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  1. bartolli

    Meadow or Tree Pipet North Wales

    I originally assumed this was a meadow pipet but after looking in my Collins and reading the blurb, I'm now thinking its a tree pipet? Seen in low level pasture near Llandegla. thanks!
  2. bartolli

    ID geese in flight from call, Chester UK

    Another Goose question!!! Now we are back in the season of goose fly-overs, I get frustrated that I cant id the big flocks that fly over us most days. Generally in the morning they are heading south-ish and in the evening some fly back northwest-ish, maybe back to the dee estuary where I know...
  3. bartolli

    Goose ID, Wirral UK

    Among all the Canada geese at Burton Mere Wetlands yesterday there was this one. You cant see on this photo but it had bright orange legs. Guess its a hybrid of some sort? Ta.
  4. bartolli

    can anyone reccommend a decent thermos flask?

    Now that it's getting colder, I'm getting fed up of lukewarm/cold coffee. I've had 3 different flasks and none of them have been any good, barely drinkable lukewarm coffee after a mere 2 hours in the flask is unacceptable! The ones I've tried include Go Outdoors own brand as well as Stanley...
  5. bartolli

    Black Redstarts in Vallee d'aosta Italy

    Just returned from a non-birding holiday in this beautiful little corner of Italy, and one of its many pleasures is watching the black redstarts that seem to be so common here. We saw them right outside our village B&B as well as higher up in the alpine pastures. Plenty of photo and vid...
  6. bartolli

    Lovely yellow spider, Chester UK

    While sitting on the grass in our local park, Chester NW UK, I noticed this spider crawling up my arm. Gorgeous thing, his body was about 3-4mm across, can anyone id it for me? Luv his high-vis jacket, but he wasn't wearing a safety helmet nor safety boots. Can anyone id it for me? Thanks
  7. bartolli

    ID confirmation from hols in Val D'Aosta Italy

    Back from a great (non-birding) holiday in Val D'Aosta, Northwest Italy. House martins nesting under the eaves and plenty of black redstarts right by our village B&B low down in the valley. When going through the photos of the redstarts I noticed bird number one (last photo) which I think is a...
  8. bartolli

    Small wader ID please, Wirral UK

    Spotted these 4 waders at BMW yesterday, among the black tailed godwits. Slightly bigger than dunlin, I think they may be knot? thanks
  9. bartolli

    Is this a grey plover? Connahs Quay UK

    Spotted this plover at Connahs Quay DNS, pretty sure its a grey plover? Can anyone confirm plse. thanks
  10. bartolli

    geese flying at night, chester uk

    I often see skeins of geese flying over our house in saltney, chester, UK. Usually early morning or at dusk, I presumed they were going to + fro between the dee estuary and fields in wales for grazing? Anyway, just been out for a smoke, and heard some geese flying over heading south, at 10pm...
  11. bartolli

    Are these linnets, cheshire, UK?

    The last few days coming through Mollington, Cheshire, I've noticed a flock of about 120 small birds on telephone lines over farm fields. Managed a couple of distant photos this morning, are they linnets? Thanks
  12. bartolli

    Stunning marsh harriers at Burton Mere Wetlands

    I briefly posted about this on monday in the cheshire + wirral thread. On monday the missus and I went to BMW, when we arrived one marsh harrier was displaying well, as usual getting harrassed by crows etc. After a while it seemed to flush a second marsh harrier and several clashes ensued. The...
  13. bartolli

    Is this a Mink, Nth Wales UK

    Whilst out on a dipper hunt today on the River Alyn, North Wales, I spotted this in the distance. 99% sure its a mink, can anyone confirm please? Sorry for the photo quality, heavily cropped, in a dark wood, ISO ramped up! Thanks
  14. bartolli

    Bug ID please NW England

    Hi, found this Dr Seuss type bug in the hide at Norton Marsh, NW England. Any idea what it is? Ta
  15. bartolli

    Panasonic FZ 72 mini-review

    I recently bought a Panasonic FZ 72 (also known as FZ 70 elsewhere?) to replace my old FZ 28 which I used with the 1.7x teleconverter (now up for sale on an auction site!). A lot of my comments below are therefore comparisons with my old FZ 28. My main reason for upgrading was to spend some...
  16. bartolli

    Red Neccked Phalarope st BMW

    Surprised there hasn't been more mention of this cracking bird so I thought I'd start a thread for it! Went for my weekly visit to BMW yesterday unaware of the RNP, noticed more cars than usual for a Wednesday, then spotted a large group of birders on the boardwalk left of reception. One of the...
  17. bartolli

    Garden in York, uk, id please

    My sister found this in her garden, any ideas please? Many thanks
  18. bartolli

    Very dark pheasant North Wales

    Spotted this one whilst out walking last week in north wales notice how I have skilfully focussed on the trees behind the pheasant! Presumably this is just a sort of melanistic thing, is this unusual in pheasants?
  19. bartolli

    how common are red kites in ne wales?

    Just wondering if anyone can give any pointers on how common they are in NE Wales, as I saw my first one in the area today? Ta.
  20. bartolli

    Homemade mobiscoping adapter

    At long last I found a plastic container the right size to fit over my Zeiss eyepiece. I bought a £3.50 phone case off amazon, trimmed the container length and made a small hole in the centre of the base of the container. To get the container to fit snuggly over the eyepiece, I glued a couple...
  21. bartolli

    colour ringed little egret, wirral uk

    Seen at Burton imf today, yellow ring on each leg, right leg letter A, left leg letter X. Anyone any ideas? Ta.
  22. bartolli

    id from description, no photo, cheshire, uk

    My sister in law saw this bird on her feeder in mollington, adjacent to farmed fields: about blackbird size; bright rosy pink underside; grey back + top of head; black "zorro" mask from beak through eyes; long thin beak. My suggestions, all rejected, included: jay, redstart, nuthatch, wheatear...
  23. bartolli

    is this a light emerald, chester UK

    Spotted this on our backdoor frame last night, think its a light emerald? Could anyone confirm? Many thanks
  24. bartolli

    ID Ringed birdfeet, probable peregrine kill, NE Wales

    Found two bird feet today, a few inches apart, within 100m of a peregrine nestsite inn NE Wales. At first I thought they looked like chicken feet, but given they were ringed and a probable peregrine kill, this seems rather unlikely? So guess they are pigeon feet? Silly me was concentrating on...
  25. bartolli

    springwatch (uk) bush whacking, what do you think?

    Just watching springwatch tonight, astonished to see them encouraging viewers to go out and hit bushes with sticks in order to find nests! ok, they said do it gently, but no mention of the illegality of disturbing nesting birds. Hughes-games (?) even said "ooh a dunnock flew off but I didn't...