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    Vermilion flycatcher? (Phoenix, Arizona)

    These are two birds I photographed in my neighborhood in Phoenix. I think the first one is a vermilion flycatcher and the second one is a say's phoebe
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    Warbler ID-Oak Harbor, WA (USA)

    Good afternoon! I was hoping someone could ID this bird from my parent's garden in Oak Harbor, Washington (outside of Seattle) I am guessing yellow-rumped warbler?
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    Mystery Bird in Phoenix, Arizona

    Hiking in Golden Canyon outside Phoenix, AZ this morning. Found this bird foraging above the water. I am thinking some kind of wren but would love to get a second opinion.
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    orange crowned warbler?

    I saw this bird at the boyce thompson arboretum. Is it an orange crowned warbler?
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    Mystery Birds in Arizona

    Hello: attached are two photos for mystery birds that I have seen in the last couple of months. The first is I think a wren taken at Horton Springs in May (upstate) the second is a bird I saw this summer hiking in Mt. Lemmon (se arizona sky island)
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    Partial Albino Bird? Phoenix, AZ

    Went to the riparian preserve a couple of weeks ago and saw this bird. Haven't been able to figure out what it is, so I'm thinking it may be a parital albino form of another bird? Any thoughts?
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    Harris Hawk?

    So, I'm walking to the Desert Botanical Garden along a busy road when I hear some bird screeching it's head off @ a nearby office building. Ilook over and there is a gorgeous bird of prey sitting pretty in front of the blue windows. I hurried over and took several shots before it stared me down...
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    Happy Holidays (from Arizona)

    Greetings,all! This isn't a bird id post, but I've been in and out of this forum so much recently and have learned so much from all of the helpful replies to mine and other post so I wanted to stop by and wish a Happy Holiday Season to everyone on the forum. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you...
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    More from Arizona

    Had a very full birding/ photography day. Got up early to go photograph sunrise at the Gilbert Riparian Park and then went to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. My wildlife photography skills are still in the 'dismal' category, but my Id skills are growing stronger every time, I think. First, here...
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    Female house finch and...(Arizona)

    Hi, all: Two more birds from Arizona. The first I think is a female house finch (based on beak, barring on the breast and the fact I saw a male house finch in this same tree an hour earlier. The second is of a bird that was way up in the trees in the zoo. I didn't think I got a shot of them...
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    Songbird Surprise in Mesa, Arizona

    Hi, All: It's too overcast and cold (for Phoenix, anyway, 60 degrees is COLD) and miserable to go anywhere today, so I decided to practice my photography on the Inca Doves that are at my apartment. I know the tree where they go to roost, so I figured it would be a great time to practice my spot...
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    Question about IDing birds based on summer/winter plumage

    Some of the birds I have been helped to identify recently, such as the common moorhen and the house sparrow, appear to be in their 'summer' plumage according to my field guide even though it is december. Now granted, December in Phoenix averages about 70 degrees. So is a bird's 'winter' plumage...
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    Birds for Id (Riparian Preserve, Arizona)

    Hi all: Went birding at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve yesterday to practice my photography and bird id skills. Saw a red winged blackbird and some type of yellow warbler that I was not able to photograph sadly. But besides the normal coots, mallards, grackles, and house sparrows, I did see alot...
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    More from Phoenixn(USA)!

    Went to the Phoenix zoo yesterday and among the caged animals, there were alot of wild birds around. Saw a bird that looked like a sparrow with a yellow streak over it's eye that I didn't manage to get a photo of. I also saw some wild quail, and a bunch of rabbits. Phoenix does alot of planting...
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    Has bird feeding altered migration around your yard?

    I'm just curious as to whether any of you find that keeping an abundance of food-be it bird feeder or wildlife gardens- has encouraged some birds to stay longer or not migrate as they should. I live in Phoenix, Az and we have relatively warm winters (50 degrees in december/jan is a super cold...
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    House Sparrows...

    Anyone else have problems with these birds? How do you deal?
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    what birds/wildlife is common in your garden?

    Just read an excellent book on wildlife and ecosystem gardening. It made me determined to plant a bird/butterfly garden on my apartment balcony and get it certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Whixh brings me to my question for other avid birders (and gardeners)...
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    New Bird from Arizona

    This is a bird taken in January 2011 at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I remember watching land and thinking it looked like a black opal glinting in the sunlight but I had no idea what it was. Now that I've gotten into birding, I've decided to take a second look at it and I think it is a...
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    Small Brown Birds in Phoenix, AZ

    Still having trouble with the "small brown songbirds" category. They all look too much alike for me. However, having about.com's awesome 'birds of Phoenix' to cross-reference against my field guide is helpful. I have identified birds 2 & 3 as House Sparrows. 1 & 4 are mysteries to me. I think...
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    This is not a crow (from Arizona, US)

    Hello, All! Brand new to the forum and to birding. This black bird is what got me into it. For years since I moved to Arizona, I'd been classifying them as crows, because, well, they are small and black, which is about how much I know about crows. Recently however, a cursory google image search...
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    Hi, from Arizona!

    Hello, All! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Larissa. I'm 24, going on 25. I live in Phoenix, Arizona (the un-ironically named Valley of the Sun), and while I've always been into wildlife, I haven't had any particular interest in birding (failed my first ornithology class pretty...