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    Help with bird ID

    It is a White Stork.
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    pure white,finch sized bird in leeds garden feeding on sunflower hearts.

    The other possibility would be an escaped canary.
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    Powered flight in hatchling pterosaurs

    Discussed further on The Tetrapod Zoology blog
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    The Hoverfly Thread

    On the first picture you can see the mandibles (jaws); hover flies have a sucking pad instead.
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    ID Slimbridge WWT

    Looks fine to me.
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    Two terns in Huntington Beach, California

    I’d be ticking them as Elegant if I saw them at Cemlyn! 😉
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    can anyone help me identify this bird , at northwich salt marsh in cheshire I've looked it up and im getting a couple of options thanks

    Basically Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler are a pair of species separated by relatively subtle plumage features, not easily seen from this angle. The plainness of the face, and suggestion of dark legs suggest Chiffchaff. Songs are very different, but trying to recall what you heard months ago...
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    White Sparrow?? East of England 12.07.2021

    Even seeing the Great Tit in the photo, it still looks more sparrow-shaped to me.
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    Certainly a 1st for me!

    It’s a Horse Leech, which is a predatory leech feeding on small invertebrates rather than drinking vertebrate blood.
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    Panamania! May 23-June 3 2021: My first visit to the Neotropics

    I’m TetzooQuizzer on Zoochat. Mysticete, any luck with Sapayoa, Pittasoma or Wren-thrush on this trip? Got those, but very envious of your mammals, particularly Tamandua, Night Monkey and identified bats! Got the Capybara however.
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Elegant Tern at Cemlyn; my first life bird post Covid!
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    Sparrow hawk raids barn owl

    Great bit of behaviour to witness; wonder if it was a kestrel rather than a sparrowhawk as they more often overlap in habitat and hunting technique?
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    Unidentified Chick in South Yorks

    Were they pear trees?
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    Ducks - Loch Fleet

    Agree with Eider, very distinctive head shape.
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    Leighton Moss Lancs & Perth, Scotland

    Black-headed Gull - chocolate brown head not reaching the neck, and dark wing tips. Perched passerine is certainly a Meadow Pipit - thin bill, long hind claw.
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    Latest Lynx releases

    I have the 2nd, 1985, edition as well as this brand new one. Neither have flying Junin Grebes. I’d love to see the version from the original edition!
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    a few taken at Leighton Moss & Carlisle

    And the Reed Bunting is a male.
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    Bird with smallest range

    Isn’t there evidence that Razo Lark was once found on other islands? Also Laysan Teal and Laysan Finch were not originally restricted to Laysan?
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    Birding Bucket List

    It’s when your students manage to mislabel the reproductive system in a dissection, and then go on to become Medical students!
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    Birding Bucket List

    Trying to see all the families; 28 to go. Top 5 on this list Kiwi Kagu Rail-babbler Secretarybird Seriema
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    'Bird you would most want to hear on the last day of your life

    Booming Bittern, drumming Snipe and churring Nightjar.
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    Eresus moravicus?

    Certainly a male Eresus; I know there are several continental species, but nothing beyond that.
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    Best birding trip you ever went on

    Peru. Over 600 species, so many of them top rate. First Hoatzin, Sunbittern, Sungrebe that I had seen. Inca Tern. Potoos, Macaws. Bonus mammals like Giant Otter. Junin Grebe, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. Marvellous Spatuletail. And a totally unexpected bird of the trip - Pale-billed Antpitta.
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    Can you identify this white bird?

    The bill and overall shape are suggesting Jackdaw to me.
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    bird identification, Andes, Ecuador

    Rufous-collared Sparrow?