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  1. MJB

    Gull Id help please, Baghdad, July 22

    Have you ruled out Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans, which winters in eastern Iraq, including Baghdad...? See http://datazone.birdlife.org/species/factsheet/caspian-gull-larus-cachinnans/distribution MJB
  2. MJB

    The monster that is Palm oil

    What Ken Kaufman accurately summarises is applicable to pretty well every piece of land on the planet. The principles in his summary also apply to the oceans. A confounding issue is that the dynamic stability of ecosystems at any scale worldwide is that increases in mean temperatures increase...
  3. MJB

    Covid restrictions in England at nature reserves

    Unfortunately, that isn't the case. This is from Public Health England 0n 23 July: "From June 21 to July 19, some 1,788 people were admitted to hospital after testing positive for Delta. Of these, 970 (54%) were unvaccinated, while 530 (30%) had received both doses." While it seems the case...
  4. MJB

    The monster that is Palm oil

    Back on the Unsupported Assertions bandwagon? If millions of acres of grasslands are grazed by cattle, then most of that could indeed produce food for humans. Grassland ecosystems grazed by cattle do not remain in the natural state. Intestinal pests of cattle are tackled by dosing them with...
  5. MJB

    Latest IOC diary updates

    The first updates for IOC 12.1 are now up... MJB
  6. MJB

    White wagtail or British Pied Wagtail in Switzerland

    Pied Wagtail also breeds along the French coast of the Channel and so your bird might be from there... MJB
  7. MJB

    Pratincole ID, Iran

    Perhaps an Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum? I don't know enough about individual variation in Collared and Black-winged Pratincoles to eliminate them.... MJB
  8. MJB


    I'd be obliged if I can also receive it from you, Jim, and I appreciate your caveat!(y) MJB
  9. MJB

    Seabirds Harrison

    The 'adds nothing new' remark in the review seems odd, because I've found many aspects new to me in comparison with the original book. On taxa that also appear in Oceanic Birds of the World, Howell & Zufelt 2019, Seabirds on the whole is slightly more conservative, although much mention is made...
  10. MJB

    Seabirds Harrison

    Remember that Peter Harrison lives on the Pacific coast of the US, where presumably he's tested the market... MJB
  11. MJB

    Common murre nesting and a question

    Where in the distribution of Common Murre was the video taken? Knowing that should help narrow down the possibilities! MJB
  12. MJB

    Seafield to Kinghorn

    No 2 is a Dunnock, No 3 look like Goosander with bushy hindcrests squarish heads and white wing flash, but I can't discern the white chin clearly and so maybe they're Red-breasted Merganser (in either case, possibly females, juveniles & and eclipse males?) and No 6 is Linnet. MJB
  13. MJB

    Tenerife raptor ID

    60 years of birding? Just like the late Jack Benny, you've been 39 for decades!:unsure::unsure::unsure: MJB
  14. MJB

    Birds fae Torry

    There's a fine opportunity for you to pen a new verse to the song, 'This is my once-a-year day...'** "This is my once-a-year day Once-a-year day Felt the morning sun and knew that This was my once-a-year day..." MJB **From The Pajama Game, 1957 musical starring Doris Day, lyrics by Ross and...
  15. MJB

    Seabirds Harrison

    There are no species accounts, but some (?) are mentioned in passing in the texts. MJB
  16. MJB

    Seabirds Harrison

    It's definitely worth the wait, John! One useful aspect for me is the extensive reference list which contained some I had overlooked and others that I hadn't known at all. One tiny niggle to be aware of is that the reference list places names like 'de Knijff' under 'D' and not 'K': I've always...
  17. MJB

    Latest IOC diary updates

    What you've posted isn't really controversial at all. What it is, though, is that it is very narrowly selective. Why do I suggest that? Just take a look at this typical dictionary entry: "COMMON: adjective: common; comparative adjective: commoner; superlative adjective: commonest 1. occurring...
  18. MJB

    Help with Forum layout

    When I allowed my adblocker to function 'once' (after selecting that, reboot the page concerned: Ctrl + F5 if simple rebooting didn't work) on the Bird Forum Homepage, the problem disappeared, but of course the ads came back. I also had a similar problem with the bbc.com website: no videos would...
  19. MJB

    Bird migration

    Unravelling the mechanism by which the Robin, and doubtless other migratory species, can interpret Earth's magnetic field advances another step. However, I remember reading that (I can't find the source) in experiments where the Robin was exposed to artificial magnetic fields, it was the...
  20. MJB

    Bird with smallest range

    Puaiohi on Kauai? MJB
  21. MJB

    Subalpine Warbler (Sylvia cantillans)

    I like the video! S. cantillans inornata has changed genus, the former S. cantillans complex being split into three species. Curruca iberiae Western Subalpine Warbler, C. cantillans Eastern Iberian Warbler & Moltoni's Warbler C. subalpina. So, S.c. inornata is now Curruca subalpina, the name...
  22. MJB

    AOS community forum on English Bird Names

    Anyone with 'mountains of evidence for intelligent design' would be happy, nay would be enthusiastic, about providing the vast array (Well, if you've got mountains) of citations of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed and reputable journals by scientists from the hundreds of scientific...
  23. MJB

    What's your favorite bird song?

    On the plains of Turkey south of Konya, a sky full of Calandra Larks... MJB