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  1. Maffong

    Wood Sandpiper W AK USA

    Will you upload your sightings to ebird? Any other Asian vagrants or high Arctic goodies around? I wasn't aware that any tours had already arrived to Gambell this year. Are you a local?
  2. Maffong

    Little Swift? N.East London

    Here's a picture that shows a Little Swift in an almost identical angle. The tail shape differs considerably from your bird. https://www.birdingplaces.eu/files/medium/Little%20Swift%20Klaas%20de%20Jong.jpg
  3. Maffong

    Little Swift? N.East London

    I feel like this thread is somewhat confusing to understand. It would be better if you deleted the picture of the Common Swift or at least made it very obvious that it's only supposed to be used for comparison. I find the picture in question intriguing, but don't feel confident commenting...
  4. Maffong

    Grey Whale, Italy

    I'm not sure if I'm confusing things here, but didn't that Sealion come from Hagenbeck's Tierpark in Hamburg?
  5. Maffong

    AOS community forum on English Bird Names

    I think I've said this a few times already, but I don't think that eponyms were ever a good idea in the first place. I still don't know where I saw Cory's and Scopoli's Shearwater even though I've seen them both now. I have no idea who either of these people were nor why they have these birds...
  6. Maffong

    Latest IOC diary updates

    I really like Atlas Wheatear, certainly much more descriptive than Seebohm's or Black-throated
  7. Maffong

    Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose Identification

    The link should lead you to five pictures that were taken on 23rd of September near Lübeck in northern Germany. Tundra Bean Goose is by far the more prevalent species and most of the birds present (about 150) were without a doubt Tundra. Among them was a family of seven (circled in the attached...
  8. Maffong

    Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose Identification

    Thanks for the article, I'm sure I'll refer to it from time to time. May I ask your opinion on what you believe these birds are: https://www.ornitho.de/index.php?m_id=54&backlink=skip&mid=620893
  9. Maffong

    Scariest birding moments

    Getting lost for four hours in the Ecuadorian jungle after following a small ant swarm resulted in pretty good birds, but was quite frightening. Luckily, I refound a trail just 50m next to where I was standing. Also coming within some 2-3 meters of a noisy Boar in the middle of the night while...
  10. Maffong

    Fantasy Birding?

    I think you can find him under @BirdingFantasy
  11. Maffong

    Fantasy Birding?

    Which games are you participating in? One thing I have learned is to ALWAYS prioritize the rarities
  12. Maffong

    Fantasy Birding?

    You should definitely join either the Facebook group or follow Matt Smith on Twitter to stay in the loop. I did pretty good this year, ( probably) winning the UK and Ecuador games, getting second and third in the South American and WP game and landing fifth or sixth in the Budget game, without...
  13. Maffong

    Latest IOC diary updates

    The fact that you can still comment on each and every thread and give us your opinion clearly shows that you still have ALL the freedom of speech you want. The fact that you can't handle criticism to your viewpoint does not change that! And even though our opinions may differ, believe me that I...
  14. Maffong

    Fish List

    I used to be an angler and a diver and have a fish list exceeding 500 species, I guess as I used to dive Egypt and the Maldives. There are certainly a few people out there who know their fish (Helmut Debelius is a famous underwater photographer who's written dozens of field guides), but most...
  15. Maffong

    Lynx Edicions - What Next ?

    Anyway Lynx has recently commented (I think on Instagram) that no such encyclopedias are planned at the moment. I guess they'll stick to field guides for a while
  16. Maffong

    Birding strategies...?

    I agree with all that has been mentioned before, especially getting to know the regular species. Phylloscopus warblers are definitely found best through their calls, some of which are really characteristic, especially Yellow-browed Warbler, which is super-easy to remember I think. Calls can also...
  17. Maffong

    List of German vernacular names

    You've got me confused there ;)
  18. Maffong

    List of German vernacular names

    After just a quick scan I found Eremomela, Prinie, Salangane, Hyliota, Siva and Schama which have no meaning in German. Olive Warbler is basically called deceptive (fake?) warbler
  19. Maffong

    List of German vernacular names

    I'm not a big fan of the new German list. They somehow managed to include even more eponyms than the English and butchered well-established and perfectly fine names like Großer Brachvogel, Ziegenmelker and Katzenvogel without giving appropriate explanations
  20. Maffong

    Ecuador and the Galapagos, Jan 2020

    I'm reading your report with great interest too. Ecuador is where I became hooked with birding and I had to learn about all those Neotropical species by myself too. Your report reminds me of my time there and I can't wait for the day I can finally return, now with much greater knowledge about...
  21. Maffong

    Short-toed snake eagle? - Belgium

    Agreed. Flight shots show a Buzzard, sitting bird looks good for STE
  22. Maffong

    IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist"

    My point wasn't that I don't care about the English names and their history behind them. I can very much understand your points as some German committee recently decided to change several bird names without anyone ever asking for it and coming up with some horrible names instead. My point was...
  23. Maffong

    IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist"

    Funnily enough, every time this (pretty nonsensical) "debate" arises here (almost daily it seems) I feel reminded of Monty Python and the Judean People's Front
  24. Maffong

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2019

    Besides the name honouring a slave trader (is it really so difficult to understand that this is deeply offensive to many? You wouldn't object to a name change if it was Hitler's or Mussolini's Longspur, would you?) I will ALWAYS favour non-honorific bird names. Even though I have already seen...
  25. Maffong

    Fish ID, N Germany

    Have you ever taken a picture of something that's in water? The picture above is about as good as it gets, the slightest breeze and you'll get all kinds of curvatures. The fish are definitely roach, probably the most common species of fish in Germany and possibly Europe. The fins of Rudd are...