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    Using DS eyepieces for viewing on a ED82 fieldscope?

    I have a 82ED that I almost exclusively use the 38x MC wide eyepiece with (I also have both of the MC zooms). I have wanted a 24/30 MC wide eyepiece for a while now, but they just aren't available anymore. You can still get the 24/30 DS eyepiece, but as a non-glasses wearer it seems like it...
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    Conquest HD or Companion CL B?

    I am having trouble deciding which of these to purchase. My current everyday bin is an M7 8x30. I have liked it well enough over the years, but the rubber armor is destroyed. I would like an upgrade in image quality and build without spending alpha dollars, but am keen on the strong points of...
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    Comparing Canon's 400mm f/5.6L to the 100-400

    I just ran a comparison of these 2 lenses. Both were new copies. I am surprised to find out that the 100-400 performed significantly better on my t3i/600D. This isn't what I was expecting. Any explanations? Details here: http://lebirds.wordpress.com/
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    Red-Tailed Hawk, Mid Michigan, USA

    Harlan's? Swainson x Red-Tailed? I don't know. It looks different than I am used to.
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    Cooper's Hawk

    The bird in this photo is undoubtedly an adult Cooper's. The thing that puzzles me is its size. This bird was the size of a LARGE Red-Tailed Hawk. The attached photo was taken from long distance with an SX30, and doesn't really put the size in great perspective. My question is this: Could this...
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    Terribly bad picture. I was thinking greater on left and lesser on right, but I am not sure.
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    Saw a bunch of Common Redpolls today, and one that I think is a Hoary. Let me know if I am right. First one is some of the Commons, the other three are the alleged Hoary.
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    Glaucous Gull, Michigan

    Never seen one, but it looks right to me.
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    Gull Northern Michigan

    Seen today on Lake Huron shore. I marked it as a Herring Gull, but it didn't quite feel right. It was the only gull around, so I couldn't get a good feel for the size.
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    Merganser, Michigan

    Common or Red Breasted?
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    Eagles in Michigan

    3 flying together. Looks to me like 2 Bald and an immature Golden. Do these birds normally fly together? Pictures 1-3 are different birds. Picture 4 is redundant, but shows the 2 different types next to each other.
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    Unknown Waterfowl in Michigan.

    Bad Photo. I know the larger ones are Mallards, what about the others (near the top of the photo)?
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    Brewer's Blackbird

    Not sure if this is a Brewer's, but I think so. I have never seen one.
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    Michigan Finch

    House Finch? Maybe purple? I am not sure.
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    Merganser, Michigan

    Female Hooded Merganser? Crappy pics. Was about half the size of a Mallard.
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    October 5, Mid Michigan

    First 2 are the same sparrow, maybe Field or immature White Crowned? Second 2 are the same bird, maybe Yellow Rumped. The feather is about 12 inches long. Sorry about the low quality.
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    Michigan Shorebirds

    Lesser, Greater, and Dunlin?
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    Kestrel or Merlin

    Pretty bad lighting.
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    Mid Michigan again

    3 Moorhens and a messed up mallard?
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    Mid Michigan

    I think I have a Magnolia Warbler and several Clay Colored Sparrows. Or are they just dull Chipping Sparrows?
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    Bird in Michigan

    Thought it was a Gray Catbird, but no red butt, and it wasnt flicking its tail around like they always do. It just sat there for a minute then flew away.
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    Sharpshinned or Cooper's

    Thought it was a sharpie at first sight, but seems to have the pale nape and rounded tail of a Cooper's. Seems to have sharp shins and the surprised look of a sharpie though. Any thoughts?
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    Need lots of help in Northern Michigan

    1. Purple Finch? 2. Alder Flycatcher? 3. No idea. This guy was too fast for me. 4. No idea. Was poking around on the ground. Kind of bluish looking, warbler sized. 5. Purple Finch?
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    Waterbird Michigan

    Was moving quickly and diving often. Pied Billed Grebe?
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    Cooper's Hawk Verification

    Seems somewhat obvious to me, but I want to make sure.