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  1. Colin

    Honey buzzards North Wales

    There are sites in South Wales, just use Google but I guess that is too far from you.
  2. Colin

    Is it me, my eyes, or what?

    I agree to you both. A cheapo pair of bins used on a grey day will reveal a grey mush of a view whereas a top quality pair will almost seem that the sun is shining. Finding the price point where the improvement in quality is hardly noticable can save a lot of money. E.g., a pair costing £2000...
  3. Colin

    Zeiss SF 10x42 - Are they really that steady?

    I agree. Most casual users of bins have their hands opposite each other on the barrels which is the pivot point for a pair to pitch up or down. Offset the hands along the barrels and that is reduced. There are lots of subtle ways of holding the bins. One way I use for reducing shake or...
  4. Colin

    Help with Nikon ED 82 eyepiece

    The ED82 is a great scope. As has been said, the 30x fixed eyepiece is amazing with it. Some say it is the best eyepiece ever made. I use one and also the zoom to 75x, the latter for ring reading both darvic rings and metal rings and the former for seawatching.
  5. Colin

    Red Dot Sights (Reflex Sights) on Spotting Scopes

    BTW - the notches and sighting tubes are useless if you have a stay-on case. Probably the best thing is practice in locating your target.
  6. Colin

    Red Dot Sights (Reflex Sights) on Spotting Scopes

    No, I don't have a picture because I sold the scope some while ago.
  7. Colin

    Red Dot Sights (Reflex Sights) on Spotting Scopes

    Don't have this problem with a straight through scope. E.g. The Nikon ED82 has 'notches' on the outside of the scope to line up if needed. I don't use them as the scope is lined up by eye. My old Kowa 624 had a sighting tube on the side for the same purpose.
  8. Colin

    Why Aren't the Image Stabilization Binos More Popular?

    Hi Andy, It was a very long time ago and all that I remember that it was a Canon model and it was at the Birdfair. I suppose that things have changed a lot since then, but I found them very disconcerting to look through because I couldn't predict the judder. They were very heavy too.
  9. Colin

    Why Aren't the Image Stabilization Binos More Popular?

    They are worse than hopeless for flying birds. When I tried some, what you had to do was not use the stabilisation for moving birds. That is, releasing the button which activated the stabilisation. If not, what would happen was that the stabilistion tried to 'hold' the image you were looking at...
  10. Colin

    Your Favourite, Not Your Best, Bins?

    7x42 Dialyt. I have 2 pair made around 1990. Beautiful to look through.
  11. Colin

    Godwit.Essex UK

    And a shorter bill and shorter bill matches the shorter name, bar being shorter than black!
  12. Colin

    Spotting scope for spotter airplanes.

    Aching neck? As long as the scope is high enough which means having tripod high enough there is no problem. I use a straight ED82. No aiming aids as I keep a case on it permanently but if you keep both eyes open it is easy to watch the target with one eye outside of scope and watch it in scope...
  13. Colin

    Spotting scope for spotter airplanes.

    Why is an angled scope 'all but mandatory'? Easier to get onto the target with a straight through.
  14. Colin

    Camera sight

    I use the pattern of objects near or around the subject. For example I was at local twitch of Bearded Tit in a reedbed. Someone next to me was trying to photograph it but could not find it in the viewfinder. Amazingly, he let me have a go with his 5ds and I could not see the bird either but...
  15. Colin

    7Dmkii question

    Same here, so I connect the camera directly.
  16. Colin

    How do I clean and store my binocs?

    I wonder if there is market for T-shirts made out of microfiber?
  17. Colin

    12x50 options

    One tip I picked up years ago when using a tripod on a ship is to wrap the feet in generous bits of foam rubber. This will dampen out the vibrations of the ships engines etc.
  18. Colin

    12x50 options

    You are probably right. However, depending on what the observer wants to do make sway the choice. Say, the observer is watching a particular spot for long duration or waiting for something to move, then the lower mag is better. I find things with the bins and then use the scope if necessary as...
  19. Colin

    12x50 options

    Hello Gus. Welcome to BirdForum. Personally, I would not entertain using any bins greater than 10x because I would never be able to hold them steady. Now, if I were going to use them on a ship, that would add to the problem. In that situation I would probably go for 8x although I use 10x for...
  20. Colin

    Gull - UK - thoughts

    Thanks Lou.
  21. Colin

    Gull - UK - thoughts

    This gull was brought to my attention and when I looked, the very white head, dark eye and the bill pattern caught my attention. I noted the tertials too. The pictures are not the best but I took them handholding my phone to the scope. In the one picture the gull is not trying to down a...
  22. Colin

    Year of Manufacture?

    Try contactng Zeiss themselves. They may be able to help. 7x42 Dialyts are fine bins. I have some. Welcome to Birdforum too!
  23. Colin

    WHat is causing this with my lense?

    That top picture in particular reminds me of the 'streaking' I was getting when I put a filter on my lens not long after I had bought the lens. I thought the filter would protect the lens. It turned out the filter was the cause of the problem. It is now being used as a table coaster. Have you...
  24. Colin

    Moth - SW England

    Agree it is over exposed. Am happy with the id of Common. Moth was in the Severn Valley. Thanks Paul.
  25. Colin

    Moth - SW England

    Thanks, Paul. Thought it might be but also thought that it had characteristics of Galium Carpet.