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  1. stuartelsom

    Sooty or Bridled Tern - Gulf of Thailand July 2021

    The pale hind neck contrasting with the black cap is also indicative of Bridled as Sooty should be concolourus. Stu
  2. stuartelsom

    Grafham Water

    And a couple of Common Sands on the north shore
  3. stuartelsom

    Eastern Ontario small bird resembles warbling vireo ID needed

    Hi Sandra, It's a juvenile nuthatch. From the head pattern I would go with White-breasted, but not living in North America, I've never seen any of the species as fledglings, so would happily accept that it might not be. Nice shot! Stu
  4. stuartelsom

    Northern ("Red-Shafted") Flicker ♀ ??? (Madera Canyon, AZ)

    Appears to be an adult female Red-shafted Flicker. Noting the brown crown and pale uniform greyish face, lacking the red nape spot found on Yellow-shafted. Very nice pic! Stu
  5. stuartelsom

    Cerulean Warbler/Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher/Indigo Bunting/etc? Nashville, TN

    They're certainly worth waiting for. A special bird indeed and you'll certainly know a Cerulean when it pops up, here's a taster of what's to come! The same individual as pictured in my Avatar. Stu
  6. stuartelsom

    Wader ID. N. Sweden.

    Hi, The white sides to the tail and the shape of the wing bar combined with uniform upperparts and short bill suggests Temminck's Stint. Stu
  7. stuartelsom

    Dark grey finch East Lothian

    Andy, to give you an idea of how rare this species is in UK, this would probably be around the 40th record or something like that! Well done, and well done to Ken! Stu
  8. stuartelsom

    Dark grey finch East Lothian

    Dark-eyed Junco for me. The white bill nails it. Stu
  9. stuartelsom

    UK- Isle of Wight - Can someone confirm this is a purple Heron please...

    Another vote for Purple Heron. Bill shape, small head. Overall jizz narrow and sinuous, so quite a reptilian feel to it. Stu
  10. stuartelsom

    Philadelphia Vireos? Costa Rica, Dec 2017

    Hi Alanc, I should have been more accurate. The Tennessee is probably a first-winter bird, but adults and youngsters look very similar in autumn. I've photographed a number of PV's on my travels, including the second bird shown here which died whilst we were watching it. Anyway, these are...
  11. stuartelsom

    Philadelphia Vireos? Costa Rica, Dec 2017

    Pic 1 appears to be a juv Tennessee Warbler. Pic 2 and 3 look okay for Philly Vireo. Stu
  12. stuartelsom

    Comment by 'stuartelsom' in media 'Blue-winged Warbler'

    Really missing my fix of warblers as no travel this spring. Your image of a Blue-wing brings back soooo many memories of past trips! Stu
  13. stuartelsom

    Blue Tit- banks of thw dodder River-Ireland

    Juveniles don't show any blue in the plumage, so it's a very wet adult! Nice capture too! Stu
  14. stuartelsom

    Louisiana or Northern Waterthrush? USA-Northern IL

    Hi Joshua, Nice shots. For me the underpart streaking extending onto the throat and the buff eyebrow all point to Northern. Regards Stu
  15. Woodchat Shrike, Rochford 3008.jpg

    Woodchat Shrike, Rochford 3008.jpg

    First-summer male
  16. stuartelsom

    ID thrush, SouthPadreIsland, TX, USA

    The eye-ring and yellow-buff suffusion on the throat combined with the lack of red in the tail all look very good for Swainson's Thrush. Nice shots! Stu
  17. stuartelsom

    Sandpiper in Canoa Ranch (Green Valley), AZ ~ today

    Hi John, Lovely shot. It's a Spotted Sandpiper starting to moult into breeding plumage. You can just see a few spots starting to appear on the flanks and behind the legs. Stu
  18. stuartelsom

    Herring Gull? Up way too high for me. Princeton, Minnesota, USA

    The wing pattern of sharply defined black outer primaries and small white mirror suggests Ring-billed. Stu
  19. stuartelsom

    Is this a Warbler or a Vireo? (Middle TN)

    Yes, this settles it. It is definitely a Pine Warbler. Stu
  20. stuartelsom

    Unknown Foliage-gleaner, West-slope Ecuador

    What about one of the barbtails? Like Niels, trying to think of something which might be a bit left-field. Stu
  21. stuartelsom

    ID 4 peeps, S Texas coast, USA

    No problem, Further to Butty's comment, I've been looking through my archive for a transitional plumaged Dunlin (in NA of course) which illustrates my point. The most helpful image I can come up with is this image of 2 with a WRS on the left, both taken in Texas probably a week-10 days from...
  22. stuartelsom

    ID 4 peeps, S Texas coast, USA

    Okay, swap 'assuming' for 'attaining'. Put another way, a Dunlin on the Texas coast in spring should not show bright rufous ear-coverts and a pale belly. Stu
  23. stuartelsom

    ID 4 peeps, S Texas coast, USA

    1. No, Stilt Sandpiper has long yellow legs 2. No, Dunlin assuming breeding plumage would have some black showing on the belly Stu