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    Hen Harrier Tracking Data Published

    Natural England have just published some data on the satellite-tagged Hen Harriers, 2007 -2014. The tables show where the birds went missing. The details can be found on Mark Avery's Blog.
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    Giottos YTL 8283

    I am looking to buy a new tripod and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the Giottos YTL 8283. I would be interested in reading any comments. Thank you, Gareth
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    The top of the County

    If anyone has the occasional trip to the Northern part of North Yorkshire you might like to visit The Richmondshire and Hambleton RSPB Local Group Website. http://www.rspb.org.uk/groups/richmondshireandhambleton/ Under the header 'Places to see birds' there is a link to our Sightings Page...
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    I am going to Oban for a short break next weekend. Can anyone tell me of any good birding sites on the mainland near Oban. Thankyou in advance.
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    Olu Deniz, Turkey

    Are there any good birding areas around Olu Deniz. I am going on a family holiday to Lykia World in August and I would like to do some early morning bird watching. Thank you in advance, Gareth
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    Garmin GPS Case

    I am about to purchase an eTrex H GPS and I would like to know if anyone can recommend the protective Garmin Case? Thank you, Gareth
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    Electronic Lock on the PC

    I want to control my daughter's use of the computer. Can anybody tell me how to put a password lock on the computer, so she will have to come to me to unlock it? Thanks Gareth
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    Router Query

    I am unhappy with Tiscali and the service they provide. Could anyone tell me if I change ISP would my router still work or would it need to be re-configured? Thank you for your help. Gareth
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    Woodland Trust Christmas card recycling

    The Woodland Trust wants to recycle your Christmas cards and the money raised will go towards the planting of new woodlands. You can drop your cards off at WH Smiths, Marks and Spencer, TK Max and Tesco. They will accept your cards from 2nd January until the 31st January. Further information is...
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    XD cards

    Can anybody tell me what's the difference between an XD 'M' card and an XD 'H' card? I have bought a Fuji F31fd camera and was wondering which was the best card to use with this camera? Thanks Gareth
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    Goshawk info please

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how the goshawk's display flight differs to that of the sparrowhawk. Thank you in advance. Gareth
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    Manfrotto 200 head with a problem

    Can anyone please advise me on how to cure the rough action of my Manfrotto 200 fluid head ? It was smooth when I bought it a few years ago but no longer. Thanks in advance - Gareth
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    A problem with my lens coatings ?

    I have started to notice several dots of light appearing on the lens coatings of my EL 8x42. Am I right in thinking the lens coatings are starting to deteriorate? Has anyone experienced anything similar? The performance of my bins is not affected as yet but I am always aware of the problem when...
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    Im going to Majorca on a family holiday on the 22nd August. Can anyone recommened any books on the best places to watch birds. Thank you - Gareth