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  1. Arbu

    Do you agree that the M6 EOS Mirrorless is better than the R?

    I need a new Canon body, and clearly mirrorless is now the way to go. I was going to get the R, but came across the M6 EOS which this article suggests is better. Do people here agree? Bird photography is important to me and I have an EF 100-400mm lens which, if I understand correctly, can be...
  2. Arbu

    What happened to Tockus pallidirostris?

    I went to the Pays Dogon in Mali in 2004 where, equipped with the Collins Illustrated Checklist to the Birds of Western & Central Africa, I recorded the Pale-billed Hornbill (Tockus pallidirostris), within the range indicated in the book. Now, other than in this book, I can find no reference to...
  3. Arbu

    Tern in Antarctic

    18th Jan 2009, Antarctic Peninsula. From the white forehead, do I take it that this is an Arctic Tern in non-breeding plumage?
  4. Arbu

    Audubon Christmas Bird Count - Mexico?

    I'm toying with the idea of a trip to include some of the Audubon Christmas Bird Counts this winter in Latin America. Here's a map of them https://audubon.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=ac275eeb01434cedb1c5dcd0fd3fc7b4 Obviously, Covid. But Mexico seems to be letting people in and...
  5. Arbu

    Fish List

    Does anyone here keep a fish list, like a bird list? So far as I know there's no equivalent to ebird that you can use. I guess you have to be a scuba diver for the list to be of any length, but I'd be interested if people have any thoughts.
  6. Arbu

    Songs that mention species of bird

    I must be bored, but I thought I'd start a list: 1. Fleetwood Mac "Just like the White-winged Dove". 2. The Police, King of Pain "There's a Black-winged Gull". What is that? 3. The Beatles, "Blackbird". Any more? I don't think that a song that just references a generic "bird" counts as there...
  7. Arbu

    Sarek, Sweden

    I went for a hike from Suorva down the Rapadalen Valley to Aktse and then along the Kungsleden to Kvikkjokk from 6-20 September. I expected most birds to have gone south for winter by now, but in fact there was still quite a lot around. Photos of some here...
  8. Arbu

    Lapland Ducks

    Any thoughts on the ID of these ducks seen in Lapland just outside the Sarek National Park on 7th September at about 800m asl? Duck 1 is 2/3 the way along the wide picture at the top. It shows a lot of white on the wing. Could it be a Velvet Scoter? Duck 2 is side on near the left of the wide...
  9. Arbu

    How to see Lesser White-fronted Goose

    I'm considering a trip to go hiking in Sarek National Park in September and would quite like to add on an excursion to see Lesser White-fronted Goose. Maybe they will have migrated from their breeding grounds by September, but is there somewhere, maybe further south where I could look for them...
  10. Arbu

    What antelopes live in Mt. Cameroon?

    On 12th March 2014 I saw a beautiful antelope on Mt. Cameroon, it was climbing up out of a crater lake in the forest at about 1650m. Gone too quickly for a photo unfortunately. Big and a rich orange-brown colour with pronounced white stripes. At the time I took it to be a Bongo, but I can't find...
  11. Arbu

    Three new London ticks

    I've seen my first ever London nightingale, red kite and pheasant today. This lockdown is doing great things for my London list (which now stands at 109) because I keep going out on my bicycle. I've added oystercatcher, sand martin and sky lark over the previous weeks.
  12. Arbu

    Darwin's Finch

    Very small bill, lots of streaking on the breast. Small Ground Finch? Highlands of Isla Sta. Cruz
  13. Arbu


    Big flock of waders (100 say) on mudflats at Cloghane, County Kerry, Ireland on 25th August 2008. They were rather distant, but the bills looked about right for Whimbrel. Surprised to see such a big flock though it that's what they were. Any thoughts? Attached photo is pretty poor. Edit, sorry...
  14. Arbu

    Clark's Grebe

    Is this a Clark's Grebe? The first photo looks good to me, with a lot of white on the flank and a bit of white in front of the eye. But the second photo, of the same bird, taken just a second earlier, seems to show the eye in the dark mask. It might be light I suppose. Taken at Point Reyes...
  15. Arbu

    Shrikes in California

    I went to the Cottonwood Road near Oroville in California to look for the Northern Shrike which is wintering there, and came back with photos of two birds (attached). Both of them seem to have broad eye masks and don't look like the photos of the Northern Shrike which are on ebird...
  16. Arbu

    Tromso in late March

    Would Tromso be any good for birding in late March? Steller's and King Eider would be great to see if they are around, although I fear it may be necessary to go still further north. Flights with WizzAir from London Luton are only about £50, which is why I am tempted. Thanks.
  17. Arbu

    Cranes and Skiing Hokkaido/South Korea

    I'm rather taken by the idea of spending a couple of weeks in either South Korea or Hokkaido to see the wintering cranes and other birds, and do a few days' skiing as well. I suppose Hokkaido would also have the Fishing Owl, Sea Eagles and pelagic birds while in South Korea you could also try...
  18. Arbu

    Western Ghats New Year

    I'm thinking of making a trip to the Western Ghats of India in the first two weeks of the New Year, to focus on the endemics, probably flying in and out of Kochi. It should be reasonably cheap. Anyone interested in joining me, get in touch. Apparently New Year's Eve in Kochi is very big, so...
  19. Arbu

    Latvia and Lithuania mid October

    I'm flying to Vilnius on 17th Oct, then taking a tourist bus to Riga on 20th Oct, not yet decided when I'll fly home. Birding will probably be secondary but I see from ebird that Pygmy Owl and Middle-spotted Woodpecker have both been seen recently in Belmontas at Vilnius, so I'll probably go...
  20. Arbu

    Catonephele numilia in London

    I found a Grecian Shoemaker butterfly on my front door in Primrose Hill, London. Escaped from London Zoo do you think? Or a stowaway in someone's luggage?
  21. Arbu

    Eyecups coming off binoculars

    I have two pairs of binoculars, one made by Olympus, and another by an American company called Weaver, and both have this system of eyecups that can be screwed up and down. On both of them the eyecups have come off. I can put them back but they soon fall off again. I've seen other birders'...
  22. Arbu

    Flowers from Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala

    Anyone know what these are?
  23. Arbu

    ID help please from Lapland

    Three plants from Lapland, photographed about two weeks ago near Kebnekaise Fjallstation, for which I'd be grateful if someone could give me IDs. Thanks
  24. Arbu

    Kebnekaise Area N. Sweden June 2019

    I flew up to Kiruna recently for a bit of birding and hiking. I had planned to hike from Nikkualokta to Abisko via the Kungsleden but in the end decided to stay in the more mountainous area around Kebnekaise and return to Nikkualokta. I didn't see anything new for me but still was quite pleased...
  25. Arbu

    Snowy Owl Pellets?

    Northern Sweden last week. I can't really think what else they might be. They are about 7-8cm long.