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  1. GYRob

    5Dsr thread

    I decided to get a 5Dsr as i like the idea of a full frame view and be able to crop in and get the 7DmkII Pixel density out of a full frame shot ,this should be handy when tracking a bird in flight as you see so much more around the bird compared to the view a 1.6 crop gives so should help in...
  2. GYRob

    New Sigma 150/600

    Looks like this could be interesting . Rob. http://sigma-rumors.com/2014/09/sigma-150-600mm-f5-6-3-dg-os-hsm-sports-additional-details/
  3. GYRob

    ISS with Canon

    Hope its ok to put this here the space station just flew over Grimsby so I thought I would push my gear to the limit. It moved far faster than I was expecting I think I could have got 1/500 . Rob. 7D 600f4ismkII + 2xtc mkIII RH-2 + Gitzo 1346 tripod 1/320 f9 iso 800 manual focus
  4. GYRob

    bird id please Lincs UK

    A bit of a poor shot taken near marsh land today I think either red kite perhapes a young one or male marsh harrier in moult Although we dont get red kites that often one has been seen in the area . Rob.
  5. GYRob

    Regarding 5Dmk111 Firmware

    I email Canon about the F8 update and got this below,so it should be out soon Rob. Thank you for your inquiry about the firmware for the EOS 5D MK III. The firmware is set to be released this month. An exact date has not been set.
  6. GYRob

    12x36is needs a file

    I have a pair of 10x30is and found that my rechargble batteries wont fit there just to tight . Its the same with the 12x36is i just bought so i measured the batteries that came with them and there's a 1/3 of a mm diffrence between them and the rechargble The simple fix is to carefully file a...
  7. GYRob

    Rather large Mamal turned up

    I was out Birding today out on the Marsh at Grainthorp aprox 3 miles from Donna Nook were the seals are This guy came down one of the drains that lead into the sea and poped up right in front of me this is just about full frame he was around 15ft away :) Rob.
  8. GYRob

    Dont rush when changeing a lens in the field

    I had a barn owl flying towards me 500mm on my 7d 300mm by my side WHAT shall i use ,will it keep comeing at me shall i put the 300 on . all this was happerning quickly i soon realized the owl was going to come right at me so quickly took the 500 f4 off and put the 300f 2.8 on. Opps in my...
  9. GYRob

    anyone use the Giotto's MTL 8361B Carbon Fibre

    I like the look of this and it takes 8kg and what looks to be a good price too. Rob
  10. GYRob

    Lost my camo bag near Louth

    A bit of a long shot but my camo bag fell of my motor bike between New Waltham and Louth it had one of my Gimbals ,some cf cards, flask and folding stool . If anyone finds it i would be very greatfull to get it back . Rob.
  11. GYRob

    RGs thoughs on the MK4

    Not looking good. Rob. http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/multi_page.asp?cid=7-10048-10484
  12. GYRob

    7d vidio

    Hi Guys i had my first go at Vidio today .500f4isL+1.4tc i shot it at 50fps sort of slow motion i think lol Rob. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX7htTRCrdo
  13. GYRob

    7D Ghosting

    hope you can make this out but the black dots are right in the middle of a ghost image . Rob.
  14. GYRob

    Binos so much brighter /500f4isL question

    Ok iv just bought a pair of 10/30is canon binos very happy with them . WHY are they so much brighter to look through than my 500f4isL the clarity is far better is it because not all the light reaches the eye when the lens is on the camera . Rob.
  15. GYRob

    Just ordered the 10X30 IS Bino's

    i did think about the 12x36 IS but there twice the price and i dont need 12 x And the 10x42 IS L but there twice the price again and as everyone seem's happy with the 10x30 size weight price and how they work i thought well they will do me too :) Rob.
  16. GYRob

    Canon AF extension tube bargain

    jesopes have an autoset for around £23 WITH THIS CODE ( JESODHSC25 ) around £28 delivered Just ordered a set :) Rob
  17. GYRob

    Sigma 300/800f5.6 V canon 800f5.6

    if Money was not a isue or lets say they were the same price which would people prefer out of these 2 lenses . this is aimed more towards UK people as most birds here are very shy On the one hand you have IS with the Canon On the other you have a great birding zoom but no IS Rob.
  18. GYRob

    Heat haze

    just a genral question really. im not into scoping but wondered if you guys suffer from heat haze i use a 500f4 thats around 10/12 times magnification and if i try to shoot at a long disdance it just hazey. your scopes are far more powerfull so do you have the same problem. Thanks Rob.
  19. GYRob

    My 1DMK3 has Died

    yep its dead erro 99 i tried quite a few things new card battery's out and back in again sevrel times but just says erro 99 sending it back AGAIN and the AF Canon fixed is still not fixed so they can look at that too. although iv had some great shots with this camera its the worst camera for...
  20. GYRob

    1DMK3 Problem's

    found this on another forum looks like the mk3 is not up to the job ,i had just ordered one but it will take a couple of month's to arive so hopefully Canon will have fixed it or it will go back. Rob. http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/content_page.asp?cid=7-8740-9006
  21. GYRob

    GITTO MT 9170 Nice Tripod

    i bought one of theses around £120 and its well worth a look at for anyone needing a tripod it holds up to 12kg i really think its a bargain . Rob.
  22. GYRob

    Warning Pixmania.com/ UK Buyier's

    just to let you all know i bought a 400d from them and all the paperwork is either Deutsch/French/Italiano NOT English i know how to work the camera so no problems there. However i just rang them to ask them to send me English paperwork THE best they could do is send me a link to the Manual...
  23. GYRob

    WALLY here

    well thats what i feel like lol i thought the photo's i was posting in My Gallery were just in My gallery and wonderd WHY admin kept moving them i have been posting 3 a night for the last 8 or so nights so Sorry if iv board every one i did not know they were sort of put up on display :'D Well...
  24. GYRob

    How to make a gimbal mount

    Hi Guys/Girls i posted this in the canon forum and a few found it worth doing so thought i would post what i made here. ( hope its ok Mods ) what you need 4ft long 1"3/8" wide 3/8" thick steel bar and a bit of strenth ,and a good strong vice, im not much of a techy guy so hope the photos give an...
  25. GYRob

    Hobby Hawk

    My first post here:) on good advice im told this is a Hobby Hawk can someone confirm please. Rob.