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  1. Birdbox

    Swarovski El

    Does anyone happen to know if the 10x32 has any difference in close focus distance from the 8x32?
  2. Birdbox

    Owthorpe shrike

    Anyone know if the Owthorpe shrike is still about?
  3. Birdbox

    Cuba ID guide

    Which field guide is recommended for Cuba, guys? Garrido's Birds of Cuba or Arlott's Birds of the West Indies or Raffaele's Birds of the West Indies? I do, however, already have a copy of The birds of the Dominican Republic - would that suffice? Oh, and what about the butterflies of that...
  4. Birdbox

    Ship assisted on Irish ferries

    Looks like some ship-assisting going down on the Irish Ferries tv ad but can't immediately make it out ... go on knock y'selves out.
  5. Birdbox

    Puerto Calreo Jan

    I'm not expecting too much of this trip and will be on best behaviour (first wedding anniversary etc) but anyone know of decent sites within bike-riding distance of Puerto Calero, Lanzarote? The missus will fall for my suggestion of bike hire for the day rather than car.
  6. Birdbox

    Dry Tortugas birding/camping

    Has anyone birded and camped on the Tortugas during April? How was the experience and what were the logistics? I've made some initial investigations and it seems camping has to be a minimum of 3 nights and all gear and provisions must be taken by oneself. Have people found it worth the effort...
  7. Birdbox

    Hiking to the Colima Warbler site

    Planning on doing Big Bend during our next trip to the southern states. Where is the best place to stay in order to hit the trail to Boot spring at dawn (or just before)?
  8. Birdbox

    Lesbos flights

    Which operator or operators are flying to Lesbos this April?
  9. Birdbox

    Castro Marim early April

    As a special treat for my non-birding fiancee, her birthday present this year is a week birding Castro Marim based across the road in Monte Gordo. Anyone have the relevant gen that I'll, er I mean, she'll need regarding access, best bits, expectations etc. She thanks you all in advance, don't...
  10. Birdbox

    Eastern South Africa itinerary

    This question has probably been done to death elsewhere on the forum but humour me ... What would be the quintessential self-drive birding trip in the east of South Africa during 18 -20 days? Of course some mammal watching will need to be included, a pelagic also, legwork would n't be a problem...
  11. Birdbox

    Galveston - Rockport; midway stop-off

    I'm looking for a decent stopping off point midway between Galveston and Rockport. When departing High Island in mid April I'll be working my way down the Bolivar peninsula in the middle of the day. Then obviously I'll be catching the ferry. I don't then fancy the 230+ mile drive all the way to...
  12. Birdbox

    Grassland birds

    Without visiting one of the larger ranches are there any particular areas on the "usual" south and coastal Texas birding loop that would be productive for typical farm and grassland species in April. Have so far considered Attwater prairie, DeWitt co and Kleberg co. Any tips? Or would most of...
  13. Birdbox

    Latest spring dates for Whooping Cranes

    Does anyone have the last spring dates of Whooping Crane sightings in the Aransas/Goose Island area over the last few years? I'll be in the area April 16th but would possibly leave the area out of my schedule if the cranes are n't likely to be present.
  14. Birdbox

    Whooping cranes at Goose Creek

    Harking back to an older thread here ... How late in to April 2012 did the cranes stay at this location? Are any present there so far this autumn?
  15. Birdbox

    The Big Thicket 4

    Does anyone have any site specifics for some or all of the four target birds of the Big Thicket?
  16. Birdbox

    Hill country lodging

    It seems that the place to stay when doing the Hill country is Neal's Lodges. Everyone namechecks the place to the extent that you'd be forgiven for thinking it's the only place for miles around. A little surfing though has revealed a multitude of camps along the Frio river. Does anyone have...
  17. Birdbox

    Big Bend - worth the drive from the coast?

    Is Big Bend worth including in an April Texas trip or would it not yield anything not already picked up along the coast and/or in the LRGV?
  18. Birdbox

    Hostels in the Hula region

    Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of hostels or hotels or kibbutz in the Hula region? I've been thinking of nipping over in November and was considering sleeping in the car to keep costs down but if anyone knows of decent cheap accommodation then go for it. Thanks in advance.
  19. Birdbox

    Thailand itinerary

    What would be the best itinerary for a couple looking to mix birding and beaches in Thailand? Could the two be happily combined using one resort as a base? Or would a road trip be the better way?
  20. Birdbox

    Autumn Shetland hotspots

    Before I start to trawl through the records anyone fancy telling me which Shetland sites consistently turn up the goods in September? Apart from Fair Isle that is.
  21. Birdbox

    Carolina's hotspots

    I'm in the early stages of knocking together a road trip through the Carolinas next spring. Would anyone like to suggest the birding hotspots that MUST NOT BE MISSED?
  22. Birdbox

    Humboldt Bay or Arcata marsh?

    During a road trip up through California and into Oregon we'll be staying 1 night in the Eureka/Arcata area (mid June). Which would provide the better birding the following morning, Humboldt NWR or Arcata marsh?
  23. Birdbox

    Dvd NW America

    Is there a dvd guide to the birds of/birding in North western states of America?
  24. Birdbox

    Nikon ed111 v Kowa 663

    I'm finding it difficult to find a retailer with both these scopes in stock so I can try them side by side. Therefore for the time being it's over to you ... which is the better?
  25. Birdbox

    Best scope of all time

    A new year, a new decade (actually not sure if that's mathematically correct). How's about a new "best scope ever" thread? I'd start the ball rolling but can't decide between the Greenkat, Alpine Eagle or that one Lord Nelson once lent me on a pelagic in the Trafalgar area.