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    Sony E 70-350mm zoom range

    I decided to replace my E 55-210 by the 70-350mm since the first one wasn't really useful for me and the second isn't much expensive, is small and assumed as much sharper than the first, by reading some tests. Still didn't use it much but already allowed me to take some useful photos of a...
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    Sony a6?00 4K video crop?

    Is there any additional sensor crop when doing 4K videos compared to FHD? I saw different superzooms models that increase crop on 4K (so increasing mags) and others that reduce... I tested my a6000 and, against I was expecting, there is no crop when doing FHD videos.
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    The end of 18x50 and 15x50 is models?

    When was searching for current prices of the 18x50 model I noticed isn't available worldwide. The end of this series or a production limitation? I would prefer an updated new line with >=56mm aperture...;)
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    To BTX owners

    Within my combo material tests with my X95, I found a way of "zooming" the BTX - one of the limitations it has for me is to not zoom... This can be achieved using a Siebert PMW within the lens module and the BTX module. For that, are needed 2 adapters: - one I already have - the one shown at X...
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    Tamron 150–500mm F5–6.7 Di III VC VXD

    See DPreview I had reduced my "dilemma" to choose between the Sony FE 200-600mm and a super-zoom for video. Nice to have another option since I had decided to wait for the summer to do my next purchase - meanwhile I expect some Tamron reviews, although I think it competes more with the Sony FE...
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    New spotting scope with binoviewer

    At post 92 at CN Binoviewers is mentioned a new scope designed to use a binoviewer Orion Scope with BV . It will most probably be sold within other brands and will be available in Europe, but it uses a special binoviewer that is different from the "traditional", being that each ocular receives...
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    Sony SEL 200-600 or a Super-zoom for 4K video

    I have been considering to get a SEL 200-600 also for video (besides BIFs...), but recently have been close to some super-zoom owners that get reasonable BIFs, and I started to think that a Super-zoom not too large, as a Canon SX70, would be more useful and would save me money and gear volume to...
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    Canon PowerShot Zoom

    It's not a binocular and is a camera but I got curious if it would be useful for birding since can have 2x, 8x and, digitally, 16x stabilized. Not sure how the image quality of the viewfinder compares to an ocular of a binocular/monocular...
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    Harpia 95 vs. X95 - my biased contact

    Finally did it http://www.pt-ducks.com/cr-telescopes.htm#Swarovski_X95_vs_Zeiss_Harpia95 - my thoughts about the Harpia with some speculation...3:-) I would like to have store in Portugal as the one of BirdLife Sweden!
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    New a6100, a6600 and 70-350 APS-C lens

    See https://www.dpreview.com/articles/6975583891/sony-a6000-a6100-a6300-a6400-a6500-a6600-what-s-the-difference-and-which-should-i-buy and https://www.dpreview.com/articles/4491778639/hands-on-with-the-sony-e-16-55mm-f2-8-and-70-350mm-f4-5-6-3?slide=6. The new cameras have the new focus system...
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    FE100-400mm GM

    For Sony E-mount users it's the best birding lens and decided to do a thread to call their attention - it's mentioned on the A9 thread but it deserves a specific one...;) I'm a a6000 user that probably never will invest on this lens since it's expensive and for my type of photo I would need to...
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    Sony a6**** + STX + what lens?

    Sony a6*** + STX + what lens? I still do digiscopy with my a6000 hand-held on a STX95, with the 16-50mm zoom - it works great so have been delaying the purchase of an adapter since with this combo it will occupy needed space in my bag, besides cost... From what I'm used to do, the DLM from...
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    Lens / Scope vs TSN 88 views

    Any one compared the views through both models using the same eyepieces, specially the 11 WZ?
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    Baader Hyperion Universal Mark IV Zoom

    Found it at CN http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/563202-baader-hyperion-universal-mark-iv-zoom/?p=7648546 It might be useful for Pentax owners - need 4 mm less infocus than past/present versions. For those that were considering the purchase of a Baader zoom, might be better to wait for the new...
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    Using Swaro X lens module for photo

    In case some of you don't go to the spotting scope section, I enclose http://www.pt-ducks.com/cr-photography.htm#Photography_using_birding_telescopes that shows how to use the X95 lens module for photo, without the eyepiece module. Still have to compare to the TMB92 but using the X95 is much...
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    X derivations

    I started some tests using the X95 lens module http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=333057 Still didn't reached a combo with a definition as good as the original STX95 but the image quality is good already although not spectacular as the original... The limitation is at high powers and a...
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    SwaroNikES X95 47-163x zoom 92º constant AFOV

    It took me several years to get an adapter to use astronomical material with the lens module of the X95... After finding a CNC company available to produce the adapter, some months ago, I finally received the adapters. Today I tested it quickly to see if it reached focus and it did. However the...
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    First 5x zoom spotting scope?

    By chance I noticed an advertisement of http://bushnell.com/tactical/spotting-scopes/elite-tactical/elite-tactical-(lmss)-8-40x-60mm . As >4x zooms are in my wish list o:D I got curious on the specs of this model. Unfortunately seems an adaptation of a riffle scope with their limitations in...
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    Digiscopy with Leica Q

    Digiscoping with Leica Q At the release of this camera I was curious with the fact it had a Digiscopy mode!... Now that DPreview published their review...
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    Kowa 25-60x diameters

    Can one of this ep owners measure de diameters shown in the picture? Thanks!
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    Leica 15x56

    Never saw here a thread about this bino. After using it for some weeks, today I managed to do some measurements and to write something about it. I updated cr-telescopes at www-pt-ducks.com or use the link http://www.pt-ducks.com/cr-telescopes.htm#Test%20of%2015x56%20binoculars The Leica is my...
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    Canon 15 or 18X50 IS improvements?

    Would like to know if any recent owner (less than 2 years..), of one of these models compared it to older units (or vice-versa), and saw any difference in performance? Coatings improved along the years but electronics improved much more. I'm curious to know if Canon did any improvements on the...
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    Celestron Zoom Deluxe and Pentax PR zoom

    Just curious to know if the Celestron Zoom Deluxe reach focus on Pentax scopes (could be an alternative to the Baader zoom), although the model is discontinued http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/visual-accessories/eyepieces/deluxe-zoom-eyepiece-8-24-mm-125in-and-2in... By the way...
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    ED 50 vs. Monarch 20x56 binoculars

    I'm curious if any ED50 user ever looked through the Monarch 20x56 binoculars and what were the resulting feelings...o:D
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    Alert about Rhinocamera

    I purchased them the pack http://rhinocamera.pt/product.aspx?force_translation=1&ProductName=Sony-Alpha-A6000-16-50mm-F3.5-5.6-OSS-PZ-+-55-210mm-F4.5-6.3-OSS&ProductID=21236 and things weren't satisfactory because: - never received a formal receipt/invoice; - never received the cd/dvd that...