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  1. Tanny

    Lesser Black back Gull or Ring-bill Gull

    Hi Mates, I wonder if you could help in identifying this Gull. I think it might be a forth or fifth year Lesser black back Gull, but the bright ring on the bill is something I have not seen before. Photographed at Meols Parade on the Wirral Peninsular. U.K.
  2. Tanny


    I wonder if someone could identify this Wagtail for me. I have my own idea but need an expert to confirm my sighting. My photograph was taken yesterday at the Burton Point, close to the R.S.P.B Burton Wetlands, Cheshire.
  3. Tanny

    A Bunting

    Hi, I wonder if there is someone who can identify this Bunting I photographed today. I am familiar with the Reed Bunting and I don't think it is that species, but I could be wrong, being no expert birder. This bird was on its own on the top of a small bush and allowed me to take ten pictures...
  4. Tanny

    Doing my best for the Hedgehogs

    I have been watching and feeding the Hedgehogs in my garden for the past four years and have perfected the best food to attract them. When I manage to catch them I would first record their weight then mark them with a white acrelic, none toxic paint so that I can recognize each individual when...
  5. Tanny

    The Great Diving Beetle

    Last night I discovered on my lawn a female, Great Diving Beetle, I had never seen this species before, although Collins Field Guide mentioned this species is the largest and best known. I picked it up and placed it in a small tank in the greenhouse overnight. I at first thought it was a...
  6. Tanny

    Who rung these

    Blackcap in my garden and Dunlin at Kings Gap Hoylake on the Wirral
  7. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    One of my favourite winter visitors arrived today, he dived into the garden just like he did last winter, first he had a nibble of the cake then one or two beak-full of apple, then up onto the piracantha and ate a couple of the Mountain Ash berries that I had attached to the plant. I picked...
  8. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    It looks like one is only allowed five pictures at a time, here are some more. The whole feeding station from my window.
  9. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    Here are some moore pictures to go with my latest report.
  10. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    My how time flies and what a full busy life I lead, no time to get old and decrepit even though I've now reached the antique age of 72;). I made the first bird cake for this winter today and the Blackbird was the first bird to get tucked in for a feast, he was soon followed by the ravenous...
  11. Tanny

    Red turns blue

    Sorry to trouble you Andy but you must be the last hope for me to have my problem solved. A week ago I filmed a wedding with my FujiFinePix S5600 camera, when played back on the camera the colour was perfect but after downloading onto the computer the colour Red had turned to Blue. I suspect the...
  12. Tanny

    I also need advice

    Yesterday I took a video of a woodpigeon in the garden and when playing it back on the camera it was in true colour but when I downloaded it onto the computer the colour red turned to blue. :eek!: I wonder if there is a way of correcting this. Thanks in advance:t: Tanny
  13. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    I havn't been here for such a long time, almost forgot it existed, only this week a Heron came into our suburban garden and ate all the goldfish from the little pond. We bought ten more fish and strung fine fishing line around it to prevent the bird from getting close. Undeterred, the blighter...
  14. Tanny

    Blackbird ring

    This blackbird arrives at my bird table about twice a day, she seems to come from quite a distance. This female blackbird came for the first time two weeks ago and I have been trying to get pictures of the ring. I live in Heswall, on the Wirral, and from what I see, the ring looks like it has...
  15. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    Yesterday two male Blackcaps visited the garden and I was able to get some good pictures. Two Jays and two Magpies also visited, they were after the peanuts in the shells. The total of Blackbirds is now up to eleven and a couple enjoyed having a bath in the warm water.
  16. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    It's only 9.15am and already the garden is invaded by the regular birds including the Blackcap who will be a regular visitor till spring. I managed to get a picture of the male bird drinking, this shows the importance of keeping fresh water for the birds. I have to replenish the supply three...
  17. Tanny

    My Garden Bird Feeding Station

    This week with the adverse weather arriving and another harsh winter imminent I wanted members to see how my wife and I are helping in the survival of our feathered friends. Ann my wife and I spend many hours of the day sitting at the window looking out at all the birds that come to feed here...
  18. Tanny

    The Fuji FinePix HS10

    Fuji Finepix HS10 30x I'm going back home to West Australia for an environmental photographic holiday of six weeks, my wife has never been to Australia but she's also a mad photographer and is very excited about seeing all the wonderful things I have boasted about over these past seven years...
  19. Tanny

    Dr Manjeet Singh's Malasian patch revised

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances I had been unable to continue with the original Thread called Dr Manjeets Malayan patch, Now hopefully I am able to continue this project of editing Manjeets, delightful, humorous, and sometimes sad stories. Unfortunately I cannot add the stories to the...
  20. Tanny

    Birding on the Telly

    Television Birdwatching. Do-you-know, when a person gets old they are unable to perform (in more ways than one:-C) as well as they did when young. They can’t climb high mountains; they can’t walk great distances through, Deserts, Forests or Hills, and if they’re like me who is on the very basic...
  21. Tanny

    Thornburne's Birds

    Yesterday I was rummaging through a Charity Shop in the village when suddenly hidden at the bottom of a pile of books I spotted this one by Archibald Thornburn and edited by James Fisher. The illustrations by this artist have always enchanted me and I was very excited to find this book. At the...
  22. Tanny

    Varanus Island

    WEDGE-TAILED SHEARWATER (Puffinus pacificus). Varanus Island had three small nesting colonies and when I first heard these birds calling from their burrows in the night I was at first struck with a little bit of fear but on investigating I became very excited, especially when the birds started...
  23. Tanny

    Varanus Island

    Turtle Tagger on Varanus Island. Although the Osprey was a very interesting story, it was the Marine Turtles that took up most of my spare time, especially during their nesting season, that was when I would go out at night and tag and measure the females that I found on the beaches. To tell this...
  24. Tanny

    The Fishing Bird on Varanus Island

    THE FISHING BIRD. Mighty bird above the water, riding the wind in majesty, Golden eyes piercing the gloom, plunges ten meters into the sea. Then rose from out the water clear and with a mighty shake and shudder Cleared the water from feathered coat, last drop dripping from the rudder. In talons...
  25. Tanny

    Varanus Island

    VARANUS ISLAND. Blow wind blow this wave washed isle, out in the Ocean, mile after mile. Jagged cliffs with Oyster a plenty, and sun beats down with heated smile, This lonely Isle where Bond has sent me. I wander often this rugged land, along turtle beaches of yellow sand...