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    Monarch HG 8x30 or Monarch HG 8x42

    The 8x42's are as light and compact as you'll find for a 42mm. Very well balanced and fit the hands and face great. Haven't had a chance at the 30's.
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    NL pure 10x vs 8x

    Sadly Cabela's only stocks 10x in many of the top line binos models. Most hunters have fallen into the "bigger must be better" trap, so that's all they stock.
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    New MeoStar B1 Plus Binoculars

    Sadly the Air is the first decent looking bino they've came up with, but it's an import like the rest of the MeoPro's. Too bad that design wasn't for their B2 flagship.
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    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    How many EL's are in service today throughout the birding and hunting communities? And how many failures of armor have resulted? My guess is an extremely small fraction. When I Google "Swarovski EL armor", the only hits I can find dealing with complaints of bad armor take me to this thread on...
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    Swarovski EL W B 8x32 - Flare

    The Nikon HG's in 8x42 are an excellent choice and are about as light and compact as a 42mm bino can be. Hard to beat for the money. That being said, I recently picked up an 8x32 EL SV FP and they are phenomenal glass. You'd swear you are looking through a larger objective. The only real...
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    Zeiss Binocular Design: A Personal Overview Part 2

    Very well done sir.
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    Swarovski SLC is now morphing into the Kahles Helia S 42

    I've been told recently there are indeed CL 42's in 8x and 10x in the works, so it'll be interesting to see what transpires.
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    8x32 EL VS 10x32 EL ‘Which handles glare better?’

    Sorry to hear, unfortunately I can sympathize. I recently returned my new SLC's due to a gritty focus wheel, a squeaky hinge, and silver shavings stuck to the inside of one tube. I had waited years to get Swaro's and the experience was a disappointment. Everyone says 'that's just how the Swaro...
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    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    Agree and "like" :t:
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    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    So according to your logic, the EL's just got bumped out of Alpha class with the release of the NL? The NL is clearly now Swaro's TOP binocular, and you just stated only "top or flagship" units allowed. Correct?
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    Do you consider the SLC to be an Alpha binocular?

    'Oh my goodness Steven, look at that poor soul over there with his beta glass, flaunting it as if it were an alpha...that is sooo appalling...' lol. The only appreciable difference between the SLC and EL is the field flattener in the EL. SLC should theoretically be brighter. Yes Alpha even...
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    Cabela's branded optics - a warranty warning!

    I had read on another forum last week that a customer was recently informed Cabela's is now reversing course and honoring the original lifetime warranty on Cabela's branded optics and thus they got their Cabela's bino's replaced under warranty. I placed an e-mail inquiry to Cabela's customer...
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    Countdown to NL Parity?

    Yep. Plenty of copies of the EL: -The Gen 2 dual hinge Vortex Razor along with their China made Talon were made to emulate the EL. There were also rumors they were both ditched simultaneously by Vortex due patent infringement claims from Swaro. -The Zen Ray ED4 was also a total EL copycat...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    Yes, I own the same 8x32 B1.1 but in the Cabela's Euro HD variety. And yes, I agree it meets Alpha qualifications, if I didn't make that clear in my earlier post. :t: Agree with you on price. While R&D, engineering, glass grinding, and production are all expensive endeavors, $2000+ seems to be...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    Agree. They are very much approaching alpha quality glass, definitely alpha quality build with alpha level warranty and service, but they really don't attempt to market themselves in that class. Binocular production is a very small percent of their overall portfolio. It will be interesting to...
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    Binocular bargains

    Attached is a MIJ Razor and a Nikon MHG. The Monarch chassis was produced all new by Nikon just for this model. While the specs of the two may be similar, you can clearly see they are a completely different magnesium chassis as well as all the external bits being completely different as well...
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    Binocular bargains

    The MHG is a newer chassis design built by Nikon themselves in Japan. The Razor is imported from China. Two completely different bins with completely different optical characteristics.
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    Another factor that has likely held back several brands in their alpha quest is 'brand name recognition'. What do you think of when you say a brand's name? A brand like "Nikon" sells an entire price range, from department store, bubble pack $20 cheap-o's, all the way to alpha quality glass for...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    I recently picked up this same bino^^ in EuroHD trim and I agree. It compares favorably to any other 8x32 glass made today. Had it initially been priced higher by Meopta, perhaps the 'powers that be' would have bestowed an Alpha designation on it?? When you start to research, Kowa and Meopta...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    Good analysis. Sadly, price is now a large driving factor as nobody wants to include a $1000 glass on the "Alpha" list when they've paid more than twice that to join the Alpha Club themselves. :t: For example: It may be splitting hairs to exclude the latest Meostars from the Alpha list...
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    Meostar B1.1 plus

    They added the Meolux rifle scope coating to the Plus which should enhance low-light performance and reportedly have tightened specified tolerances. Aside from that, the Plus is the same as B1.1. Doug at Cameraland reported he started shipping some Pluses out a week or two ago. The B2's were...
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    Amazing Meopta service!

    Good to hear! Those are fantastic bins and would have been a shame to go unrepaired.
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    Nikon MHG 8x30 vs Leica Ultravid HD+ 8x32

    It's actually easy to compare the MHG's to the Alphas as they are really close. Much closer than the price gap suggests. From my perspective, the MHG's by Nikon and Meopta Meostars are in a class of their own, somewhere between the European Alpha's and everything else at the level just below...
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    Nikon MHG 8x30 vs Leica Ultravid HD+ 8x32

    It's a shame that high end optics are still struggling with mechanics such as you describe. I recently bought a Swaro SLC and as much as I tried, I could not get over the gritty, sluggish focus wheel and not-so-smooth hinge. In addition I found silver specks of tiny metal shavings stuck to the...
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    Nikon MHG 8x30 vs Leica Ultravid HD+ 8x32

    Agree. I picked up a Meopta/Cabela's Euro HD in 8x32 earlier this month at a great sale price and it has fantastic optics. None of the yellow tint I remember seeing in the early non-HD models. I was comparing it to my new 10x42 MHG last night and while it doesn't carry the clarity as close to...