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    Please Help With Bird ID

    This is not my pic but was taken in Oklahoma. I'm not very good at bird identification so could someone please help? Thanks
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    feed and feeders don't need to be expensive

    I usually don feed until mid to late winter allowing nature to provide with weed seed etc., and sometimes don't feed at all. But with the colder than average prolonged temperatures and a heavy blanket of snow is when my feeder comes out along with available water. Being a frugal person I can...
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    Speaking of Killdeer

    I was sent a pic of a Killdeer on nest on top of a commercial building that has a gravel roof. Being Killdeer prefer nesting in gravel it seems natural they would build a nest on a roof top. I've also observed it's natural for the brood to be taken away from the nest area as soon as possible...
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    Bird id please

    Thanks I believe you nailed it. I have eastern phoebes here each year but his description of the breast color was a little odd but we couldn't see that.
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    Bird id please

    Location central Texas. Please excuse the pic taken through a window and the bird wouldn't stay facing the camera so the photographer just did his best. Date - 10-11-19 The pic was sent to me and for more description it was said to have a slight chartreuse coloring on the breast gradually...
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    Do your crows 'wash' their food?

    I can say with certainty crows don't wash their food in the melon patch nor in the peanut field.:C
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    Mocking Bird Singing at night

    This brings back memories as a kid on the farm sleeping with windows open on a hot summer night and listening to the Mocking bird sing his tunes while perched high on his favorite perch, the windmill.
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    Great crested grebe incubation

    If the eggs are still being incubated that's a good sign. Be patient.:t:
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    Mississippi Kite

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    Mississippi Kite

    Excellent guess. IIR that pic was taken on a summer day when the outdoor ambient was about 107°F ( 41.7° C ) and not enough wind for a kite to fly the way they love to fly.
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    Mississippi Kite

    Do you know the purpose of this Mississippi Kites wings being in this position while perched? Original question expired and UN-answered. Question too difficult? |:D|
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    I D please

    Thanks Niels Being the color change takes until in the second year to complete that can be confusing.
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    I D please

    Being on the Tanager subject, I now question if my ID of this bird pictured is a young male Western Tanager rather than a young male Eastern Tanager as previously thought. Pics taken here at the ranch in NW OK. We do have bright red adult male Eastern Tanagers here.
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    I D please

    Thanks Jeff, :t:I'll relay this info. to the folks in NM on vacation.
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    I D please

    Located in northern New Mexico U.S.A. in a pine tree. I'm seeing in the Finch family but further help would be appreciated.
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    Red and cream colored bird identification please.

    A very different color in different stages of early life. https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3712497#post3712497
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    Bird ID Please

    thank you
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    The common cuckoo

    Beautiful bird and thanks for the vid.
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    Cedar Waxwings

    Yes, we are certainly blessed with them this year and they seem to be here by the dozens, possibly hundreds. The last we've enjoyed them was the winter of 04-05 when there was approx. a dozen and they seemed to be thirsty also as they were eating snow for water.
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    Cedar Waxwings

    Waxwings are so numerous I'm having to re-fill their terracotta water saucer 3-4 times / day even when the cardinals don't bathe and splash most of the water out.
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    Mississippi Kite

    It seems as if I'm the only one that knows the answer to this question.
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    Birds Need Water in Cold Weather Too

    The red belly is awkward attempting to perch on the saucer for water and must use his tail for balance, but the northern flicker, although somewhat awkward, can perch on the water saucer edge just as other birds do.
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    Birds Need Water in Cold Weather Too

    There were so many Bluebirds ( several dozen ) I set a second saucer out. The saucers were nearly empty by the time the water would freeze so another round of warm water on the house.B (: Ever see a woodpecker drink from a shallow saucer ?
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    Birds standing on one leg

    The technique was on a Weather Channel program -" So You Think You Would Survive " - linked is the beginning but it looks as if one must possibly subscribe to see the full segment. As I recall it was to gently move one foot up/down a few seconds then alternate ...
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    Birds standing on one leg

    My theory is to think of it as the quicksand predicament sometimes humans get themselves into resulting in both feet stuck. If they attempt walking out it only worsens the problem, although there is a special technique to free themselves but most aren't aware of that technique. OH my, what...