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  1. Maffong

    RFI: Wheatear population in your country

    Hello to all, for the introduction of my master's thesis I try to gather the most recent data about breeding Northern Wheatears in Europe (and elsewhere if available). Currently I have found the following numbers and would be very glad if you could point me to more robust, more recent or missing...
  2. Maffong

    New official Checklist of the birds of Germany sparks debate

    A few days ago the new "official" Checklist of the birds of Germany was published. Barthel PH & Krüger T 2018: Checklist of the birds of Germany. Vogelwarte 56: 171-203 I can be found here However this list has sparked some controversy and there's many things that should be discussed, even...
  3. Maffong

    What taxonomic authority do your country's authorities follow?

    Hello, the portuguese rarities commitee has recently adopted IOC as their taxonomic authority and while pondering whether the german authorities should also consider such a thing, I wondered what authorities are being followed by other countries. The German rarities committee (Deutsche...
  4. Maffong

    Handbook of Western Palearctic birds

    It seems like the waiting is finally over. The Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds, Volume 1 is about to be published in July and can now be pre-ordered. I'm somewhat surprised about the content of volume 1. Why doesn't it start with non-passerines like all other checklists and books and why...
  5. Maffong

    Cinereous-like Great Tit

    Today I saw noticed a pair of Great Tits along the roadside that looked different from most other Great Tits. They were much greyer with both the yellow belly and the green back colored much duller. They actually reminded me of Cinereous Tits, so I quickly drove home, got my camera and returned...
  6. Maffong

    Holy Grails of birding - 'Lost species'

    After some spectacular rediscoveries in the last years I wondered what species are out there and are just waiting to be refound by some keen birdwatcher or ecologist. A while back I already started to dig into this, so here is a list of species I believe to be of interest and I will try to...
  7. Maffong

    Birding near Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Hi, the next few days I'll be in Glasgow and Edinburgh mainly to visit those two cities. But maybe I might squeeze in a few hours for birding. What localities could I visit in the Region and what are the possibilities to find Scottish Crossbill (and how do you identify them?), Red Grouse and...
  8. Maffong

    Weird Fieldfare

    Hello, today I noticed this Fieldfare amongst other ones in western central germany (Münster). At first glance it doesn't stand out too much, but in the field it was very obvious. It is much lighter in colour, there is almost no buff on the breast and the scaling on the sides are weaker than in...
  9. Maffong

    Western Palearctic Master list with all recorded taxa

    For the WP BIg Year I compiled a complete master list with all recorded bird taxa from the WP. Basis for this approach were the (outdated) AERC list, their own updates (unfortunately very few and far from complete) and the netfugl WP list. I combined and alligned both lists (AERC common names...
  10. Maffong

    Birding records - Big days & big years

    With all those birding records being crushed this year, I was wondering what the current records all over the world are. Maybe we can compile a list of all current records existing through the combined knowledge of this forum for future references. This site already gives a good overview, but...
  11. Maffong

    Gull ID - Netherlands. Something rare?

    A friend of mine just posted these pictures he took in the Netherlands on a local forum with the caption "Heriing Gull (?)". When I saw the first picture I thought: "Nope, obviously Lesser Black-backed Gull", but then I saw the second picture and thought "WTF". Now I guess, it's just the...
  12. Maffong

    Eastern influx

    With the current influx of Siberian Accentors most people seem to be overlooking the fact, that there seem to influxes of other eastern species aswell, even if not as incredible as that one. I tried to compile the autumn records (Sep-Dec.) through tarsiger, here's what I get. Species in italics...
  13. Maffong

    Spix's Macaw resighted

    Apparently a Spix's Macaw has been observed and filmed in Curaçá’s Caatinga after it hadn't been seen for 16 years!!! This makes me so happy :) http://www.birdlife.org/americas/news/spix%E2%80%99s-macaw-reappears-brazil Maffong
  14. Maffong

    A complete mammal list for the WP

    Hello everybody, some of you might not only be birders, but also watch other wildlife. If you ever wondered which mammal species can be found in the WP (or Germany), please have a look at this list: http://www.club300.de/publications/wp-mammal-list.php I think it's the first one of its kind...
  15. Maffong

    Amazonia Lodge sold

    Most people who have visited Peru have visited, or at least heard about the famous Amazonia Lodge. However for some years already the old owners of the lodge were searching for new owners and finally their search was successful, as was anounced on their Facebook page two days ago. The new...
  16. Maffong

    Which species persist only as reintroductions?

    Hi there, inspired by the posts on this thread I wondered how many species of bird have or had been brought close to complete extinction but have been saved through reintroduction programs and how many more are facing such a fate in the near future? The first species that jump to my mind are...
  17. Maffong

    Yellow Wagtail ssp. iberiae? in Germany

    Yesterday I found this individual between ca. 50 other Yellow Wagtails with a clear white throat a greenish pattern on the breast. I wonder if it could be an iberiae or if iberiae is even securely diagnosable as a vagrant. And what are the taxonomic affiliations? I've read that sometimes they're...
  18. Maffong

    Why are there so many undescribed species?

    Hello dear all, recently I visited the amazing country of Peru, where almost 1900 species of birds can be found, but during my preparation for the trip I found, that quite many of these are still lacking an official description or elevation to species rank. Many of these are well known to the...
  19. Maffong

    Basra Reed Warbler in Oman?

    Hello, in a german forum somebody uploaded this picture of a Reed Warbler taken recently in Oman. He labelled iit as Great Reed Warbler, but I think it looks more like a Basra, however I have absolutely no experience with this species. If I'm right this would be a country first, but I think...
  20. Maffong

    Some peruvian mysteries

    Hello folks, my trip to Peru happened already 8 month ago, but recently I got some more pictures of another participant and am trying to work out the ID's. Most are easy but these are the ones I struggle with. All but the last picture were taken in department Junin between Huancayo and...
  21. Maffong

    Beaver or Coypu?

    I saw this large rodent swimming in the Elbe, near Hamburg, Germany. I never got to see the tail, nor anything else besides the head, but at least I got some pictures of it Can anybody help? Maffong
  22. Maffong

    Reddish Collared Dove in Valencia, Spain: Vinaceous Dove?!

    I observed this reddish Collared Dove on February 21st in the harbour of Valencia together with a normal grayish one and was wondering if it was just a colour variation or maybe some different species (most likely Vinaceous Dove then, I guess). Unfortunately my girlfriend wasn't as interested as...
  23. Maffong

    New blog idea

    I've had this idea for a new blog on blogspot that I'd like to call something like "Enigmatic species" with as many authors as possible The idea consists in telling the stories of enigmatic (bird) species and subspecies that are mostly unknown to the world, be it because of their very secretive...
  24. Maffong

    Remote and cheap birding in europe

    Hello, I'll probably have 2-3 weeks this summer for my own, which I'd like to use for birding (however I'm not sure if everything will work out) and I was thinking of doing some birding on my own in a place, where A) there's a lot to discover (e.g. new lifers, but maybe also interesting (new?)...
  25. Maffong

    Eagle behaviour. Is this the truth?

    I just stumbled upon this video by NatGeo and without the narrator I'd have thought this is a mating ritual as I've witnessed it from different raptor species already. So I wonder if what the narrator tells is true or actually BS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tufnqWNP9AA Sincerely Maffong