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  1. Kevin Conville

    ID Please

    Can someone ID this (Sparrow?) Taken at 7200' in the Eastern Sierra Nevada (California) in late June. Habitat: Sage and mixed woodland of pine, juniper, and aspen.
  2. Kevin Conville

    First half of 2019

    The first half of 2019 found me buying and trying some new optics, which I’m usually not inclined to do much as I’m not a “grass is always greener” kind of guy and I have pretty good stuff. I am not, alas, immune to the bino bug and visiting these pages doesn’t improve my chances of not...
  3. Kevin Conville

    Digiscoping with an 883 and the 25-60 zoom

    I'm wondering about how well the 25-60 (TE-11WC) performs for digiscoping. If you're doing it, how? With what adapter and what camera and what zoom setting? Have you compared the zoom with a fixed FL eyepiece? Thanks in advance.
  4. Kevin Conville

    Monarch 8x30 HG Review

    After several weeks of procrastination I find myself in front of the computer on a rainy night with a glass of Balvene 14yr Caribbean Cask ready to compile a review. I have been intrigued by both the Swaro CL and Nikon's HG in 8x30 flavors lately as the Bino bug is never really gone and with my...
  5. Kevin Conville

    iPhone XR

    I built a simple bracket out of 1/2" plywood and the Nikon attachment for DS EPs. This was taken through a Nikon ED82 w/ 30x DS eyepiece. Sharp Shinned Hawk.
  6. Kevin Conville

    Building a Better Binocular Mount

    Henning Hauksen and I have been exchanging designs and ideas over in the Swarovski sub forum under the title "Swarovski Universal tripod adapter review" https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=361138. A few of us have concluded that the Swarovski mount, and pretty much all others, leave...
  7. Kevin Conville

    Monarch 16x56 review

    The following is my take on the Monarch 16x56. I’ve spent the better part of two days using these under varying conditions alongside two other 16x optics, a Nikon ED50 spotting scope w/ 16x DS eyepiece, and Fujinon 16x70 FMT-SX Binoculars I bought the Monarchs as I've been wanting a center...
  8. Kevin Conville

    A Love Letter for Leica

    My bins came back from Leica today after 9 weeks. I sent them in for warranty work as the shroud that covers the hinge somehow cracked. Leica must have sent them off to Germany for how long it took but all's well in the end. All the lusting after other bins I've experienced since I sent them...
  9. Kevin Conville

    10x42 Trinovid HDs

    My 8x32 Trinovid BNs are at Leica getting repaired. As of today they have estimated it'll be 7-9 weeks. Since I don't have any other bins currently that I can stand using, I'm thinking of buying another pair of bins to get me through the winter birding season here is SoCal. So, I'm strongly...
  10. Kevin Conville

    8x32 BN

    It was a perfect spring day in Santa Monica Mountains (SoCal) today and I was birding and taking a few pics. I found myself thinking how happy and satisfied I am not chasing the "ultimate binocular" and that I realized what I had while I still had it. That doesn't always happen. For me the 8x32...
  11. Kevin Conville

    Sparrow help please

    I can't ID this sparrow. Anyone?
  12. Kevin Conville

    Arca Swiss Primer

    The subject comes up now and then as to how to keep spotting scopes from loosening from either a tripod head platform or from a plate that attaches to a tripod head. The ED50 cannot tolerate the brute force method as it will eventually damage the insert in the foot. Larger scopes have enough...
  13. Kevin Conville

    Scott's Poisoning Birds, for years!

    Please read, you'll be shocked http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/grrlscientist/2012/mar/21/2?INTCMP=SRCH
  14. Kevin Conville

    Not so Trinnie

    Excited to hear of the "new" Trinovids, I had me a look. hmm... they look a lot like Uvids. The strap boss looks Trinovid, and uh, that's about it. They really are Ultravids (non HD), re-badged. Too bad too as they (Leica) don't seem to understand what's at the core of love for the brick. It's...
  15. Kevin Conville


    This was taken yesterday, Aug. 8, in southern California. It doesn't quite match up with any warblers in my Sibley's and the bill and tail coloration lead me away from finches. Time for the experts! Thanks.
  16. Kevin Conville

    Canon 400 f5.6 as a walk-around lens?

    Well maybe not quite but with the added high ISO performance I'm getting from my new 7D, it's not bad. This was taken in my back yard this morning handheld at ISO 800, wide open at f5.6, no noise reduction, shot RAW. The camera is new to me and after adjusting the MFA for the 400, the combo is...
  17. Kevin Conville

    The Venerable ED50

    I haven't done much birding, or bird photography, the last couple of months as summer's not the best around here and I've been busy with a new job. Today I had to drive a bit and my rounds were to take me through my favorite birding area, the Santa Monica Mountains. Without much planning, I...
  18. Kevin Conville

    8x30 EII Impressions

    All the buzz around here lately has piqued my interest to the point when new 8x30 EIIs came up on *b*y, I bit. Though I've never used an EII before buying them, I have used SEs and admired them but the kidney beaning was a deal breaker , for me. I sort of goofed off yesterday and did quite a...
  19. Kevin Conville

    Late to the Party

    Late to the Party, 7x36 ED2 impressions I'm one of the few (seemingly) that frequent this forum who have not already used the Zen Ray 7x36 ED2s. That changed today. My brother dropped off his pair of these for the day to let me check them out. I currently don't own a late version pair of...
  20. Kevin Conville


    There are a few trends in the bino world that I'm not embracing fully. 1. Hard shell cases. I don't see the point of a case that is the same size whether is contains something, or not. Roof prism bins aren't hot house flowers so why the hard luggage? I suspect they are also more prone to...
  21. Kevin Conville

    Auto Focus, and Why?

    I've been using an old Canon S70 to digiscope through a homemade adapter on a Nikon ED82 and 30x DS EP and it works pretty good, in good light. In an attempt to improve low light performance I recently bought and subsequently returned a Canon S90. It wasn't much of an improvement for me over the...
  22. Kevin Conville

    Nikon SLR adapters

    I acquired a Nikon SLR adapter with a used Fieldscope I bought and am looking for some clarification. The one I have is the one on the left and if I'm understanding correctly works like the newer DSLR version except the camera exposure must be set manually. Apparently the newer DSLR version...
  23. Kevin Conville

    Water, for Birds

    Here's a short but interesting article on using water to attract birds: http://www.naturescapes.net/docs/index.php/category-photographic-technique/41-photographic-technique/374-alan-murphy
  24. Kevin Conville

    Hummingbird, SoCal

    Flawed by the shadow as a photo, I'm not sure just what hummer I have here. Shot today in Ventura County, Southern California. Thanks.
  25. Kevin Conville

    ED 50, Superstar

    I was out today with Conejo Valley Audubon, my chapter, and we went to Mugu Lagoon and Sycamore Canyon here on the central California coast. There was an unusually large turnout of maybe 25 of us as we perused the wetlands for various Avocets, Curlews, Herons, Egrets, Pelicans and so on. There...