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  1. MSA

    Green-winged Teal?

    I tweeted this but got no response, so maybe I'm as stupid as many think, but the pic below was from a post on the Blashford Lakes blog about a trip to Keyhaven https://blashfordlakes.wordpress.com/ and I'm wondering if it's a poorly-marked GW Teal, or just a variation on Eurasian that I've...
  2. MSA

    Hedgehog poo?

    Pic is from my garden, so I'm hoping I have a Hedgehog visiting! Can anyone confirm please?
  3. MSA

    Separating Copper and Svensson's C Underwings

    I've been using the palp coloration as detailed on the Hants Moths website, but recalled discussions about this being discredited a while ago - it would appear that the underside of the spread hindwing is what we need to look at. Is this still reckoned to be the only reliable method, and are...
  4. MSA

    ID from old post

    I've lifted this pic from Mark Hows' post on 9 Aug - ID'ed (by Gnome and Honeym - Martin) as worn Rush Veneer, but I wondered if it might be a female Ringed China-mark? The reason for the re-post is that I suspect old ID requests don't often get looked at again once a "consensus" is achieved...
  5. MSA

    Pocket camera recommendations

    I'm looking for a simple pocket-sized camera I can take with me when I walk the dogs, quick to fire up, to use for pictures of birds, insects, views and even the dogs! I have a Canon DSLR setup I'm happy with, and have just sold my Canon SX50 as although it was an excellent camera, it was too...
  6. MSA

    This is my trap, show me yours!

    (with apologies to the Manics...) I thought it might be interesting, and perhaps useful/educational, to see other moth'ers set-ups, starting with my own. If anyone can see any flaws, has any suggestions etc please chip in. Pictures show the trap against back wall of garage in "side garden"...
  7. MSA

    Dissecting moths

    Following on from my "Ear" ID query, does anyone on here do their own dissecting? If so, is it relatively straightforward? Also, out of curiosity, do other "moth-ers" always leave the similar species as aggregates, or are some of you happy to record as specific species if they have certain key...
  8. MSA

    What have we Ear?

    ...I think/hope this is an Ear, but is it safe to call it an "Ear Moth" or will it have to be an "agg"? Caught in Verwood, Dorset.
  9. MSA

    June Moths - 2015

    A little better last night (which isn't difficult), with 24 moths of 15 species. Notocelia cynosbatella new for garden, Foxglove and Freyer's Pug, Willow Beauty, Vine's Rustic, Silver-ground Carpet, Pebble Hook-tip and Scoparia ambigularis new for year - year list claws its way up to 88.
  10. MSA

    Macro to confirm please

    I had no idea about this one, but after some head-scratching I think it can only be a Heart and Club. Can anyone confirm or correct me please?
  11. MSA

    Ringed Carpet?

    ..or am I just fooling myself? I'd appreciate confirmation or ridicule please...
  12. MSA

    Unable to access a website

    I just can't get on to the Dorset Bird Club website, and I am told there are no problems with the site. I attach a screenshot of what I see. The site is in favourites, but I have also tried retyping and clicking on links from other websites and from google searches. AFAIK this is the only...
  13. MSA

    March Moths - 2015

    Assumed it would be too cold for the trap tonight, but a Dotted Border on the kitchen window thought otherwise!
  14. MSA

    Simple question - which do you prefer?

    ...and why, would be helpful.
  15. MSA

    Problems saving login details

    For the last few days I have had to retype username and password whenever I visit this site on a new internet session, despite checking the "remember me" box. It's the same for other websites. I've not knowingly changed any settings on my laptop. OS is Windows 8. Just to clarify, it's only when...
  16. MSA

    Zambia, 10-17.11.14

    I'm not long back from a Naturetrek trip to Zambia, and as I promised the others I'd do a report it forced me to get this done in good time for once, so I've cut and pasted the report below. Recuperating from a double hernia op a couple of weeks ago also helped to remove most distractions! So...
  17. MSA

    Zambia bat ID

    Pic taken inside my lodge! I forgot to take a proper measurement, but estimate length to be about 3 inches. I do have another couple of pics but all from same angle and don't appear to show any other features.
  18. MSA

    EOS Utility problems

    I've just updated DPP and EOS Utility so they would work with my 7d, and was merrily transferring from that camera as well as my 40d, working fine until the last memory card, when it tried to "pair" with my 40d rather than giving the usual 4 download/transfer images options. Now the "attempting...
  19. MSA

    Scillonian hand luggage

    It's been a long time since I've been on the Scillonian, and I see they now have an airline-style hand luggage size restriction. I was going to rock up with my telescope and tripod as well as a bag with camera etc - is this still OK, or are they strict on enforcement?
  20. MSA

    October moths - 2014

    ...well, someone had to start it... Wed night (1st) was poor, 16 moths of 6 species, with 10 Lunar Underwing, 2 Grey Pine Carpet and singles of CM Carpet, Sh-sh dart, LYU and Uncertain. Last night (4th) was cold, and even worse, just single Black Rustic and Lunar Underwing. At least it won't...
  21. MSA

    Lychnis or Campion?

    ..the more I look, the more confused I'm getting! The "joined-upness" of the oval and the kidney mark is stated as being the key in all the texts I've looked at, but then the pictures seem to contradict this! Just on overall appearance I was plumping for Lychnis, but as either would be new for...
  22. MSA

    Recs sought for safari set-up

    I'm off on a short safari later in the year, mainly concentrating on the mammals. I have a Canon EOS40D which I'm pleased with, on the whole, but it seems slightly "flaky" since it got wet and stopped working altogether a year ago, and was repaired with electrics replaced; most of the time it's...
  23. MSA

    Two macros and maybe a micro

    I really feel I ought to be able to get these but just can't find a match to any of them! I suspect 8507 could be a variation of Mottled Rustic, but not at all sure; for 8506 I hovered around pyrausta purpuralis which I believe goes brown, however the hindwing appeared unmarked (not visible in...
  24. MSA

    ID help please

    8482 could be Heart and Club? 8491/3 going cross-eyed trying to work out, 8496 is Rhyacionia pinicolana I believe, and all I can come up with is Cabbage for 8499, but I did wonder about Confused?
  25. MSA

    3 macros and a micro

    Could someone please confirm Marbled Brown (not 100% happy with this, but can't see any other match), Grey Pine Carpet (very small, so checking I haven't overlooked something else), Pale Mottled Willow, and ID a micro I just can't find. Ta!