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  1. juancar dieguez

    Charadrius north spain

    Hello , today in Bizkaia , North Spain , I first thougth hiaticula ...but with that foot..
  2. juancar dieguez

    Emberiza north spain

    Hello, emberiza citrinella or cirlus? Ir is in Araba, Basque Country , 29-03-2021
  3. juancar dieguez

    Calidris in Basque country

    Hello , in Getxo, north of spain, today 25/03/2021 Is dunlin ? I doubt with another...White rumped sandpiper....... Thanks
  4. juancar dieguez

    Stercorarius en Lanzarote a identificar ( Canarias )

    Hello, I have this Stercorarius photographed in Lanzarote, in December 2019. At first I thought about Stercorarius skua, but it seems to me that his neck is light tones and it misleads me ...
  5. juancar dieguez

    Calonectris in Madeira

    Hello, can be Calonectris edwardsii ?, is in Madeira 29/08/2017
  6. juancar dieguez

    Phylloscopus in Lofoten

    Hello , i have this Phylloscopus, in Gigermulen , Lofoten ( norway ) , 06-07-2019 i think can be Phylloscopus trochilus , but it has almost no green... maybe it's the subspecies? acredula ? thanks
  7. juancar dieguez

    Terns to identify , north of spain

    today, 5-10-2020 in Bizkaia, north of spain , betwen Sterna sandvicensis were these others, there is no white in bills, but maybe they are sandvicensis too ?¿?¿? thanks 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  8. juancar dieguez

    Tern in north spain

    Hello, this tern have black legs but bill is too short to thalasseus sandvicensis, today 1-10-2020 in Bizkaia ( north of spain ) is juvenile of T.sandvicensis ?
  9. juancar dieguez

    Stercorarius in north spain

    Today , 27-09-2020 in matxitxako cape, north of spain Is pomarino ?
  10. juancar dieguez

    plover to identify, north spain

    I'm sorry it's far and I only have this photo, is in Santoña ( north spain ), 14-09-2020. looks like gray but has a very fine bill.... thanks
  11. juancar dieguez

    To identify north os Spain

    In Bizkaia, 23-09-2020 , Pluvialis squatarola ?, it does not have the typical color thanks
  12. juancar dieguez

    larus canus ? north of spain

    Today, in Bizkaia ( North of spain ), can be Larus canus ? Thanks
  13. juancar dieguez

    eleonora/subbuteo in north spain

    Hello, It can be eleonora ?, is in Bakio ( Bizkaia ) north spain , 04-09-2020 if it is necessary I have more photos
  14. juancar dieguez

    Sylvia or Acrocephalus .. Spain

    5-9-2020 in Bakio, north of spain Is Sylvia communis ? Or Acrocephalus? Thanks
  15. juancar dieguez

    Calidris in Mallorca

    This calidris is in Es Trenc, Mallorca , Is Calidris alba or canutus ? 31-08-20 Tnanks
  16. juancar dieguez

    Lanius in Mallorca , Spain

    Hello , juvenile in Calvia , Mallorca 30-08-2020 [ATTACH]735838[/ATTACH Yo identify , thanks
  17. juancar dieguez

    Sylvia in Mallorca, Spain

    Hello, this is of Cavia in Mallorca , Spain, 29/08/2020 I think is Sylvia, but….. can be subalpina ?
  18. juancar dieguez

    Falcus in Mallorca, Spain

    Hello, Falcus to identify in Mallorca, near Santa Pinza 22-08-20, peregrinus??? Thanks
  19. juancar dieguez

    Circus in Mallorca

    This Circus sp. is in Salobrar of Campos , in Mallorca 20/08/2020 Circus aeruginosus? Thanks
  20. juancar dieguez

    Falco and Buteo in Mallorca

    Hello , are in Mallorca near Cap salinas , 20-08-2020 the first one is a Buteo… and the oder one i think is Falco.. To identify , thanks
  21. juancar dieguez

    vulture in Bilbao ( Basque country )

    Hello, can be black vulture ? yesterday in north spain thanks
  22. juancar dieguez

    larus to identify

    hello, in Bizkaia, north ot spain last january thanks
  23. juancar dieguez

    Moorhen in Madeira

    Hello, I saw is moorhen in Machico (Madeira) in august 2017, it can be lesser moorhen ?
  24. juancar dieguez

    Aythya in Cantabria ,north spain

    To identify , today 29 -12-2019 In Santoña, north of spain
  25. juancar dieguez

    cignus in north spain

    hello, i saw this swan last 24-12-2019 in Cantabria , north of spain. can be Cygnus cygnus ? thanks