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  1. Birdbox

    Swarovski El

    Thank you. Do you own a pair? Is light gathering good (or better!)?
  2. Birdbox

    Swarovski El

    Does anyone happen to know if the 10x32 has any difference in close focus distance from the 8x32?
  3. Birdbox

    Cornwall in May

    Sorry you didnt get any replies but I'm interested to know how you got on - I'm staying near Tintagel myself from Sunday onwards for a week.
  4. Birdbox

    Birdwatching Guide to Oman (2nd edition)

    An article in a recent edition of Birdwatching magazine suggests Sohar sun farms are up and running again - or is this just lazy journalism?
  5. Birdbox

    Yorkshire Birding

  6. Birdbox

    Yorkshire Birding

    Anyone know if the spooners are still at Fairburn?
  7. Birdbox

    Owthorpe shrike

    Yes, I'd seen that. Will tootle along tomorrow and have a butcher's (pardon the pun).
  8. Birdbox

    Owthorpe shrike

    Anyone know if the Owthorpe shrike is still about?
  9. Birdbox

    Derbyshire County Birding

    2 Little Egret on ploughed field with Black headed Gulls at Normanton brook, Westhouses yesterday. Not a rare bird these days but seemed unusual for the area.
  10. Birdbox

    Cuba ID guide

    Which field guide is recommended for Cuba, guys? Garrido's Birds of Cuba or Arlott's Birds of the West Indies or Raffaele's Birds of the West Indies? I do, however, already have a copy of The birds of the Dominican Republic - would that suffice? Oh, and what about the butterflies of that...
  11. Birdbox

    Ship assisted on Irish ferries

    Not with those feet ... but I see where you're coming from.
  12. Birdbox

    Ship assisted on Irish ferries

  13. Birdbox

    Ship assisted on Irish ferries

    Looks like some ship-assisting going down on the Irish Ferries tv ad but can't immediately make it out ... go on knock y'selves out.
  14. Birdbox

    Puerto Calreo Jan

    I'm not expecting too much of this trip and will be on best behaviour (first wedding anniversary etc) but anyone know of decent sites within bike-riding distance of Puerto Calero, Lanzarote? The missus will fall for my suggestion of bike hire for the day rather than car.
  15. Birdbox

    Dry Tortugas birding/camping

    Has anyone birded and camped on the Tortugas during April? How was the experience and what were the logistics? I've made some initial investigations and it seems camping has to be a minimum of 3 nights and all gear and provisions must be taken by oneself. Have people found it worth the effort...
  16. Birdbox

    Hiking to the Colima Warbler site

    Thanks. I think you picked up on what I meant ... "best" meaning cheap.
  17. Birdbox

    Hiking to the Colima Warbler site

    Planning on doing Big Bend during our next trip to the southern states. Where is the best place to stay in order to hit the trail to Boot spring at dawn (or just before)?
  18. Birdbox

    High Island in late March?

    I would imagine Anahuac would be worth a visit.
  19. Birdbox

    Lesbos flights

    Which operator or operators are flying to Lesbos this April?
  20. Birdbox

    Birding Frontiers Challenge Series - Autumn

    Scratch that. Martin answers the question pretty thoroughly on his site..
  21. Birdbox

    Birding Frontiers Challenge Series - Autumn

    Only just heard of this - what's the gist of the book, content etc?
  22. Birdbox

    Birding in Goa, India

    Wondered how your tour of Rajasthan went? My wife and I will be honeymooning there in January. We intend to take the train from Delhi to Udaipur. Spend a few nights there then on to Ranthambore for an equal amount of time then a couple of days at Agra before returning to Delhi. Did you travel...
  23. Birdbox

    Andalucia Bird Society

    I'll be arriving in Monte Gordo on Wednesday for a week and fancied tootling across the river by pushbike and ferry one of the days to have a look around Marismas Isla Cristina - any tips for best vantage points, migrant areas etc?
  24. Birdbox

    Castro Marim early April

    Thanks Simon.
  25. Birdbox

    Castro Marim early April

    Anyone know who to contact in case of rare/scarce migrants at Castro Marim?