on him.
  14. Nikon Kid

    ID Gull UK

    Is this a first year GBBG or a LBBG taken at Seahouses Harbour
  15. Nikon Kid

    ID 2 Flowers

    Cannot find the 1st flower in the book, but the 2nd looks like Marsh Woundwort
  16. Nikon Kid

    ID Berries

    ID these fruit berries please
  17. Nikon Kid

    ID Moth Cambs UK

    ID Moth Cambs UK, there's so many moths in the book that looks like this, so need some help please
  18. Nikon Kid

    AP Elements 6 view side by side

    Is there anyway of viewing side by side two different image files in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
  19. Nikon Kid

    Nikon Launches 4 new lens

    Nikon Launches 4 new lens 85mm f1.4 24-120mm f4 28-300mm f3.5-5.36 55-300mm f3.5-5.36 Do you think Canon will also launch some new lens ?
  20. Nikon Kid

    Woodwalton Fen Bearded Tits

    Has anyone ever seen at Woodwalton Fen Bearded Tits
  21. Nikon Kid

    ID Confirm Nettle-leaved Bellflower

    ID Confirm Nettle-leaved Bellflower, thanks
  22. Nikon Kid

    ID this Plant please

    I cannot find this plant in my books, can you ID it for me, Cambs
  23. Nikon Kid

    Correct name for this white shell snail

    Correct name for this white shell snail, thanks
  24. Nikon Kid

    Confirm ID Face Fly

    Confirm ID Face Fly, Musca autumnalis, cheers
  25. Nikon Kid

    Lack of Hoverflies

    Is is just me, but there seems to be less Hoverflies around this year, in the Cambs area.