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  1. JPAC

    Plant ID please

  2. JPAC

    Plant ID please

    Can anyone ID this plant please. Taken this week on the coast, of the Humber using a Xiaomi 10T Pro macro phone. Thanks
  3. JPAC

    Comment by 'JPAC' in media 'pigeons.jpg'

    Thanks all. Not bad for a cellphone.
  4. pigeons.jpg


    Flock of flying pigeons.
  5. JPAC

    Comment by 'JPAC' in media 'emden-xmas.jpg'

    Merry Christmas from the Emdens
  6. emden-xmas.jpg


    Merry Christmas from the Emdens
  7. JPAC

    Nikon D850

    These guys are usually first to announce. https://www.watch.impress.co.jp/ You need to know Japanese or use google translate. ;)
  8. JPAC

    Nikon D850

    Today's news of 'Japanese shares soar to 29-year high' and recent political events could encourage Nikon to make new products. Maybe also, some of the new mobile phone tech will find it's way into DSLR sensors. Those low light sensors are amazing. What ever did happen to the 600mm PF? Probably...
  9. JPAC

    Nikon D850

    Nikon D850 Camera Body price dropped 10% in the UK, maybe something new on the way?
  10. JPAC

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Walk like an Egyptian'

    Thanks all. 'Walk like an Egyptian was a pop hit way back by the Bangles'. There's a lake near Coningsby, Lincs that has many, but this is the only one here at the moment. Quite aggressive. Using a OnePlus Nord mobile phone for this shot, not too bad IMO.
  11. JPAC

    Bird feed stock up before lock down UK

    Bird feed stock up before lock down UK. A lot of places will be closed from Thursday for a month. Just so you know. :eat:
  12. Walk like an Egyptian

    Walk like an Egyptian

    On one leg?
  13. JPAC

    Birds fighting today

    All calm again today. Weird.
  14. JPAC

    Birds fighting today

    It could've been overcrowding, lots of new arrivals. Swan numbers went from ~5 to 25 in a few days. The pair of emden geese both attacked the same swan at the same time, pushed him back into the lake. See what happens today.
  15. JPAC

    Birds fighting today

    Why were the birds fighting each other today? Swan against swan, geese against swan, goose against greylag, greylag against goose. Feathers flying all over.
  16. JPAC

    Non photo question

    Thanks, it would make sense.
  17. JPAC

    Non photo question

    Do yellow mallard ducklings turn into white ducks?
  18. JPAC


    Nikkon:UK, Neekon:Japan, Nyekon:US Mono means stuff or things in Japanese.
  19. JPAC

    Nikon FF (and DX) Mirrorless rumours/ announcements

    D800, D810, D850 and D880, who thinks of these numbers?
  20. JPAC

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Chillax'

    Resting after everyone was throwing big chunks of white bread, full tum.
  21. Chillax


    Snoozing on the lake.
  22. JPAC

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Common Kingfisher'

    Excellent photo!
  23. JPAC

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Turbo powered'

    Yep, when he gets too far from his mum, he lifts himself out of the water to get back quickly.
  24. Turbo powered

    Turbo powered

    He's really moving now.
  25. JPAC

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Life's an adventure'

    Thanks all, a star of the lake, everyone's talking about.