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    East Hills, Norfolk

    In the countless times I have been to Norfolk over the years I have never made it here. Is it easy to get to? Presumably I have to be very mindful of the tides?
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    Volunteer or paid guide work overseas

    I have had a taste of this and I'm keen to do more. I would welcome suggestions of places to go for short term work, up to a month or so. Does anyone have any experiences? I am open to suggestions for other types of bird work. The world is my oyster but I have a particular interest in Latin...
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    Goa, Capetown, Vietnam

    I have a couple of weeks holiday left to use by the end of the year. I was looking at maybe going away in November somewhere for some independent birding. I would welcome advice on how easy it is to get around the above places. I'm not sure that I would want to do much travelling out there...
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    Hi I am hoping someone on here could help. My old laptop finally died on me (I had it for over a decade so no surprises). I replaced it with an Asus Chromebook (32gb hard drive, 4gb ram). I just want to use it essentially for temporary storage of my photos (I took about 2000 on a recent trip...
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    Guides in Morocco

    A friend and I are off to Agadir for a week in March. I have been given Mohamed Bargache's name as a guide. We are looking at a basic 2 day excursion into the desert and 1 day guiding on the coast. Does anybody have any experience of using him or alternatives local to the area should the plan...
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    Short term voluntary work overseas

    I would be interested in hearing about people's experiences of volunteer bird work overseas, good, bad or indifferent, especially any work regarding guiding, research or ringing and any recommendations. By short term I mean anything up to a month or so.
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    7D mark 1 settings

    I took my Canon 7D mark 1 on a recent trip and was a tad disappointed with the results. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for settings for bird photography? Kevin
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    Chiang Mai

    I'm doing a 2 week tour of northern Thailand next February. I arrive in Chiang Mai at around 14:30 on 11 Feb 2018. I have the rest of that day to do a little birding in the area potentially before the tour starts the following day. Someone has suggested I visit Doi Suthep university grounds...
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    Malaysia March 2017

    Hi, I have booked a tour to Borneo next March but 2 of us are looking at spending a week in the peninsula of Malaysia before the tour starts (rough dates probably 10-17 March). I have never been before but Taman Negara would seem a must and Fraser Hill also. Both would seem doable in a week...
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    Cheap package deal/self organised trip somewhere?

    I'm looking at booking something but not wanting to spend too much at the moment, probalby around £1k. Completely flexible on the dates. I was looking at around a 2 week trip either a package deal or self travel around a small country employing a local guide where necessary perhaps. Places I...
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    A week or so away

    in late September. A friend (UK based) is looking at booking somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions on where would be good for that time of year. Realistically Europe I suspect but not necessarily. I suspect it's a little bit early for Asia, too hot for places like Morocco?
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    Laptop/Notebook advice

    I'm considering getting a notebook (preferable) or laptop. I would use it mainly for storing photos and to a lesser extent editing. i have probably got c20,000 on my current laptop. It's quite slow now, could be a deflagging issue and too heavy to cart about. I would like to get one that is...
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    Spotless Starling, Madrid Airport

    I have a brief stop over at Madrid Airport coming up just after Christmas on my way to somewhere else. Spotless Starling would be a new bird for me. Does anyone know if there are easy places to see them from the terminal building? for some reason I thought there were but it's a big airport and...
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    Hoping to go to Berlin next year for a few days, possibly Easter but more likely late May. It's going to be a family/cultural trip but I am hoping to squeeze a bit of birding in. Propably the only bird I need that I have never caught up with on my travels is Middle Spotted Woodpecker. Does...
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    world list apps

    At the moment I keep a county/uk/wp and world list of species seen. I use a simple excell spreadsheet with just basic information. Does anyone have any tips for a better system/apps? As my current way is time consuming and there must be an easier way. Thanks.
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    Beidaihe May 15

    A mate and I are looking at going here next year for a couple of weeks. Hoping to do things fairly cheap. Does anyone have any tips on where to stay? How easy is it to get around? Etc. Maybe open to a couple more people joining us if any1 is interested?
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    best macro lens

    I was thinking of getting a macro lens. I use canon, didn't want to spend too much. Low hundreds for new or second hand. Anyone have any suggestions? Ta Kevin
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    canon/sigma lens

    I am considering getting a new lens for my canon 400D. I have a Tamron 70-300mm which has packed up. I have a canon sx50hs powershot which i am happy with and a canon s95 that I use for digiscoping. I was wondering whether to get a sigma 500mm fixed or 170-500mm lens or alternative or not...
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    Sheringham for Leaches Petrel

    Hoping to get up to Sheringham at the end of the week. With strong North Westerlys on Thursday and North Easterly for Friday the conditions would seem to be quite good for Leaches Petrel or am I too late in the year? Have there been any sighting in Norfolk this autumn? Can't say I have...
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    First time in New York

    I'm going to be in NYC in just over a weeks time for 7 days. It's my first time on the east coast really but I have done quite a bit of US birding in the past. Essentially its a family trip but I'm hoping to do a little birding. I'm staying at the south end of Central Park. I'm wondering how...
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    Madagascar October 2012

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I am interested in going to Madagascar next Autumn. I can't really afford to book with a tour company and would like to do it on a reduced budget. I would be interested in joining others if there was space or forming a small team. I haven't done much...