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    New Kowa products 2021?

    The TE 80-XW might be useful for those that still don't "believe" on wide angled zooms. It's the widest angled eyepiece from a spotting scope but we have to see how much it will cost... The are several astronomical eyepieces with >80º useful for birding and some aren't very expensive. It would...
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    New Kowa products 2021?

    Probably only with a barlow lens cell, and even so we have to wait for someone to test it...
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    New Kowa products 2021?

    Is there any info about the focal length of the scope? Kowa might follow Swaro and increase focal length. I can see it like a 31-75x zoom. Although I would prefer a 38-90x zoom, I think it probably will not happen. And yes, I would prefer a 30-90x zoom, has I used on my Optolyth 100, but wide...
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    New Kowa products 2021?

    I think you meant the 122mm model...;) Great to see it on both straight and angled versions. Thanks Kowa! (y)
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    Sony E 70-350mm zoom range

    Thank you Malcolm. (y) I knew this phenomenon in spotting scopes (with moving prisms), but didn't associated with photo lenses. I assumed that is was a marketing result (I see this often with AFOVs of telescope eyepieces...), so didn't bother to contact Sony, although I was not expecting this...
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    Sony E 70-350mm zoom range

    I decided to replace my E 55-210 by the 70-350mm since the first one wasn't really useful for me and the second isn't much expensive, is small and assumed as much sharper than the first, by reading some tests. Still didn't use it much but already allowed me to take some useful photos of a...
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    Sony a6?00 4K video crop?

    I found it at DPreview reviews after reading DPreview review of Sony ZV e10
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    Sony a6?00 4K video crop?

    Is there any additional sensor crop when doing 4K videos compared to FHD? I saw different superzooms models that increase crop on 4K (so increasing mags) and others that reduce... I tested my a6000 and, against I was expecting, there is no crop when doing FHD videos.
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    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    Kimmo, Any of the X115 you tested bested your cherry X95 in terms of resolution? I will have one X115 since I expect to gain resolution with the extender but your post made me to think if that would be true... The gain in light availability with the X115 is good (I do many hours of resighting at...
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    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    The Nikon Monarch series are made in China, so they already went...;)
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    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    As I mentioned at the CN link and also at Swarovski_X_derivations, the X Objective modules are made to be corrected by the X ocular modules so the test done isn't valid for all scope. I wasn't expecting that you detect such amount of aberrations since the Swaro quality control is usually...
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    Canon Powershot SX70 HS review

    From a review on YT (didn't took note of the link and now I don't find it..), I learned that the SX70 on 4K results on a focal length increase over the FHD videos. From the example, I estimated an increase of about 1,346x. Does anyone knows the crop factor from photo to FHD video?
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    Nikon P900,P950,P1000 spec comparison

    Does any-one knows the crop factor (i.e. the increase in equivalent focal length) of the P1000, when doing FHD videos? I tested one last week and noticed that the 4K vídeos have lower mags than the FHD (still have to estimate the decrease...), but I'm not sure if I will manage to estimate the...
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    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    Thanks Henry. (y) It would be great if you could evaluate the effect of the 1,7x extender on the aberrations you observed.
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    What equipment for a newbie?

    What about the Canon SX70? Doesn't have as long zooms as the Nikons but is less expensive, smaller and ?faster? Don't have any super-zoom by I'm trying to decide if will get one or a 200-600mm for my a6000...
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    Three Zeiss Scope Reviews by Roger Vine

    Thank you for pointing it, John! (y) It's well written and well illustrated. Just missed some flaws of the Harpia: doesn't mention the aperture limitation at lower mags. Isn't noticeable unless you compare with other models of the same aperture at the same mags but is a limitation for digiscopy...
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    The end of 18x50 and 15x50 is models?

    When was searching for current prices of the 18x50 model I noticed isn't available worldwide. The end of this series or a production limitation? I would prefer an updated new line with >=56mm aperture...;)
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    Should work fine. If not, you have always the possibility of using the adapter available for the EDG series and than do the same as shown at post 152. Don't know why Nikon didn't produced an adapter for using fieldscope eps on the Monarch series...(n)
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    Swarovski ATX 115 Review

    I use a STX 95 with eye-glasses and have no problems with the eye-relief. Those that have problems can purchase a more eye-glass friendly eye-cup version.
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    Do I need the balance rail?

    You tried the Swaro BR Balance Rail?
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    To BTX owners

    Within my combo material tests with my X95, I found a way of "zooming" the BTX - one of the limitations it has for me is to not zoom... This can be achieved using a Siebert PMW within the lens module and the BTX module. For that, are needed 2 adapters: - one I already have - the one shown at X...
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    X derivations

    The ETX and DTX See more info at the end of X derivations
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    How next system shall work

    Using the TLS APO 43 instead of the 23, with Micro 4/3 cameras, you will increase resulting magnifications by about 1.87x...
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    25-56x mc zoom vs 25-75x mc zoom

    After Kimmo reply, I remembered that I posted something different some time ago see post 55 This doesn't mean that I would recommend someone that already have a 25-75x to purchase a 25-56x zoom - as Kimmo, I'm a fun of high power viewing and the higher mags of the 25-75x more than compensates...
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    25-56x mc zoom vs 25-75x mc zoom

    You should had purchase the 30-60x wide zoom and your opinion most probably would be different...