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  1. esmondb

    Mallorca, warbler

    Thank you.
  2. esmondb

    Mallorca, warbler

    If you don't mind me asking; what features are you ruling in/ruling out, so I can come to the same consensus?
  3. esmondb

    Mallorca, warbler

    Sardinian warbler, surely? At this time of year female Subalpine should/would clearly show white eye-ring and moustache. Chin appears to be lighter than chest/belly, which supports Sardinian, rather than Subalpine group.
  4. esmondb

    A couple of BOP's NE.London yesterday and today.....

    Hi Ken, is there any reason you don't post the videos?
  5. esmondb

    What are these two birds?

    House sparrow and Song thrush - two imports from Europe (UK)
  6. esmondb

    S. Florida - small hawk - merlin, sharp-shinned?

    Well then, for what it's worth - I have limited experience of Sharpie and Cooper's but have observed plenty of Eurasian Sparrowhawks, the default accipiter here. Whenever assessing A. striatus vs A. cooperii I fall back on what is familiar - does it look big/bulky for an A. nisus or does it look...
  7. esmondb

    South Californian buteo

    Many thanks
  8. esmondb

    South Californian buteo

    A friend took these shots of a hawk in So Cal. My first thought was dark morph Ferruginous but I'm not so sure - legs should be feathered. Red tailed?
  9. esmondb

    Owl pellet? Which owl? UK, Bucks

    In a spot where I've not recorded owls for many a year. Is it an owl pellet, is it possible to narrow the species (Little, Barn, Tawny) down by the type of pellet/prey remains? Are any of the remains identifiable?
  10. esmondb

    Peregrine Falcon question

    Sorry, looking at this one my phone screen the bird, clearly a falcon, seemed quite slight for a peregrine. Taking a good look on a much bigger screen, I can't see what else it could be other than peregrine.
  11. esmondb

    Peregrine Falcon question

    Is it a Peregrine, though?
  12. esmondb

    Red kite this time ? - Lincolnshire uk 2019

    Often seen together here, in the Chilterns, especially if a farmer has just turned over the soil
  13. esmondb

    Skua. NW Scotland. Midsummer

    Dark bill, 'blurred' edges to white belly, tail shape
  14. esmondb

    Frampton Marsh UK Jun 19

    Looks very much like it to me
  15. esmondb

    Willow/Marsh Tit, Poland

    Marsh tit https://britishbirds.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Willow-Marsh-Tits.pdf
  16. esmondb

    UK feather ID

    Common buzzard?
  17. esmondb

    Roseate or common tern in Northumberland

    Pale, lots of black on the bill, pale wings with dark tips (when folded) - happy to be corrected but looks good to me.
  18. esmondb

    Golden Eagle? Abisko, Sweden (06/06/2019)

    BTO do a series of videos on bird ID - Common buzzard, Golden or White-tailed eagle
  19. esmondb

    New one on feeder

    Parenthood is tough! I've got Great tits, Coal tits and Blue tits all looking like this at the moment - yesterday's constant rain magnifying the issue.
  20. esmondb

    Small bird for ID USA/Atlantic Ocean

    "She was onboard for a few hours...catching insects and then pooping them out all over the boat."
  21. esmondb

    Small bird for ID USA/Atlantic Ocean

    Thanks for the speedy reply
  22. esmondb

    Small bird for ID USA/Atlantic Ocean

    37.35269280, -73.87207031 is the best approximation I can make. On this day last year. About 100miles from the nearest coast.
  23. esmondb

    Small bird for ID USA/Atlantic Ocean

    Can anyone ID this little bird that landed on my friend's boat as he rowed out across the North Atlantic?
  24. esmondb

    Bird ID, May, Amsterdam

    Willow warbler, I think
  25. esmondb

    European Pied Flycatcher?

    Any way of distinguishing this from Collared?