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    Quick & dirty review of 8x42 Opticron Aurora.

    They seem indeed to be great binoculars!
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    Cleaning recommendation for lenses on new 8x25 Terra ED binoculars

    Lee, difficult to know which technique is the best. I haven’t scratched any lens with mine, and I use the same technique for my coated glasses too. On the other hand, my technique works only as long as the binoculars are waterproof!
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    Cleaning recommendation for lenses on new 8x25 Terra ED binoculars

    I wash them by putting them under the faucet, at low water volume, so the water carries away any dust. Then, I wash my hands and I touch with my finger a bar of soap, and very gently wash the lenses with my finger. A final rinse under the faucet, a shake, and I let them dry. This minimizes...
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    Result after cleaning binoculars: normal or not normal?

    I clean binoculars by holding them under the faucet, from which just a thread of water comes. This removes the dust/grit. Then, I gently touch with my finger a bar of Marseille soap, and very gently touch the lens with my finger. Under the faucet again then it goes. I don't dry the lens; I...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A spotted sandpiper with my Kite Optics 16x42! Will write a review of these soon.
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    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 Diopter fell off

    Yes once I took out my Terra 8x25 from a tight bag and the diopter wheel detached.
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    Wing Fluttering

    Today I noticed wing fluttering by two adult mountain chickadees, just before they proceeded to mating in proximity of their nest site, which was under construction.
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    Do you clean nest boxes after the season?

    I had a pair of Oak Titmouse use my nest box to raise their family of three chicks. Now they are all out of the nest, flying happily together for a few weeks more before the young ones go their own way. After a nesting season, do you clean the nest boxes? Or do you leave as they are? Do...
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    One thing though, get a better case. I got this and it works very well.
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    I use the Terra 8x25 quite a bit -- it is the binocular I carry around most often while mountain biking. I find it very good optically, I just wish sometimes it had more eye relief so that I could use it better without removing my biking glasses. Very contrasty, very resistant to flare, very...
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    It's true that an Ultravid 7x21 would be great.
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    The Zeiss FL 7x42 is reputed to be outstanding, many say better than the Leica 7x42. The only "drawback" of the 7x42 is that, with such a relaxing view, I am sometimes observing for some time the life and interactions of birds. I have a family of Oak Titmouse who nested in my garden, and now...
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    Leica Monovid 8 X 20 vs. Swarovski NL Pure 8 X 32 For Bird Watching?

    As budget is not a concern, I have some advice. For when you walk out, style-wise, I would get a pair of Leica Ultravid HD+ 8x32, customized if you can find them. These are the 10x32, I would prefer 8x32, maybe you can find them: Leica Ultravid HD-Plus Customized Edition For your apartment...
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    I made a terrible mistake buying a pair of Leica Ultravid HD+ 7x42. Before, I was happy with my Pocket Victory 8x25, or Ultravid 8x32 HD+... yes, they required each the proper technique, aligning them just so and holding them against by brows so, but they really delivered beautiful images...
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    Veiling Glare Comparisons

    I like my binoculars to have a little bit of glare. That way when I look at birds in the canopy I know if I am getting my binoculars too close to the Sun! I don’t want to risk starting at the Sun through binoculars!
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    Flicker (I think) ID for California

    Yes, I think you are right... for some time I thought Gilded Flicker due to head color, but I think you are correct. Many thanks for the confirmation.
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    Flicker (I think) ID for California

    I saw this bird in California... I think it's a Flicker, and I think I know which one, but I'd like to ask for a confirmation ID here without biasing you. What do you think it is? Many thanks!! Luca
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    Viking merlin ed 8x32 or Zeiss Terra ED 8x25

    I use the Zeiss Terra 8x25 for hiking and biking and I am very very happy with it.
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    California Bay Area - Hawk id

    Thanks Deb... and btw I know my message was a little bit ridiculously vague... but the reply helps. Barring, is the term -- yes that's exactly what it was, and it was very clear, almost fluorescent in the dying light of the day (as seen with binoculars).
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    California Bay Area - Hawk id

    Looking at MacAulay Library, I think it was a red-shouldered hawk.
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    California Bay Area - Hawk id

    I need help with the ID of a hawk, or perhaps an owl, even if the latter is unlikely. I saw it as sunset in the hills of the South Bay, and it was already dark. It was flying with a prey in its beak, and I remember the large bird, the brown feathers, and the distinct and very white rim of the...
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    Advice on nestbox spacing

    It appears the (male?) titmouse has attracted a (female?) one... so I am going to play it low risk and not attach another box. The one they have for themselves is very well placed, in a place inaccessible to predators / squirrels, so I will wait to see how this goes and not make any change...
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    bird house location

    If I were you I would put it on the other wall, the one on the left, above, and with more a direct path for birds to fly to it. If you can find a place away from door and windows even better. I don't think a bird would want to slow down and hover to get to that box right in front of a window...
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    Advice on nestbox spacing

    I am in the California Bay Area. In my garden I have two live oaks, and some other trees; the bird population consists of oak titmouse, chestnut-backed chickadees, some finches, titbushes (on the trees and also in the brushes), and on the ground, dark-eyed juncos and california towhee. I have...
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    Wearing binoculars while biking

    I mountain bike. If my main purpose is biking, I carry my binoculars either in a pouch in the left side pocket of my backpack -- accessible with my left arm without removing the backpack -- or occasionally I put them in the pocket of my jacket, without any caps on and ready for use (I use my...