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    An Impressive Catch By A Roadrunner

    I’ve always been very impressed with the quickness, agility and hunting skills of greater roadrunners. I recently observed something that left me even more impressed with these skills. As this incident began, two black-chinned hummingbirds were foraging low in flight under the lower branches of...
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    Passenger Pigeon Story

    Given the magnitude of what was done, the human-caused extinction of the passenger pigeon stands as the single most reprehensible of our many crimes against nature. Within a period of essentially just three decades our species drove what almost certainly was the most numerous avian species ever...
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    Condor social status

    [This is a continuation of my previous posts (‘Condor portraits’ and ‘Social condors’) in which I am sharing photos and information relating to the first group of California condors to be released at the Pinnacles National Monument condor reintroduction site.] Condors are very social birds...
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    An intriguing raven population; anyone seen this beak feature?

    [This will require some background info. and descriptions so it’ll be a bit long.] As a biologist working for the National Park Service I spent 4 years observing and monitoring the endangered island fox population on San Miguel Island (SMI)--this is one of the 5 islands of Channel Islands NP...
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    Social condors

    [This is a continuation of my previous posts (Condor portraits) in which I am sharing photos relating to the first group of California condors to be released at the Pinnacles National Monument condor reintroduction site.] While individual California condors do spend time ranging alone, they are...
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    Condor portraits (Part 2)

    (Continued from "Condor portraits (Part 1)") Here are the portraits of the other 3 condors involved in the first release at the Pinnacles NM reintroduction site. Note the varying position of the ruff on the birds among the various portraits. The condors will vary the position of the ruff...
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    Condor portraits (Part 1)

    I was a part of the team that conducted the first release of California condors at the Pinnacles National Monument Cal. condor reintroduction site in central California. I have lots of photos from that initial phase of the project. At some point in the future such photos will be of some...
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    A crafty theft!

    Just before beginning a case study on a sea otter mother and her pup I witnessed the incident pictured in the attached photo in which a wily western gull stole a piece of crab right out of the paws of the as yet still pregnant mother to be. This was a crafty bit of thievery as this female was a...
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    New book about chick rearing by the pied-billed grebe

    Life and Loss Among the Reeds: A Tale of Two Pied-Billed Grebe Families, by Andrew Abate. If you’re looking for something other than a bird ID book, something that transports you into the daily lives of individual birds then you might consider checking out this book. It’s a unique and original...