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  1. Hannu Varkki

    What bird makes this sound?

    Juvenile Tawny Owl begging call for me too.
  2. Hannu Varkki

    Stock Dove or something else? - Leicestershire

    A slightly aberrant Stock Dove for me too.
  3. Hannu Varkki

    Grey wagtail? Cottbus, Germany

    In the very end of the recording there is a sound that resembles Grey Wagtail call a bit. It's all the same Blackbird however. It´s alarming through the recording with different alarm call types.
  4. Hannu Varkki

    Warbler, Geneva area, CH

    I would call this as Blackcap. The elements of Blackcap song can be heard clearly: diverse subsong that ends with flute sounds. I admit this is a talented individual and the subsong is not the most typical. The subsong of Blackcap varies a lot however, and it can also imitate phrase structures...
  5. Hannu Varkki

    ID from call - UK

    Sounds good for Western Yellow Wagtail.
  6. Hannu Varkki

    Weird Robin - Muenster, Germany

    A very odd song indeed. The beginning of the phrase with a high streched note is somewhat resembling Robin, and I think Robin is the most probable solution. However the consistent repetition of the phrases doesn´t sound like Robin at all. It remains a mystery... I found only one aberrant song of...
  7. Hannu Varkki

    Sound ID, Guangxi, China

    Hello, IMO sounds good for Eurasian Hoopoe. Compare e.g. https://www.xeno-canto.org/560376
  8. Hannu Varkki

    gentle song - Poland

    I think it´s impossible to identify this bird. Could perhaps be a part of the song of Robin IMO but best to leave it unidentified.
  9. Hannu Varkki

    Acro/Iduna warbler, Dhaka December 2020

    The song sounds good for Booted Warbler with characteristic faint start and rising volume. Also the photos look good for Booted IMO, although it would be nicer to have a little bit sharper photos with this species.
  10. Hannu Varkki

    Mystery call, Fife, Scotland 10/10/16

    Sounds good for YBW song! Also the sonogram looks good.
  11. Hannu Varkki

    Warbler ID, June Denmark

    There is indeed something of a Booted Warbler in the song. It doesn´t sound quite right for me however. I find the song too monotonous for a Booted (and for Sykes too). That can also be seen on the sonogram. The ambitus is narrow and the note structure is very uniform compared to Booted. In the...
  12. Hannu Varkki

    Birdsong Kenfig, Wales

    Could it be a thrush that is repeating a persistent theme - I´d suggest Song Thrush.
  13. Hannu Varkki

    Migrating Dotterels?, W Yorks moor, 29/09

    Both the "purr" call and whistle sound good for Dotterel. Pictures also looking good IMO.
  14. Hannu Varkki

    Osprey? SE France Sep 2018

    Oh, would that they were! That would be a stunning sight in Finland :cool: They are Common Cranes in spring, on their way to Northern swamps.
  15. Hannu Varkki

    Osprey? SE France Sep 2018

    Here you are!
  16. Hannu Varkki

    Osprey? SE France Sep 2018

    Light juvenile Honey Buzzard upperwings Here´s one from Helsinki, Finland today o:)
  17. Hannu Varkki

    Did anything come of the Helsinki Azure Tit DNA test?

    It was confirmed as Azure Tit.
  18. Hannu Varkki

    [England] Reed birds

    Yes, female House Sparrow.
  19. Hannu Varkki

    ID from sound/description. N.Sweden

    My best guess would be a variation of Willow Warbler song. The first few notes sound like Willow Warbler, but after that the bird "loses tone." But if you saw the bird and it wasn´t a WW I´m out of options. An interesting song anyway!
  20. Hannu Varkki

    kowa tsn fragility

    My Kowa TSN-883 fell on shore rocks some years ago. I had a new tripod which was lighter than the former I used to own and I wasn´t prepared for the heavy wind that fell the tripod. The lens hood was the first part of the tripod/scope that hit the ground. The crash was hard but the only damage...
  21. Hannu Varkki

    Azure Tit, Kolari

    According to the Finnish birdsite www.tiira.fi it was last seen in Kolari on feeders on 21.3. and 14.3. Place: Kolari, village Kurtakko, address Kurtakontie 193/194b or Kauppilantie 8. Have a good trip! Hannu
  22. Hannu Varkki

    Helsinki ID

    Another one for Thrush Nightingale.
  23. Hannu Varkki

    Sound ID help, Helsinki, Finland

    #1 Chaffinch alarm call + blue/great tit fledglings + blackbird (&chaffinch song) in the background #2 Chaffinch song
  24. Hannu Varkki

    bird ID, please - Helsinki

    Ok :) For these small exotic birds the easiest way to find them is to learn their singing. During midsummer Saturday it's easiest in Helsinki as the Finns are celebrating juhannus in their cottages :)
  25. Hannu Varkki

    bird ID, please - Helsinki

    Yes, it´s a Thrush Nightingale which is common here in Helsinki - whereas Common is very rare :) Practically you have to hear the singing to make an accepted record of Common. Agree with the features with Andrew, and you can also see the faint eye-ring and some grey tone on the mantle...