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  1. Jefferson Shank

    What Mountain Bike would you recommend for birding?

    I'm hoping to get a Mountain Bike in the next couple weeks because I'm not old enough to drive yet. What kind would you recommend for birding? Also any suggestions for ways of carrying gear?
  2. Jefferson Shank

    White-winged Tanager?

    White-winged Tanager? Taken in San Martin Sacatepequez, Guatemala in late October. Thanks!
  3. Jefferson Shank

    Guatemalan Birds in October

    Could you please ID these birds from Guatemala? taken in October. Thanks! 1. 2. 3.
  4. Jefferson Shank

    Any of these Rusty Blackbirds?

    Are any of these Rusty Blackbirds? Taken in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA on 03/04/20. Sorry, not the best pictures... Thanks!
  5. Jefferson Shank

    Pacific Shorebirds Along California

    Here are some Pacific shorebirds along California, USA. The pictures were taken in October. Thanks! 1. Black Oystercatcher? 2. Which gull is this? And is it possible to ID the small bird in bottom right corner? 3. Which gull is this? 4. Which gull is this? 5. Which gull is this? 1 2 3 45
  6. Jefferson Shank

    Your Best Bird Photos

    Here are some of my best bird photos. Anyone else care to share theirs? Taken with Canon Powershot G3X. Carolina Wren Golden-crowned Kinglet Tree Swallow Herring Gull Eastern Bluebird
  7. Jefferson Shank

    Bird Sound ID - Pennsylvania, USA

    Do you know what this "trilling" bird is? In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA on 02/21/2020.
  8. Jefferson Shank

    Gull ID in Pennsylvania, US - February

    Can you ID these Gulls for me? They were flying over a landfill in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Taken in February.
  9. Jefferson Shank

    Wilson's Snipe? Pennsylvania, USA

    Is this a Wilson's Snipe call? Thanks!
  10. Jefferson Shank

    Eastern Phoebe?? Pennsylvania, USA

    Is this an Eastern Phoebe or some kind of Pewee or Flycatcher? Taken in February in Pennsylvania, USA
  11. Jefferson Shank

    What bird is this? Pennsylvania, USA - January 2020

    Picture taken in Pennsylvania, USA on January 2020 Do you know what bird this is? Eagle/Vulture size.
  12. Jefferson Shank

    Purple Finch vs House Finch ID TIPS

    Does anyone have some good tips on identifying the Purple Finch verses the House Finch? Thanks!
  13. Jefferson Shank

    When to put out hummingbird feeders.

    What time do you put out and take in your hummingbird feeders?
  14. Jefferson Shank

    Sparrows in Pennsylvania, US

    Here are some pictures of some sparrows in Chambersburg, PA. They are taken in April and May. Can you identify them for me? 1 2
  15. Jefferson Shank

    Red-headed Woodpecker in PA, USA

    I have been seeing an immature Red-headed Woodpecker often at one of our farms for the last month, here in Chambersburg, PA.
  16. Jefferson Shank

    Purple Martins

    I'm starting a Purple Martin discussion thread. Here is a photo story of me and my Purple Martins. I thought you might enjoy it. I'd like to know your thoughts on it. Click the link to view it online...
  17. Jefferson Shank

    Hawk in Pennsylvania, United States

    Does anyone know what kind of hawk this is? Sorry, It is not a terribly good picture due to cropping. I don't have any better pictures. Taken in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States on 1-15-2020
  18. Jefferson Shank

    Gull ID in New Jersey, US

    I could use some help identifying these Gulls. Maybe Great black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, and Ring billed Gulls But I am not sure. Pictures taken at Fortescue Beach, New Jersey on 02-02-2020. When Identifying them include number of picture you are referring to. 12345
  19. Jefferson Shank

    Cooper's Hawk vs. Sharp-shinned Hawk ID

    Does anyone have tips on identifying the Cooper's Hawk vs. the Sharp-shinned Hawk? I can't seem to tell the two apart when out in the field.
  20. Jefferson Shank

    Just thought I would say Hello.

    It is nice to be a part of this wonderful forum!:t: